Gimp Tutorial: Inteligent Scissors Background Removal

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Please comment and rate videos – this will help other people find them by ranking them higher…it takes a second 🙂 — Removing Backgrounds Part 1 of 2 A basic tutorial for the GIMP using the Scissors Select tool. — Apologies for the quality – I had CamStudio set up incorrectly and had to put this vid through an encoder which cruddied it up no end!


Laura Simmons says:

Why is it that everyone has does background removal or transparent background is actually doing a cut and paste of one image onto another. I am having a really tough time, as I need transparent images to design my labels with.

stirstir99 says:

This is a tutorial done in the 1990’s american style of
1. Assume your audience is very stupid, so repeat the obvious.
2. Assume they are afraid of the computer, so constantly reassure them how easy it is.
This leads to long, useless verbal introductions which restate the one sentence title.
You use the deadhead word “just” so often I started counting them.
Also, frequent use of deadhead words “actual” and “actually.”
The clicks you made were rapid and had little to no explanation.

JustACoupleOfDreamer says:

I don’t get how you copy it? Omg. grrrrrrrrrrr.

Vitance says:

Can the scissors spell “intelligent”?

turbotonic27 says:

and you still didnt change the tittle

malgalin says:

Oh dear…that’s a mistake that’s been up for 4 years, nearly 212,000 views, and you are the first one to point it out! I kinda feel like it should stay there for that reason, now 🙂

bocskai98 says:

Thank you! It was useful.

megoaround says:

How do u resize the image from that

BreezesofConey says:

I am trying to find out how to do like with Photoshop, where it cuts a clean edge, like if you’re attempting to cut an image with hair and the background shows through.

AliBurger2007 says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial! It is much easier than dealing with the help section in the program. Keep up the good work!

splattiful says:

that doesn’t mean the actual tutorial was incorrect.

TheLucylu999 says:

You sound like Jay from the Inbetweeners!

lauramichelle1995 says:

click on it once, then right click->edit–>cut/copy then paste it 😉

lauramichelle1995 says:

hw do i make it bigger after puting it to the other background?

butterfly59036 says:

how do you cut it out and then put it in a diffrent back ground.

Teqoon says:

lol your shit at using gimp if our stupid enough TO CLICK IN THE MIDDLE..
dumass kids these days…

develicous1 says:

What did u go on!!???

KP5000 says:

very helpful. thanks.

SassyBytes says:

Actually you do sound rude and remember nobody is making you watch just close it if your that impatient. The video was great!

malgalin says:

You don’t sound rude.

AmyInPittsburgh says:

I don’t mean to sound rude but you didn’t even start cutting up to the 3 minute mark. sorry but it’s just soooo much small,l talk and it took a whole 45 seconds to do.

AliBurger2007 says:

Wow…finally a video that I can see what you are clicking on and you describe it also. Very nice accent as well. Thanks!!

harrislc3 says:

This helped me so much!!! Thank you!!

texasmayan53 says:

how do i make a background?

mireroca says:

I love u 😀

lotiism says:

Thank for the sharing, it is good to learn from you

lotiism says:

Thank for the sharing, it is good to learn from you

TEFgolfer11 says:

ty! just what i needed to know.

graemeneville says:

This tutorial mentions two ways of doing this – wonder where I can find part 2?

rhia93 says:

It worked, thank you! 

oskiewhoaskie says:

Yeah this tutorial is very long winded and leaves out THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! So let me help you out with the simple fact that you have to hit enter (which is counter to any other program I can think of where right clicking does work) and then the “ants go marching”. If you just right click like this guy claims, you will end up getting the entire image instead. Looks like this video is old, so perhaps this is a stupid feature the Gimp creators decided to throw in to confuse us all.

rhia93 says:

I do everything you do, yet the scissors don’t paste my cut out. it just pastes the whole picture :S what am i doing wrong?

ImaEatUrBaby says:

great ! thanks dude 😀

LpsRoseProuctions says:

oh CRAP nevermind. i am so stupid

LpsRoseProuctions says:

Nevermind that when I paste the picture, I’m sitll on the sciccor tool and it wont let me move the image! Help?

LpsRoseProuctions says:

i pasted the picture but it was too big…how do i make it smaller? ^^

mardrey181 says:

this is awesome!!! thank you!
guess what i’m going to be doing with all my photos from now on??? sticking everyone onto weird backgrounds!

Diaon Woods says:

Thank you

BabyTaeminLove says:

thank you very much ^^

Corey Wilson says:

ok Heres something you can do. Select your paths tool and trace around the image and instead of clicking in the center hit enter and that will do the “marching ants” then all you have to do is open the new window and right click and click edit and then click paste

Cathiina says:

I followed this tutorial spot on till I connected the dots with the infinite sign, but then I can’t get the Marching Ants. Whenever I click inside the dots the whole thing just disappears! I have no clue what’s happening there, maybe you have some experience with it?
(I’ve done your tutorial successful twice before; I really don’t know what’s wrong now.)

TastyFilm says:

the gimp?

Tutoritator says:

haha, cooles Tut 😉
Schaut doch auch mal bei mir vorbei, habe viele neue Tutorials!

MonksteinSpunky says:

HOW THE HELL do you open a picture i tried the open button in the gimp no files showing

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