Cokin Landscape filter set #2 – P Series

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Includes set up & photos using the filters. See the set here: (Amazon: ) Today I introduce the P series slide in filters, shows how to set it up, and introduces those filters included in the landscape #2 kit. Join our Flickr forum:


Andrew Hems says:

Cool vid but I can’t believe you had your own polo shirt printed lol

Eli Friedmann says:

definitely looking into getting some filters. thanks for the video.

BryanConover says:

Canon 60D fights you like a wild bull with the white balance. Even with taking a custom reading its all over the place

FAndreee says:

Hey Nikonguy Have you a hint how to clean up the star filter?
i got a Landscape Kit but the star filter looks very fragile …
thank you

FAndreee says:

Thanks for showing this 🙂 its hard to find infos or reviews for the cokin filters….

William Neary says:

I have a question for you matt, or anyone else that would be kind enough. I do mostly seascapes and am looking at upgrading my filter set and I’m stuck between 3 filters: .9 GND soft, .9 GND hard, and reverse GND. Can anyone inform me on which, if I can only buy one, would be the most useful for sunrise seascapes.

durian74 says:

Very informative..thank you..i would love to try one..

funincluded says:

I wouldn’t take gagan303’s complaint too seriously.

e30tony says:

I was told by a sales person at a local photo store and he told me they went out of business but bought up by another company, is this true or is he full of it? Reason why i’m asking is because I was looking for some Cokin filters and they didn’t have what I wanted.

Domestic Prince says:

Thanks Matt – I agree with the other comments, would be great to see more shots taken with different filters and tips on when to use each one. How about IR filters too – do Cokin have any?

elysiumphoto says:

I dont think DCC sell cokin, well not online, can you recommend anywhere else?

Urbanus1234 says:

Jealous much?

jmknbsc says:

Even tho I’m half way around the world from Matt, & even further apart philosophically (I shoot Canon) I enjoy his videos & appreciate what it takes to get them out for guys like us to view (for free even). I don’t begrudge him getting some help & support from companies, individuals or advertising sponsors. That’s what makes the world go round. the question is, is he offering good advice to those who might depend on his expertise to guide them?


jmknbsc says:

In a case such as that, you need to get the camera ready & you will most likely need to use a tripod (so that you camera doesn’t move), & with the filter holder in place get your settings as close as you feel you might need, set your focus & “then slide in your ND filter. You won’t be able to focus with the filter in place as ND filters at those levels are way to dark & dense.

Jim, jmk-nbsc

Glenn Steven says:

Would love to see some different photoshoots using these and some examples of their applications.

PlatSoul says:

i ordered some ND filters on ebay and i have terrible doubts about focusing with ND8 and ND16. I’m afraid i wont be able to shalow the depth of field of my portraits on sunny days if the camera cant focus with them.

NathanielMarsh1 says:

what stops the filter falling out the bottom?

also great videos! Can’t stop watching!!!

Universeal13 says:

I would like a lot to have these filters.

gagan303 says:

Fair enough… I just wanted to share my concern cos this channel is dear to me… Cheers!

Steven Scholten says:

Wow you have a way with words 🙁

thatnikonguy says:

PS see the video I link to in that clip and I do use the filters in video

thatnikonguy says:

sorry to hear that. I have been using Cokin a long time, introduced and used them throughout this year, and as they are giving this set as a prize in the current competition, I wanted to show exactly what you get in the set.

If it bothers you – perhaps stick to the tutorial and technique videos instead of gear related ones. I can’t buy everything, so I do often need to loan gear from suppliers.

gagan303 says:

You are fast becoming a suppliers whore. Won’t be that good for this channel in long term. I’ve been here right from the start n now I’m loosing interest.

Ahmad M. Hailan says:

can i just shoot in raw and then adjust the white balance in my pc ?

elysiumphoto says:

Thanks mate, I had a look before but i couldnt find cokin filters for sale on their site?

thatnikonguy says:

you can take custom reading, set it to something for creative effect, or set to conditions. That day I had set to cloudy.

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