Wild Winter Fashion: A Strobist Tutorial

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Another Behind the Scenes Strobist Video dealing with a fashion concept and dogs. We go behind the scenes with professional concept photographer and cinematographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography. We’ll go over 3 setups for 3 shots including lighting and camera settings. see more of my work at www.BTSphotography.com


Gallosafare says:

I guess after each shooting you celebrate at the buffet.

bigbs4 says:

The models were definatley in control of this one… The dogs more than the female.

dibongsus says:

I do struggle as well with posing and it becomes more difficult since you have to be in control and not have the model take control of the scene. As much as its okay to have the model be creative, its more important to know what you looking for as a fotografa so you end up with crappy and dead plain pics


Mate I love your vids !

Frl. Bischop says:

Hey bigbs4,
to your question:
I also have issues with this model, if you can see it as a problem.
I am also a photographer in Germany.
It has its pros and cons, a newcomer model in front of the camera to have.
I for one like it, can these models, we provide them with great instructions and his images which can transpose in his head.
Professionals have generally been a solid routine, which can also have its advantages.

grabedigger says:

Me too man, damn i find hard to guide the models, but when it comes do techical stuff, i just do it without thinking. What worries me the most are the models…i usually get some repeated expressions…and that i don’t like, the models like it…soo i tend to forgive myself LOL

bigbs4 says:

This was the model’s second shoot and I completely agree that posing has always been my biggest challenge with all my shoots. I find myself working harder to establish rapport with the model rather than worrying about the technical aspects and art direction of the shoot in efforts to assertively influence the outcome of the look and poses. How many of viewers out there also struggle with posing?

Frl. Bischop says:

hey bigbs4,
really like your video, it is nice to see, that someone takes so much times in the video to explain, what he is doing.
love the location and have dogs in this shoot, really good idea !!!
But I noticed that the model always makes the same pose and facial expression.
maybe the video shows, not all facets of the shootings, but it’s just something that’s caught my eye me. the only thing I could have found one probably a bit better when the model is acting with the dogs would have more.

stanrose2 says:

Thanks Ben. I really appreciate the time and effort to reply .All the tips and info is sure a great help .Keep the good work going.

bigbs4 says:

It all comes down to opinion, but generally white or shoot-through umbrellas will give you a softer quality of light when compared to a reflective umbrella which will give more contrast and a bit more throw. I recommend purchasing “Convertible” Umbrellas that are both types in one umbrella. That way you have both options at your fingertips and experiment with which one works better for your particular shooting situation.

stanrose2 says:

when do you recommend using siler/white umbrellas ?

startphotography says:

Don’t listen to anyone who gives you criticism, this is great!

hautala88 says:

cool video, i love the behind the scenes stuff

bricedude07 says:

I love watching your videos. I’m a photographic art student and my passion is fashion photography. I can’t wait to be in your shoes soon. Keep up the good work!

Nathan Lindley says:

Thanks for this great totorial… its just been snowing were i live in england and i am shooting a model today! this has realy helped me thanks bob!

bigbs4 says:

It all depends on what I am shooting, and what size and orientation the client and final product requires. A lot of this comes down to your own artistic vision. However, I can give the following advice:
Shoot as close to the final composition and crop as possible. Making massive crops and cutting out large amounts of dead or negative space is only throwing away pixels.
Have a “pre-visualization” of what the final composition is going to be. Account for other ratios such as 4×5

Guy Siman - tov says:

hey. very nice tut.
when you shoot a photo do you use the camera horizontal or vertical ?

daveknowshow says:

I really liked the snow and dogs introduced to enhance this lovely model. her dress, make up and over all look accented the scene very well. I may try a similar shoot and see what I can get. thanks for sharing!

bigbs4 says:

Yes, I wanted a “natural look” that appeared as if the artificial light I introduced wasn’t there. We call these “Light Ratios”. We can balance our strobes/flashes to a lower ratio so it is close to the ambient exposure or we can have a high ration of say 4 or even 6:1 that will underexpose the BG and make the model pop more. A good photographer or DP can introduce artificial light and expose so everything appears natural.

YIMMA996TT says:

I’m sorry but it seems like the flash wasn’t really needed for your results. The photos looked very natural. Is that what you were going for? Not the underexposed background look? Not sure what it’s called. Also, is it true the cybersyncs won’t sync past 160?

bigbs4 says:

Manfrotto 420B Convert Boom Stand. Make sure to get the one with the included Sand Bag. 

bigbs4 says:

Manfrotto 420B Covert Boom Stand. Make sure to get the one with the included Sand Bag. 

cofino78 says:

What model stand/boom are you using in this shoot? I like…

Inya1984 says:

Wow nice video and pics =) seems so easy to get such great pictures…and it’s really cool that the video also includes the exif data, that helps me a lot - thank you!

stripeyleopard says:

yeh man, nice work, really entertaining videos. love your style of shooting aswell, great stuff

John Oshaughnessy says:

Love all your Videos , great Guy to explain things, Keep ’em coming

sikh4life says:

Bigbs4, awesome work! your video’s are a great help. Just had a quick question, what size and type of umbrella’s do you recommend? Thanks man

sauroborsi says:

wow….thanks for exif  !!!!

bigbs4 says:

I use center weighted mode although with off camera flash, the built-in meter is worthless other that getting a general idea of ambient exposure.
For focus, I used spot or single point focus and pulled from her eye furthest from the camera

dakoks77 says:

newbie here Ben..im a bigfan of your 1 light set up…juz wanna ask you what metering focus modes and area mode you using.thnks

dakoks77 says:

awesome work sir…jus wanna ask you about what focus mode area mode and metering you using with this 1 light photo shoot ..(newbie)

dakoks77 says:

awesome work sir…jus wanna ask you about what focus mode area mode and metering you using with this 1 light photo shoot

marcin97 says:

nice ending :-)

corrosivehp says:

How much did you have to pay that grizzly homeless man with the beard to help you?

mustangeddie302 says:

Highly inspirational for us strobist fans! You mentioned using the SB-800 at 1/4 power. Do you also manually control your flash power vice TTL?? With Nikon’s CLS why are you using triggers? More reliability??

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