Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Change Eye Color [ Tutorial ]

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Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – How To Change Eye Color! Very Easily. If you haven’t checked out my other tutorials, click the link for all my Photoshop tutorials. Social Links: Twitter Website: Facebook http Ignore These Extra Tags. adjustment adjustments adobe ahhahaha balance bymxv calories circle colour constructive content creating ctrl delet directly dodge dummy editor elements empty explained eyeball figer figured fox greyed holding image inbox lasso lasso’d layer lines ly manage option photo photoshop psdown secondly select selected selecting selection shift tool tut tutorials whenevr zoom


sk8fux1 says:

Quick and Easy, very nice!

MsKandahar says:


CrazyMahong says:

what size brush?

RunaJailbr says:

what is next?

bob mane says:

hey how do we submit a video?

simeyn tsiynos says:

awesome tutorial, thumbs up…

PhazeWoWChannel says:

Very well explained. thx so much.

GeneticFind says:

more speed art .. 

WARwithPC says:

I always think these stuffs are pretty hard but you showing it in a pretty easy 😉 Thank you so much for the tutorial <3

lordofem24 says:


mekshpek says:

how i met your mother is gay if you are not good ^^^

Cindy Roberts says:

nice editing

MegaPixElation says:

Either you are using a wacom tablet or you are quite acurate with the mouse. Which is it? Anyway, it is a simple and wonderful tutorial. Thanks!

BrianPeppersx says:

Susan Coffey

miknemvannak says:

:) thanks

Khang Hoang says:

Nice tutorials, thank you so much.

Eric Parker says:

yeahhhh cool

DarkoEclipse says:


DownloadMP3Songs says:

I support you all the way!

joeymorgans says:

nice tutorial.

wetphotography says:

i like using the other way better this way is ok though

xeox21 says:

thanks bro keep the photoshop tutorials coming

armyofsorrow says:

easy to follow instructions, good tutorial.

TheOmnicronConstruct says:

thanks for the help

ballz161 says:

thanks for helping..

xdarknessfallls says:

I normally don’t use layers when I am doing one thing, like changing eye color. But I guess layers and non layers work just as good. You just can’t go back and edit without layers, just my two sense. Thanks for the upload.

xdarknessfallls says:

It’s not unlisted 😛

xdarknessfallls says:

I think so too

DarkoEclipse says:

I know that… I am just saying this is one of the easiest/best ways to do this.

69PureEnergy says:


gamingtacticsx says:

why is this unlisted? btw good tutorial.

Techtonicsx says:

i do agree but there is so many more ways to do this tutorial

userforthetubes says:

thank you for this tutorial, will you take a request?

Cindy Roberts says:

Très bon et facile à suivre, je vous remercie.

Брэндон кузнец says:

Perfect. who’s that in the pic? 

Chic loit says:


DarkoEclipse says:

I personally think this way is the most accurate. Thank you for this tutorial.

Pokemuma says:


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