Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Photoshop CS6 – Snow Effect Tutorial [ Let It Snow ]

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Hey, here’s a quick and simple way to create a snow effect in Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you haven’t checked out my other tutorials, click the link for all my Photoshop tutorials. Social Links: Twitter: Website: Facebook: Ignore These Extra Tags. adjustment adjustments adobe ahhahaha balance bymxv calories circle colour constructive content creating ctrl delet directly dodge dummy editor elements empty explained eyeball figer figured fox greyed holding image inbox lasso lasso’d layer lines ly manage option photo photoshop psdown secondly select selected selecting selection shift tool tut tutorials whenevr zoom


khalid007nawaf says:

Realy good

PrikolVorever says:

Какая к хуям метель? На небе ни облачка

NewWorldOps says:

thanks bro :)

Matthias Caruana says:

Great Job bro 🙂

NewWorldOps says:

glad that worked. if you haven’t figured it out yet. trying merging the layers together before saving. then adding the border. only thing is you can’t go back and edit it ;p

Frank Piscitelli says:

Thaks…got that to work. I also played with Lighten compared to Screen…seemed too work as well. Now I am unable to add that white border from your other tutorial. I clicked Fill, but it wouldn’t change too the color white.

NewWorldOps says:

yes when you go to levels to adjust the black and white. Increase the black. that should work. or when you go to crystallize you can increase the cell size. 🙂

Frank Piscitelli says:

Question for NWO: Can I change the amount of “snow”? I am using a B&W image and when I add text it is too hard to read. Any advice? Simple tutorial though. Thanks

Aidar Ushtaev says:


NewWorldOps says:

I love it.

NewWorldOps says:


NewWorldOps says:

glad to hear

NewWorldOps says:


NewWorldOps says:

thank you

NewWorldOps says:

i used camtasia to record.

NewWorldOps says:

thank you as well!

NewWorldOps says:

thanks 🙂

NewWorldOps says:

happy i could help 🙂

Frank Piscitelli says:

Quick and simple! Thank you!

justme000002 says:

nice one mate.

y2pppp says:

Nice, I wanna learn how to make vids like this!

userforthetubes says:

awesome results! 

69PureEnergy says:

winter wonderland ;D

cutefluffypanda says:

Good tutorial, it works perfectly on my picture.

Kathleen Nelson says:

Thank you for posting this. It worked beautifully. My snowless city Christmas lights photo now has falling snowflakes and it really looks like we are having winter weather.

Kaduoda Tajama says:

cool vid what camera was used for this?

xDigitalx100 says:

Keep this up you gonna be the king, subbed <3

NewWorldOps says:

thank you 😀

TheBlockDzn says:

This is why i subscribed!

itouch808Sub4Sub says:

i love this!

WARwithPC says:

you are always very pretty cool with Ps, like your videos a lot <3

HarewoodCity says:

Photoshop <3

oxdarkstar says:

hmm might try this later. nice tutorial

armyofsorrow says:

awesome, it looks really good!

oustrain1 says:

u are amazing 

ovengeou says:


zoomened says:

Favorite and Like! Worth it! 

spestorshe says:


KingGamerJason says:


DarkoEclipse says:

first ha ha

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