Cokin P series filters – introduction and overview

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Includes sample video and test photos using the filters. Get some: (Amazon: ) Today ThatNikonGuy (Matt Granger) introduces the P series slide in filters, shows how to set it up, and introduces a range of filters. I show the effect of the filters in the videos, and include sample images on a white background to show the look they can create. Join our new Flickr forum:


Justin Rosaria says:

Are these filters glass? or poly carbonate type material?

HoleshotPRO says:

It’s more expensive, I guess that’s the reason why.

thatnikonguy says:


hofnaar says:

I likie your videos, but teaser in the beginning is often much louder as your speaking in the videos. Maybe you can fix that(in example with a limiter) in upcoming videos. would be great.

aaronarman89 says:

do you use the Cokin P series too? I thought its’ supposed to be for focal lengths 35mm or greater? If not, what filter holder do you use? Look forward to your reply. Cheers

Liam Douglas says:

Out of curiosity, how come you don’t use the Lee filter system?

Dave Oliver says:

Matt, I thought I would check if my ND filter was doing more than reducing the volume of light. I set the camera to aperture priority, Taking a shot without any filter and then taking a shot of the same scene the ND8 filter fitted. I expected that if my ND filter reduced just the volume of light that the camera would adjust the shutter accordingly and when comparing the two shots to see little difference. However I see a drop in colour. Could this be due to a low cost filter or is this normal?

Dave Oliver says:

Matt, I know there probably not a simple yes or no but should I remove my UV filter before using ND filters?

Danial Daneshmand says:

Nice idea for showing how they work 🙂
i think if you push AE-Lock button , the camera doesen`t auto exposure.
in the setting maybe!
helpful thanks matt

writexman says:

Will the p filter cause vignette when mounted on 5d Mark III on 17-40 @ 17mm ?

Malcolm King says:

I love the cokin P filters, but just thought I’d highlight a slight mistake in the video: the 121L is an ND2 grad 1-stop filter, the 121M is an ND4 grad 2-stop filter and the 121S is an ND8 grad 3-stop filter. Other than that nice video. I’d like to upgrade to a 100mm size system in the future, as with the P filter I can only have one filter on my wide angle as it’s 82mm and needs the wide angle adaptor (which can only take 1 filter).

respectfulremixer says:

Thanks, very informative.

Robert Thomas says:

Hi Mat, Just watched your video on Cokin filters and I found it to be very helpful, I have just started to use the cokin system and have found it to be very goo I have bought the P071 Witch I found to be great for portrait shots the other two filters I have are compatible with the cokin system and they are KOOD Filters and they are GG1 AND THE ND4 Filters. Ilook forward to watching your next video. Regards Rob

theeroticman says:

Yes it does!! I’m tokina 11-16mm f2.8 AT-X owner and it works great!

Arindam M says:

Hi Matt!! now i use 18-55 lens, so i need 52mm holder, in future can i change the holder, if i use any other wide lens?? and can i use circular polariser with that holder?? thanks!!!

Peter Z says:


Thank you, the video helped a-lot. One quick question, because of the bulbous glass of the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X will the 77mm adapter ring still function or do I need something different ?



Preston House says:

Good Day Matt! I shoot with a Canon system. I use UV filters and polarizing filters. The UV filters stays on my lenes all the time as protection for the glass. I use the polarizier filter when I am dealing with reflective services. Glass, water even walls painted with high gloss paints. Its great for reducing glare! I have a shoot lined up for outdoor in the moring so Iam going to get the ND filter next.

Savagetechdude says:

God! don’t put your intro and outro music up so loud! I had to turn down my volume when the video started and then turn it up when you started talking. That’s not really a big deal, but I might have woke up my neighbors as soon as you got done talking and played the outro music.

ethancfbz says:

Matt, for a 50mm f/1.4G he’ll need a 58mm adapter ring, not a 50mm. I don’t think they even make a 50mm.

TheLittleWorldofGaz says:

By doesn’t have all of the manual setting you mean for the camera compensating when you put the filters on what do you mean? Do you mean that the camera only has setting like cloudy, sunny, tungsten etc for the white balance? Thanks Matt!

thatnikonguy says:

PS, welcome to the channel!

thatnikonguy says:

yep just buy the 50mm adapter ring from Cokin, and P series will be great for you!

noah tineo says:

hi Matt im new to your channel and i just love it each video is filled with info and i just love to see a fellow photographer to know what his doing and take things serious i notice this cokin system in one of you’re videos and it amaze me so i just wanted to know if you buy a extension filter for a 50 mm 1.4 g lens than you can use the p series system right ?


Just got mine the other day… Now it’s time to go out and try it… Wish me luck!

wutangpaul says:

Also, you can’t do what polarizing filters do in post.

holockcreateinc says:

those that say ”Oh this is waste of money waste of time, I can do all this in postproduction. . bla bla bla. . . ”, well, if ur doin it for money and it becomes a business, hence, time is money, by reducing the amount of time u need for postproduction means u save money. And with such filters it makes ur work more efficient and effective.

universusxxx says:

But for that would be NDs only?
I was refering to any effect filters and white ballance correction filters as useless 🙂 – which is unfortunate since that are the ones You showed in this video.

thatnikonguy says:


thatnikonguy says:

not sure about that holder – in mine you can fit the Circ, plus two other filters.

APBriggs2009 says:

Can you use the cokin circular polariser filter and an ND grad filter at the same time in their Wide-Angle slim “P” Filter holder?

stavyros says:

you know you can lock the exposure

thatnikonguy says:

Yes – most everything can be achieved in post production – in film and digital techniques. And yes filters restrict light, and yes photography is all about capturing light. It is also, just as importantly, about restricting light. You DSLR camera has a limited dynamic range – you cannot get all the highlights and shadows in many shots – in those cases, using a targeted filter to correct it, can help you retain detail that you would otherwise have lost. WIthout that detail – no PS!

universusxxx says:

You asking me 🙂 ?
Everything showed in this video can be achieved in postproduction. Picture is digital from the beginning and these filters are legacy of times when it wasn’t and there wasn’t any other way.
Filters restrict light, even plain UV in most cases screws pictures, not helps, try yourself.

thatnikonguy says:

I suggest you go to an authorised reseller, epithet in store or online. That is true for any gear, the manufacturer website should have a list of distributors.

thatnikonguy says:

screw on is fine for many situations, just not as flexible, eg if you want to shift where the transition point is in the scene, its easy with these slide in style

thatnikonguy says:

sure, can do!

fvgotch says:

Thanks for the information. I think I am going to check out Cokin for graduated and regular neutral density filters. They sound ideal for my needs.

Fisheyland says:

I use 52mm screw on filters. ND, polarizer, I have a clear filter for shooting at places like the beach, and color filters for b&w film. Tiffen is my brand of choice.

Leon Sidik says:

where can i buy these??? ebay tend to have a few of them on ebay, but I know there are several fake Cokins out on ebay. so if you can provide me a legit seller would be awesome,


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