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Sasha Kimbell says:

wow I thought you were a woman around 30 ish  until you popped up on the screen at the end. you know A LOT for such a young age and your voice sounds PRO like you should be on NPR! GO DUDE, GO !

Mrkindleify says:

On of the best tutorials I have ever seen, Its short, concise, informative and the audio is great! Keep up the good work!


Jaduu Nimeni says:

Fantastic video

dudkun says:

Awesome video man! Mind helping me out here? I plan on investing on either a DSLR or a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) for the sake of shooting video. My budget is 800$. Just to give you an idea of some of the features I’d like: some built in image-stabilization(not lens stabilization), maybe a built in time-lapse feature and some decent autofocus. I’m sorta leaning towards the Sony a57 or a65, I hear they’re not so great for low light shooting though. Any thoughts?


I usually will go to another video when I hear someone that sounds under 21. But you did a great job. Nice and educational thank you.

Applemyth918 says:

5D Mark II I use my 50mm 1.8 for most of my shots.

Ibringthetruth1 says:

No mention of color and low light.

hgbegood says:

thx man

fire2drink says:

nice narative voice…….

idiiidit says:

dam those aliasing lines are stuck in my eyes, 

arfurlife says:

well you get a huge thumbs up from me. What a great little video. I found it very helpful so many thanks from Arfurlife in the UK.

FilmmakersGuide says:

I’m 15.:)

Esas Khan says:

wow,Just subscribed 🙂 BTW how old are you? Its quite surprising how you have the love of cameras.

MadifyandEmmergize says:

Great video! Yeah the focus on my camera for video is crap, and the audio isn’t the best either, but I’m not much of a videographer so it’s not too much of a problem as it is just annoying.

Connor Wise says:

ohhk, well great video though

FilmmakersGuide says:

Like I said in the video, it’s actually from @MKBHD

Connor Wise says:

u used footage from matts macintosh

HermidaTech says:

amazing video loved it

AllsortsCast says:

@FilmmakersGuide Haha! He means @wilsontech1

FilmmakersGuide says:

Glad somebody caught that.

FilmmakersGuide says:

Yay! Keep up the work on your videos. You have a very easy-going style. 🙂

DroidDavi says:

im getting ready to buy a camera for my channel and this pretty much answered alot of my questions my webcam isnt cutting it any more lol you just got subbed

FilmmakersGuide says:

Glad you like it. 🙂

FilmmakersGuide says:

Lamarr is an excellent form of transportation. 

FilmmakersGuide says:

@iToasterman Actually, it was stolen from @marquesbrownlee (with permission). But I do love mattsmachintosh’s video!

FilmmakersGuide says:


FilmmakersGuide says:


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