Gimp Tutorial: Text to Path

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In this tutorial we look at how to make text follow a curved path.


ampursox33 says:

Thank you so much! this was extremely helpful! =)
i have 2.6 and the other tutorials were for the new version so i was sooo lost. this one was sooo easy to follow.

ArseneLupin2009 says:

I have the newest GIMP 2.8 and unfortunately your interesting tutorial is not helpful.
Some things look different a bit. And besides, the text is distorted and away from the path no matter what I do. They give links how to fix it but first you have to install pythons and plugins to have the “text along path” work properly. It should me much simpler.
It really piss me off.

heading7593 says:

Great vid

Ben S says:

Good stuff dude. Forgot how to do it and this video really helped me out, thanks! And the CTRL+, shortcut will be very helpful in the future.

CeNedra1970 says:

You ROCK! This task has been giving me a headache for two days until I discovered your tutorial. THANK YOU!!

nervousnotebooks says:


malgalin says:

that’s the funniest compliment I’ve received in a ling time! Thanks!

TheMRJewfro says:

0 people are… oh, well never mind then

Vladimir Paulino says:

Hi, I have learned from your work here. second place as you said that we can propose issues I am interesting about the Skin colour selection for pop art.

It is difficult for me to choose the right colour to make and Skin colour in pop Art.

I hope that several more user have the same question.

English is not my natural language, If I did some mistake on my text-coment, Sorry.

And Thanks, again.

malgalin says:

Magazine covers are subject to copyright and manipulating them in a video probably falls outside of the remit of fair use, so it would be violating the YouTube terms of service to upload a tutorial on that subject. However, watch the tutorials about how to cut an image out from it’s background and manipulate layers and you should be able to figure it out for yourself.

patronuscharm23 says:

can you make a tutorial on how to make a fake rolling stone magazine cover?
it would be much appreciated

4dojo says:

wanna master it

MindControlZombies says:

my gimp 2.6 does not have file above tool selection?

iSk3ch says:

can u show us how to change the corners. eg can u round a signature corner.
can u make different edges?

Mahen Nowzadick says:

This is the tutorial i was waiting for. Before that i was using the IWrap tool to turn the text into an ARC, but now thanks to you, i can do it in an easier way.

Cindy Deitz says:

this was very very helpful Thank You !! I have wondered for a while how to use those tricks and I think that now that I know how I will be using this alot !! Please keep the tutorials coming ….Gimp is such an awesome program ,You are definitely my fav person for Gimp tips because you explain as you go it makes it very easy to follow and recreate on my own !! ….Cyn :O)

vcstar5 says:

thanks for the tutorial. very useful!

malgalin says:

I have Audacity, know how to use it and indeed do use it for the professional screencasts and podcasts I make. For the free stuff I have to do it a way that is fast and less hassle for me. This is why I don’t script them as well, despite this being best practice.

mrisump says:

Great tutorial! One complaint though: The background noise. Try downloading Audacity, and removing the noise using one of the many guides you can find on YouTube. Thanks 😀

tehdudeh101 says:

i saw a tutorial like this one but it wasn’t very clear this was much more helpful

KortexHD says:


MattsMagic808 says:


AlexAlanRobinson says:

great tutorial, looking forwaord to the next one

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