Gimp Tutorial: Lomo Effect 1

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A way to create a lomo-esque image.


Kidonair says:

Helped a lot! Thank you! :))

chaosito714 says:

Exelent answer my friend keep it up 😉

mmL2145 says:

cool technique! thank you for sharing :)

Eakan Gopalakrishnan says:

i don’t give a fuck what others say about your tutorial. but I must tell you that this is among the best tutorials i have seen online. something for everyone, expert, novice or intermediate.
brilliant! great respect. and keep up the amazing work! you have made complicated things super simple! you have enlightened at least 45,898 GIMP users!

TheApp9 says:

Tutorial starts at 1:20

Alejandro Galvis says:

nice vid. 

MrAlbert181992 says:

thanks for sharing your knowledge bout this one. ^_^

marv3291 says:


Marion Stoffels says:

How can you add this lomo script in gimp?!

patton0008 says:

You have such a cool accent! I thought you were English!

craveforme6 says:

to much talk dude. less with the talking. its kinda mking me crazy waiting for the next process.

xnghtx says:

Thanks so much, really useful and not so hard to make! I got the effect i wanted in the picture 🙂
and yes, nice accent!

Fábio Queiroz says:

Belo tutorial, muito obrigado por postar.

endlesstalez says:

you’re a genius! thanks for the video! love it 🙂

TheTrueResponder says:

How do I get the curve button and the others set to my tool box as well?

Kassandra Castilo says:

i love how everyone of these tutorials are from people who have british accents.

benarddor says:

where? i’m new to gimp and grapic design in general. thanks

JuliaMuehlbauer says:

i love youuuu!! this is in melbourne, right? i lived there last summer!! 😀

RealFanofBoxing says:

thanks dude.. very helpful.. :))

RealFanofBoxing says:

your right dude! :))

GPeach177 says:

“M” is for moo-cow! I love it!
I really enjoy watching and learning from your videos. Thank you for doing them.
And I have to agree with sippycup333, your accent is adorable!

iaregustavorico says:

I like this. :).

hootypatootie says:

You have great tutorials, the pace is good, things are explained well. I think the best thing about your tutorials is that you explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, then encourage viewers to mess around with it. The best way to learn GIMP is by experimenting – they can try it the way you did in the video, and they can change it up a bit, see how that looks. Nice job on this one and all of the tutorials, thank you!

BTW, what’s a lomo effect? No, I already looked it up. Next time! 😛

TheControlsGuy says:

excellent videos; appreciate the detail on keyboard short-cuts, etc along the way; nice pace too; can you do something to demonstrate your take on HDR in the GIMP?; particularly from a single RAW image? great work; cheers!

malgalin says:

but knowing how to do it yourself is way cooler 🙂 Why limit yourself to somebody else’s process? Where’s the creativity in that?

januarysdawn says:

But there’s a lomo script for gimp. You don’t have to do all this.

malgalin says:

@FlyVzla ctrl+L

@sippycup333 See what I mean? (No offence, FlyVzla!)

FlyVzla says:

how do i open the tool box on the right!!! i cant open it =/ some help me

malgalin says:

Thanks for the feedback. If you could see the private messages I receive daily, you would understand why I go into so much detail. I would love it if people treated my whole collection of videos as a curriculum and only tried the more complex stuff after the basics, but the truth is most people just want to do something cool right away, so I try to cater for all the ability levels in one vid.

sippycup333 says:

Cool tutorial. I am glad I subscribed to your channel man. I have been noticing a lot of photos using the color curves for that vintage look lately. I disagree though with the other people saying that the pace is good though. You kind of dragged it out. If people don’t know how to find the curves dialog they should be watching tutorials less complicated. The only reason I could listen so long is your charming accent. 🙂

TheMarabouStork says:

#OMG thanks 🙂

A'Liah Merchant says:

M for Moo Cow XD Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

tami0017 says:


liminalD says:

Thanks dude, your tutorials are really well paced and easy to follow… much appreciated!!

gms9810 says:

A plastic cow…. in a tree… in Australia… Even if I didn’t care about the tutorial (which I did) it would have been worth watching. Thanks, I always like your tutorials.

KantraScepter says:


HurtNerds says:

Nice one. Thanks man

fabsthegreat123 says:


xpericfilms says:

lol, i never thought i’d hear the words “a fibreglass cow in a tree”

pjongjang says:

Thanks for the tutorial, didn’t know you can do this with curves 🙂

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