Strobist- how to light a swimming portrait

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Lighting is tricky, but if you have the tools and the time you can create some amazing shots! Check out was you can learn and give us your feedback at


34TR3m says:

did your bottom flash survive the water?^^

DNPhotography215 says:

man i’d be careful with that flash from under it almost looks like a goner.

TheHakim03 says:

ha ha ha, how much you pay for the chubby …. I love his splash ha ha ha
good job

kkkbbbs says:

Video of your amazing .. We want more
I like this video

smokyjee says:


noobie1890 says:

When Iook at these I think to myself “Boy I suck!”

Rommel Atienza says:

thanks for sharing this :o)

Edititngtutorials says:

Loolll that is sooo jokes

davidabr1964 says:

Hey Thanks for sharing!.

denmark8645 says:

set camera to manual mode. your flash sync speed will probably only go to 1/250. so now use your ISO setting, aperture to get the darker exposure. in some case you made need a neutral density filter if ambient light is to bright. i would recommend a polarizing filter to cut down on glare off of water. experiment and have fun!

denmark8645 says:

imagine that there is no flash and set the settings for the back ground to expose it so that the final image is that dark. take the shot and when you get it to where the photo is exposed nice and dark you are set. keep in mind you must use a high shutter speed so that you can get that crisp stillness of the water in mid motion. using a high shutter speed will make the exposure dark like you want it. then turn on your flash and experiment with the power.

jaggtmolina says:

LOL “taking one for the team” !!

TJ Rohyans says:

What power settings were you using on the Strobes? Were they zoomed to a specific focal length? I’ve got a Senior Swimmer and would love to do some similar shots.

Olly Newport says:

The camera is using a high shutter speed. To capture those splashes so clearly, a shutter speed of over 200+ would probably need to be used.

Of course this depends on how bright the strobes are, and what the aperture size and ISO is set to,

strobistthomas says:

really cool setup and pictures! just have one (dumb) question…why does the surroundings get so black, there is quite a bit of ambient light here…

i am a swimcoach and a photographer, and want to try this with my swimmers.

thanks for a great video!

Mexico911 says:

LMAO i love the chubby kid staging the ripples in the water. He’s a good kid, taking one for the team 🙂

moonofsaudi says:

Absolutely stunning.

cts83 says:

Excellent, really gave me some great ideas.

jvorsterman says:

Nice video. We did a similar shoot a couple of months ago.

Tommy R. says:

Great video clip. Love it!

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