How to use a Cokin filter

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Just another video from about how to use a cokin filter and get long exposures daytime. (evening)


aaronarman89 says:

Hi great video. Just a quick question, I understand that using the COkin P introduces vignetting especially with a Wide Angle lens. DId you crop the vignetting out of your photos? Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!

Scott Smith says:

Thanks nice demo!

Malcolm King says:

I use the cokin system with a 16-35mm wide angle (82mm filter thread) & with a 24-70 lens (77mm filter thread). For the 16-35 I use the cokin wide angle adaptor which only allows 1 filter to be fitted. There is vignetting at 16mm – 18mm, but from 19mm it’s gone. However, with the circular polariser fitted there is vignetting from 16 to 24mm. With the standard cokin adaptor there is vignetting from 16 to 26mm, with the filter holder visible from 16 to 22mm.

CuntsQueffing says:

I have a question if anyone knows please answer if I put a cokin filter on a canon 10-22 mm and be at 10mm will there be any vignetting??????? PLEASE ANSWER

ajdene says:


duframe says:

what is the model of the tripod?

jefferybrownphoto says:

excellent video, thanks so much

alancik123 says:

Sharpness is over-rated.

Projectmesa says:

the holder shows in the picture with wide lenses?

BryanConover says:

Nice Crack !

FAndreee says:

Great so you can uses this without the a lens hood? Just the filters?

troglodyte3344 says:

putting a white sticker over your nose while your picking it just draws more interest.


wooooooo it’s night

bernhardtsen74 says:

I will certainly try those filters since the spring is on its way and I cant wait to shoot sunrises with my Tamron 10-24mm!

pgice says:

svensk va ;)?.grymt!..har precis skaffat ett cokin graderat gråfilter och ett ND4 till min 60D..ska bli riktigt häftigt att se hur det blir.
effekten blir ju lite HDR

whanauli says:

Hi Rytterfalk
I just wonded when you use Cokin filter system for long exposure photography,is there any excess light comes through the sides between the holder and filter to affect the exposure?

SwimmingUpCurrents says:

Thanks for the great video! Is the filter visible on the edges of your photos? It looks like the holder was too small for the wide angle- or maybe the black is something else?

Eliott Lopez says:

Good video. I will start using the Cokin holder with the filters.

meltdownman1 says:

May I suggest you look up a person who goes by the name lilkiwiguy87 here on youtube. He has a great series of videos on photography. He gets into lens filters and what to look for, how to clean lenses, how to clean lens filters etc.

Hope this helps,

The Meltdownman

trackend says:

Just a quick comment Cokin have been around for many years but after 40 years of photography I am still reluctant to use Cokin Why?.
Because after spending a bucket full of money on a high quality optical glass lens why should I want to put a piece of plastic in front of it. optically flat glass filters yes but never plastic.

imjustlivin says:

Wonderfull shots.

snake3021 says:

Hi, never thought about this possibility until I watched this vid. Made me go and buy a bunch of dark filters……….thanks for uploading! In response to Nicky282820 question………..ebay has it all!!!!!!!

cinexstudios says:

intressant video.. letade efter lite bra ND-filter videos o hittade denna.. den berättade en hel del mera än jag väntat mig o nu är jag så sugen på att köpa mera filter, blev speciellt intresserad av ND8 filtret, tack för videon! 🙂

ICanSlightlyFly says:

Hey 🙂 Do you know the best way to clean these filters. I use a lint free cloth and have scratches on the filters. Any ideas?

Nicholas Kennedy says:

@rytterfalk Hi I cant find a neutral density 8 stop filter, with no graduation! could you point me in the direction of where I could get one? Please and thank you 🙂

Paul Moore says:

Mirror lock up will not make any difference at these long exposure times. Using f/22 will only result in a very small loss (but it depends on the lens). Ive just had a pic selected by a gallery for exhibition at A2 size, a friend similarly has one selected to advertise the exhibition at A1 size. Both from 12 mp cameras, one shot at f/25 the ohter shot at f/22. Look sharp to me. Soemtimes DOF is more important than a little gain in sharpness

pipe468 says:

hey pal, what filter do you used?

pipe468 says:

hey pal, what filter do you used?

pipe468 says:

hey pal, what filter do you used?

AussieSoccerBoy94 says:

those pics where amazing, great job

99sukhi88 says:

Can u tell me difference between p series and z pro series cokin filters??

Carl Rytterfalk says:

It’s an overall saturation boost.. none specific color selected.

krazyhobo69 says:

At the end of the video you said ”minor adjustments” does that include enhancing the blues or did that come with the exposure ?

Carl Rytterfalk says:

Mirror lock would likely not change the outcome at all, as the exposure is seconds long! (that first shake is a minor thing counting the whole exposure) – Lens diffractions is taking away sharpness, very true – but that’s a price I paid in order to get the results that I wanted – I could have used some more ND’s but that would steel sharpness as well. The result IS still sharp.

Carl Rytterfalk says:

What matters is the result! Especially true in photography.

Carl Rytterfalk says:

Yes! 😀 The part that you would like to be slightly darker should have the darker part on it – like the sky. So, dark side up! (in most cases)

DollFacePookie says:

this was really helpful!
im just confused, i have a neutral grey grad or something one, the first filter you put on, and i was just wondering im supposed to keep the darker side above ground level
if you know what i mean? haha

Carl Rytterfalk says:

Not yet, nothing big anyways.

Carl Rytterfalk says:

The ones I have used so far has all been made of plastic – and they’re pretty sensitive. I think they also have some more “pro” versions as well. Not sure.

Carl Rytterfalk says:

P mount.

Carl Rytterfalk says:

Yep. 😀 It’s sad but true.

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