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FinlandApollo says:

Circular Polarizer don’t underexpose the background, it just increases contrast by removing reflections.

Lacey May says:

*CORRECTION* If you want to learn and grow as a professional photographer who has top of the line quality work, you should invest in excellent equipment.

Suman Sarker says:

Two three: 1) Graduated ND filters would provide a different effect.
2) Photographer may have preference on the aperture/selective focusing
3) High apertures desegregates image quality due to light refraction

canturgan says:

I suppose you can hire the gear over a weekend (cheaper).

qki111 says:

Great shot! Love the focal length. What lense did you use and at what mm? =)

transparansi says:

Nice, I like it, the dress looks cheap but it doesn’t look cheap on the picture. I also saw another similar video from you a while ago where the model with the same yellow dress gave a reflection on the building wall, but I can’t find it anymore on youtube.

medqua says:

“ND filter to darken the sky down”? Can’t you just use a smaller aperture?

amazinggadgets says:

The model must have been freezing…

sacredgeometry says:

You can make an equivalent lighting rig for around £300 or less.

Michael Wegner says:

If you want a nice picture, know how to use the equipment.

UncleRob199 says:

I’d say you need about 300 GBP/500USD, then you can have an off camera flash and a basic DSLR. a canon 1000D can take insanely good photos especially if you use the flash right. Assuming that karls photo looks good because of how big, expensive and chunky his lights and camera are would be delusional. It’s the fact he LOOKS at the scene and imagines what would look great and where the fill in flash should be.

PhillipRuthardt says:


MrMvstudios says:

Great shoot!! I like how U included your thought process in this tutorial. That I feel is left out of most, they give just the technical. Speaking of, I didn’t see U meter the model. U went with “salt to taste?”

Hunter Davis says:

The ISO may or may not need to be kept at a minimum. It depends on the environment as well as the camera. His DSLR may do great at ISOs of 12800, or whatever. Yours may not get near it. It all depends. Lower ISO does mean less noise, however, so you have to find the perfect medium for your situation.

ProperAds says:

Could you please tell us what settings that you used on your camera.
An I right in thinking that I should always try to keep the ISO to a minimum?

Dakan69 says:

More than that 😛

kaouthiavideo says:

At around 1:00, it looks like you’ve got some gaffer tape around the ND filter.

Is that to prevent flaring from sunlight hitting the edges of the filter? (I’ve had that happen with my Schneider 4×5.65″ glass filters in a Z-Pro holder before), or is it simply to hold the filter in place so it doesn’t fall out and smash on the concrete steps below? 🙂

EmekMedia says:


YauMannn says:

cringing with the camera on the tripod with that wind, was just bracing myself for it falling over.

likea whispr says:

… neutral density filter, circular polarizer, smaller aperture, fast shutter speed…. or a combination of all the above. That’s how you under expose the background 🙂

TheFlightLog says:

How do you underexpose the background and focus on the model

fuzzmeister13 says:

good shots,did you expose for sky,then compensate to darken ,then the flash did the rest

Ibn Zakaria says:

what lens did u use to take these kind of photo

chineymaiden1 says:

youre great,this is an inspiration for the beginner like me…

jerhed putman says:

that’s a stunning photo man you have skills

Kim Mai says:

Thats a really good shot, she look so incontrol so strong. The lighting is perfect, Thumbs up

daBOODA says:

Yes I know but my point is that it would be nice if as the shots were taken we could see what the result was instead of waiting until the end of the video. That way we could mentally attach the act of shooting with each photo. It’s a minor thing and doesn’t matter *that* much 🙂

GreatPhotographyTips says:

The shots are at the end of the video.

FinlandApollo says:

No you don’t. You just need skill. You don’t need 10 000$ worth of gear if you can’t use them. Skill first, then expert gear.

lamyeechiu says:

do you need a permit to shoot on that property?

Shizark619 says:

Do you do any post processing in your shots?

Chris Andonoski says:

umm his all gears completely worth more than 80 grand + the studio 😛

daBOODA says:

I wish Karl would show the shots inset in the video as he’s taking them so we can get a feel of what he’s producing given the circumstances

breaksteel says:

Whats the song title that fades in at 3:00?

toby baconator says:

 or just jusing an medium format kamera ;p

psychotichealth11 says:

Photography is my new passion! I like to read thephotographyclinic (.) com thanks for posting.

DesDrukStiv says:

It’s a filter that makes the image darker. Just like when you use a higher f/stop on your camera. However nd filters are great for shooting outdoors because they can introduce much more detail in the sky and other bright areas

T3chnoFreak94 says:

@Aeromar27 I don´t think these are Profoto Lights, but Elinchrome Ranger RX Flashes

iukjiuyh says:

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RoscoeVision says:

How did he meter the lights when I didn’t see him meter?

Andreas Braun says:


9nathan3 says:

how long does it takes to get THE shot??
and do you use photoshop?
great work!

ClankyRochet says:

Yes.The equipments alone cost near enough as $10000

shortland56 says:

Excellent tutorial!
Eventure Photography – Torquay

babooki says:

speaking of fill flash, the people shooting the video should think about a reflector for the guy talking.

spokesdude says:

Is that a Hasselblad i see?

Mitarguitar says:

so, if you want nice picture you need 10 000 $ … 🙂

chuda99 says:

As usual, another great informational video. Thanks!

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