Strobist-Style Food Shoot

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I describe a couple of ways that I take a photo of a cake using off-camera strobes and some simple light modifiers. I forgot to mention that I use RadioPopper JrX system to trigger the strobes. The photos: The Music: “fantasia” by Mary and Juan


pordigy says:

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ressikanflute says:

thank you for the informative videos

Abu Faris says:

love this!

TheMalni says:

Thanks for such an informative video, really enjoyed it and both photos look great making the cake looking delicious 🙂

blossombogart2 says:


MrOurlin says:


Polawat Ponaree says:


bongvr says:

Forrest, I like your videos a lot. congrats!

AndrewTGreen says:

Nice output!

kgphoto says:

Everything gets better with practice. 🙂 Keep up the good work. One of the reasons I commented, was I was trying to see the actual mm setting of the lens. You mentioned the 70-200, but it took a while before I could see you had it set at 110 mm. I wanted to know so I could predict the depth of field if I was to do a similar shot.. Might be a good thing to mention in the audio.

Forrest Tanaka says:

Thanks! I nearly always tripod-mount my cameras now and am trying out the Swivl mount (used it in my last video, but I see mistakes I made with it), so things get generally better with these.

kgphoto says:

Very nice job. I would suggest a steady cam or tripod or bogen magic arm for the video to reduce camera movement as a way to increase production value. Otherwise, excellent job.

rezjrprod says:

how did you setup lightroom to import the ones you shot on the eos software?

Forrest Tanaka says:

I’m working on a new food photography video right now.

Tuddis86 says:

Great video. am into food photographing so this was very helpful. so i hope that there will come more of food photographing tutorials videos from you

keep up the good work

greetings from Finland

mfsore15 says:

Fantastic, wonderful job

Oliver Papp says:

Great Work 🙂

Sherrie Oakley says:

Thanks for the response Tanaka-san! ^_^ btw, your videos are very helpful to me. I wish to learn more from you sir! ^_^

TheOCPhotographer says:

Hi, I’m about to do my first food photography shoot and thought I’d go online for some research. Your video was amazing and helpful.  Thank you.


Robert Armbrust says:

Thanks for posting this. I enjoy watching your videos because we both have similar setups.

Forrest Tanaka says:

You do need to install some software. In this video, I used the EOS Utility that comes with Canon cameras, and it lets you control the camera settings and the shutter from the computer. Some software like Adobe Lightroom gives you shutter control for major cameras, though maybe not much else.

Sherrie Oakley says:

question….how can I connect my camera to my desktop like you did to your laptop? do I have to install some program for this? please help for I am a newbie in photography.

Thank you very much! ^_^

Houstontexxxas says:

Great, great video. Very interesting, thank you!

bperucco says:

Thanks for your awesome how-tos. You briefly mentioned you calculated the DOF on your phone. I’ve downloaded the app but it’s a bit over my head. Can you either explain how it works or do a tutorial on that as well? I already understand DOF and aperture, but I don’t get the calculator… I guess I always just go with the shoot and check method.

1142003 says:

ur great man awesome work :)

Omran GH says:

Very beautiful Shot and info.


johnnywhiu1 says:

excellent tutorial …. love the finished work

Stepphan Mc Pherson says:

Beautiful results!!!

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