Macro Photography By Ozgur Aksoy

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FOR LANDSCAPE These are some of my macro photos. All the images were taken with Nikon D90 and Sigma 105mm macro lens. No tripod used, handheld camera with Nikon SB 600 flash!


Camilo Atehortua says:

@aksoyozgur, is the panasonic lumix GF-3 with 14-44mm lens good for macro pictures too?

Andres Santos says:

great job dude , watch mine , iam a begginer..

Nick Finnigan says:

Amazing pictures and music. I would like to know what gear you use. Is it a macro lens with extenders, and what and how do you attach the flash/s + tripod or not?

Michele Piccolo says:

complimenti davvero!!!

Robstar1619 says:

Excellent macro captures.

aksoyozgur says:

@buckwheattza, Last two are my favorites too:)

buckwheattza says:

last 2 are awesome 🙂

MonalisaJackson12 says:


LynnColorado says:

Really good – who would have known that a left over raindrop could hold so much!

Tunc Ileri says:

Güzel çekimler, bravo!

rancholacurva says:

hi ozgur , fist of all where do you name come from ?
hi i am from mexico i am a noob photographer and i am taking courses in MARCO a museum in monterrey mexico.
i really like your photos
i am supose to published a new video in movie maker but the images lose quality how do you published yours ?
i hope you visit my channel to see some pics
i really like macro and landscapes
those are my favorites bye

jodz75 says:

Ohhhhhhhhhh WOW!!!! wow wow wow!!! Your photos are AMAZING!!!!
I am a huge fan of macro, and your images are simply stunning….those shots of the dragonfly are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Thankyou for sharing …love what you do! 🙂

aksoyozgur says:

I’m afraid you need a camera with good macro ability. But you dont necessarily need to buy a pro camera and a macro lens. Small cameras like Canon G10 or Panasonic Lumix fz38 are great too.

saintheposer13 says:

hey tht is seriously excellent!! btw can i do tis with any camera?

thestrange0ne says:

.. im gunna need to start taking macro photos.. these are pretty incredible

aksoyozgur says:

Honestly never used ring flash before, but heard it works very well. But again I wouldnt really know which one is better.

pedalman says:

Great photographs, I have been trying to find out if a close up flashgun is nessesary before giving macro wildlife a go…..obviously not in your hands but have you ever used a specialist close up flash, how would results differ what is your opinion on ring flash or the Nikon setup ?

SalPedi says:

Yes, I agree that there are some great macro shots!….and, handheld too!…I’ve been doing some of that with my macro, and I can tell you, these are better than mine. Nothings more annoying than “WIND” when your shooting macro. So, raising the shutter speed does help sometimes. But, shooting handheld is indeed the test.

sepah50 says:

Hey thanks for the video. I have a Nikon D3000 since its been a month since i started photography. I’m into taking macro shots and was looking for a good macro lens. Theirs so many lens and reviews that I just cant decide! Do you happen to know a good macro lens which will be great for close-up and also would be good for taking regular photos and scenic shots? Thanks

GaryQueen1970 says:

Very cool the last one in particular

Marcio Monteiro says:

Parabens, lindas!!!!

zubee90 says:

great photos! büyüleyici

kagatos says:

yeah after i posted my comment, ive just did abit more research on the focusing and that photographers uses manual focus most of the time. but ill probably learn and get used to it!

aksoyozgur says:

hi kagatos, I generaly use in manual mode, it is bit hard at the beginning but then u get used to it.
If the object is moving fast, autofocusing does not work great. But other than that no complaints! But again whichever lens you get, I would recomend you to use manual focusing. Thanks by the way:)

kagatos says:

some really great macro shots there! Im deciding to get a Sigma 105mm or the tamaron 90mm. Can you tell me whats the autofocusing is like on the Sigma?

aksoyozgur says:

Thanks again Twinman2, glad you liked them.

Twinman2 says:

Well, hands down, you have a great eye! 🙂 I would love to see more of your work, if you have a website or a Flickr you should post it!!

aksoyozgur says:

Thanks Twinman2, No I only used
SB600’s own little diffuser.

Twinman2 says:

Wow, this is brilliant work! I love them all :) Did you use a diffuser or umbrella with the SB-600?

aksoyozgur says:

Hi Guy, no problem at all, I like talking about photography anyway:) I got SB600 because of its price. I’d prefer SB 800, but this one works very well too! I havent tried this flash with portrait much, but definetly does good job with macro shots. Only small problem is, with SB600 attached D90 can only be used maximum shutter speed of 1/200. So you will have to hold your camera tight for handheld macro shots.
By the way “Commander” mode works just perfect with it!

aksoyozgur says:

Yes all of them taken with Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro. Thanks for watching:)

tansu vatansever says:

Süper super süper

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