Canon EOS – Macro Photography Tutorial with Jackie Ranken

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Learn how to take close up photographs with EOS Master, professional photographer and teacher, Jackie Ranken. Jackie talks about macro photography and using a macro lens creatively, as well as her EOS Photo5 2010 brief. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at


sweet3zoz1 says:

i love you

startphotography says:

Photography is all about lighting. Nicely done.

pam young says:

Great video!

CanonAustralia says:

Join us on Facebook at “Canon Australia” for some sample photos from our Facebook community members.

Julia10e says:

would you happen to have any tips on how to use the canon 50mm compact macro lens?

ladeeeedah says:

Wonderful tutorials! Thanks a bunch team@CanonAustralia, you’re helping CanonWorld! Keep up with the good job!

CanonAustralia says:

Lighting and background colours are important for macro shots. Remember that the depth of plane field is flat, so use that to your creative advantage. Go well! Cheers, the Canon team.

marshagan says:

She is so sweet, i would love to take one of her classes. I have a 5d mark ii and even have a 100 macro and just am seldom happy with my ring shots. Any tips on getting those done well?

CanonAustralia says:

She is using an EOS 5D Mk II. Many thanks, the Canon team.

CanonAustralia says:

@PGFilmnPhotography Phillip, thanks for this. What specific lens are you using? Cheers, the Canon team.

bawb100 says:

these are great, thanks for posting.

BolinCell says:

Great video Jackie.

Skotyzgirl says:

Great video! I tried out the ink drop photo with my new Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro & it turned out great! Thanks for the tips!

Skotyzgirl says:

Great video! I tried out the ink drop photo with my new Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro & it turned out great! Thanks for the tips!

Skotyzgirl says:

Love the video!! I just got the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro and I can’t wait to use it! I want to try the ink drops you demonstrated! That would make a great art piece on my wall!! The backwards lens trick was also an awesome trick. Thank you!

tmorrivids says:

This helped me out soo much! THANKYOU!
i just got ultra macro photos of a dragon fly with my canon 600d with a reversed lens!
ive got an adapter on the way so i dont have to hold/tape it on!

BrandonKingVloggin says:

This was one heck of a video! The BEST tips I’ve ever heard for Macro! I never thought of using my lens backward to be a macro lens!!! Thanks so much!

Antonno says:

wow. amazing tips, especially using the lens backwards! I just got more serious about photography, as a hobby though and I am getting excited about it every day 🙂 Please keep these videos up so I can learn more and more 🙂 Too bad I can’t afford the great gear and most of all lenses Canon makes. But I was able to get the 7D which is a great one too 🙂 Thumbs up again for these videos! Very inspiring!

LikeAcefighter says:

he means tripod XD

Rahul Goswami says:

tnkz for the idea…………..!

FriendofYeshua says:

What kind of camera is she using? sorry – I’m new at this!

gnuton81 says:

I’m from Italy and I really enjoy watching CanonAustralia videos on youtube!! I look forward to see similar video from Canon Italia!

rob ord says:

she made me feel reborn after listening.

hlsmithphoto says:

Good tips about the lens

CanonAustralia says:

Hi there, can you please elaborate which stand you mean? Thanks, the Canon team.

TheMememe38 says:

Great tutorial this is, as I’m a beginner this is just great, easy to understanding not too technical with numbers for all the ISO, Fstops etc. I learnt some great tips and ideas from this clip. She is a superb teacher.


i like your positive creative way of thinking thanks

Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

Yes she has. She also seems like a very likable person and a great photographer 🙂

harpazyar says:

Very pleasant presentation. Very useful.
I wish you were my teacher.

Luis Salazar says:

Out Standing! Nice I like it

kawaiikaida says:

Brilliant tips! 😀

Authentic UJ says:

love it <3 Thankx canon

Jackie Chou says:

She’s one of the best I’ve seen so far. I wish Canon USA made videos like this.

damon016 says:

Ah.. nice small tutorial 🙂 Love the accent… Thanks for sharing!

CanonAustralia says:

Thanks mate 🙂

Stephen K says:

awesomeee and inspiring like everyone on canonaustralia

hollow76 says:

Very informative….

Dave plum says:

awesome …. :-)

Neil Orven Tan says:

i so love her.. very inspiring

mrinsanitii says:


TonyBBsesh says:

hell yeah!!, big help cheers

gforceram says:

She reminds me of Jennifer Harmon the poker player.

JustSatoomi says:

really creative 🙂
It was helpful

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