DSLR Video – Advanced – The McCormick Brothers Color Correction

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In the 2nd Advanced Tutorial I go over my Color Correction process for our short film “The McCormick Brothers”. You can download the Color Preset here: www.mediafire.com To be clear, I did not create these presets. I found them over a year ago on a free site and would love to give credit to the creator…I just have no clue who it is. You can see “The McCormick Brothers” on my other channel: www.youtube.com/Dod3032 Edited in Adobe After Effects using Action Movie Essentials II.


Just Kailash says:

beautiful tutorial . . can you tell me where i can get the special video like fog effect .. fire shot gun shot . . etc.. i mean to say where i can get freebies material for video editing .. i am a big fan of you cause of how you think about videos. .

Pred from Asgard says:

why do you rock so much?! how the hell do you work so fast!!!

skatepreme says:

What settings do you use when exporting out of after effects to go into vegas?

Ronaldo Miranda says:

Looks dazzling! Can you send me the preset you used:?
My email: ronaldomirandah@gmail.com


kalimmortal says:

u do good work…

Jeevan Gopal says:

Can you make a tutorial on how you do all your ADR stuff?


Nice Work!

TheCybercrash says:

That’s a really, really great tutorial.

Thanks for that.

nodalord2011 says:

which lens u have plz

TheMukas69 says:

why are you videos HD i have a t2i but the quality suck does the filetype that i save it after editing afect it? i use Vegas Pro

DE096 says:


pfzh says:

can this also be done with the 600d?

ZeDBeE85 says:

Awesome video…. please could you tell me how you achieve that anamorphic effect with the footage in Adobe premiere… if not in premiere then please tell me how you achieved in in After effects.

thank you

Subal33t says:

Hey Luke, just quick question, How do you cc footage? first you go to after effects color it render it out and then trim it? or do you trim it render it out and then Color correct it in AAE? or is there any other way?

HiSpeedMovies says:

after effects

HiSpeedMovies says:

man, this is the tutorial i’ve ever been waiting for!!! thanks for sharing your knowledge =)

Hutchness says:

Very Awesome quality and Colors have to say , bravo ,
but i do need a little help , if you don’t mind sharing the ” Rendering settings ” in After effects , to get this HD quality , with suitable size to upload with ..!?!? =)
much appreciated in advance .

imask8r says:

@snostorm8 for twixtor record in 1280×720 @ 60fps with a shutter speed somewhere in between 1/2000-1/4000, than in twixtor your input would be 59.97 slow mo it render it at 59.97 fps than in vegas you can do your final render at 23.476 or 24 fps:) hope that helps i know you asked 2 months ago

harimay01 says:

Hey i just created a video response.look at that.the moving character is not smooth. shot at 1080p 30fps and shutter speed 60 and converted into 23.976 fps.I used premiere pro.what wrong am i doing ? Thanks.

TheOfficialStuff says:

What program is this?

snostorm8 says:

hi dude, i need a favour, if i record a clip on my t2i at 60 fps and rerender it in vegas for editing at 60fps also, should i render it all out in after effects at 23.976 fps? and also when using twixtor for slomo, should i have the input frame rate at 59 or 23? i can’t seem to find these answers anywhere. Thanks!!

twilightzonereviews says:

Im using Adobe Premiere Pro and when Im rendering it, It saved audio and video seperate (MPEG 2 BLURAY). I went into my settings and found Multiplexer, It has TS or None. I selected TS and It now render’s all together but saves as an AVC HD file and not a Mpeg2. what am I doing wrong..?

SVR08 says:

oh snap… i will try that right about…… NOW lol ok i hope that works well.
man your videos are so cool. i am currently working on some music videos, but dont have all that equipment. i just shoot with the t2i, a tripod, a shoulder mount and a DIY tripod dolly track. all i need now is to be good in color correction just like you. btw i love Cemtario

Dod3032 says:

Interlacing might be it, don’t check that. You want to choose “None Progressive Scan” for field order.

SVR08 says:

on export i do interlaced then i set quality to 100
then 23.976 fps and its something like 1920 X 1080 px.

Dod3032 says:

That’s all fine, what about on export though?

SVR08 says:

ok cause i just simply make a new foldr on my hard drive and transfer over from memory card then when i edit in premiere i make the project size 1080 23.976 fps but i guess i just need practice.

Neumannfilms says:

Well basically just the whole time. Keep everything at 23.976

SVR08 says:

so when i export them into my computer they have to be saved in 24 fps or when i export my project as a whole? and thanks for the quick reply i been watching your videos for like 4 months now

Neumannfilms says:

You have to make sure to save your files in 24fps…when I say that, I mean 23.976.

SVR08 says:

can you do me a huge favor bro and please tell me what im doing worng with my videos? if you look at the video i shot titled the take off. you can tell that when the guy in the video moves the motion looks kinda funny. im shotting in 1080p 24 fps and editing on premiere pro cs3 and i want teh movemet to look as smooth as yours

Dod3032 says:

Our Color Correction presets might be worth a looksies 🙂 Neumannfilms(dot)com
Sorry, Youtube doesn’t allow URL’s/

NekoFox08 says:

I was wondering, I only have magic bullet looks. is there anything specific that might be missing in magic bullet looks that would otherwise really help make a cool color correction? I hear looks is one of the best of the magic bullet’s, but I can help but worry that it doesn’t have it all :S

PS3Comedy says:

Could you tell me the lens used in the wide shot of one character walking towards the camera?

Neumannfilms says:

You can’t use the ones in the description of this video in Sony Vegas 10, the ones from my site work with Vegas though, the ones on this site are just for Adobe After Effects.

Neumannfilms says:

Ha ha, well…we just came out with a presets bundle you might be interested in. It doesn’t have the exact preset shown here but I tried to duplicate it! You can head over to the Neumann Films.com website for more info!

Joe Simpson says:

Is there any way you all could do a step by step tutorial of basic color grading. Everyone seems to just “fiddle” until it looks cool. Is there a standard “1,2,3 for basic color correction? Not going for a specific look, maybe take it from “flat” picture style and work it to a finished, cinema looking, balanced shot. Does that make sense? Thanks and I love your stuff.

Elias Schulze says:

I’ve been wondering. You did a tutorial on color correction within sony vegas. You said you could render it in a codec that was easy to work with while cutting and editing within sony vegas. I cant find that codec in after effects, so when I render it gets all laggy and choppy in vegas. Thanks in advance.


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