Flash Photography Tutorial – On The Bridge

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cazillo.com New video today on flash photography! These photos were taken during a flash photography class a few months back. I used one off camera flash as my main light on their faces and controlled my ambient exposure to get a good mix of flash and available light. Not sure how flash works? Check out this video on flash photography exposure cazillo.com Keep Shooting!


GregoryCazillo says:

Often, I’ll add it to my list.

Roberto Santiago Rodriguez says:

Hello Gregg, am just wondering if you do much night and or low light shooting; would like to see some tutorial on that. Thanks.

Richard P. Su says:

awesome video Greg

GregoryCazillo says:

As stated in the video it was just a test photo during a class, not a portfolio image.

GregoryCazillo says:

I never shoot jpeg, only raw.

AF0093 says:

Ok, I thought I was missing your videos. Thanks for your time 🙂

luvhate115 says:

Hey Greg, You said that you like to get it right in camera. Does that mean you shoot JPEG, and what do you think about in camera raw processing (CANON BABY) 🙂

Matt Mcdonnell says:

Great video

Chrisdoddphoto says:

Good vid. Thanks. I’ve always tried to use natural (ambient) lighting as I was afraid flash would bring too harsh a light/tone to the shot but this has been a great tutorial. Look forward to next instalments!

Goran Nikolic says:

Great video man thanks!!!!! Very informative as always!!

GregoryCazillo says:

Thanks for the answer, I’ve never used that flash.

Robert M says:

Thanks Greg! Great job very useful info looking forward to what’s to come.

Trevor Ager says:

You cant use CLS to trigger the YN-560 but if you have the SB900s operating with CLS then you can set up your YN-560 in S2 optical slave mode and it will be triigered by the SB900. You will need to set the output power of the YN-560 manually though.

enticing imagery says:

Good stuff. I just got hold of 2 x SB900 units to add to my YN-560. I’d love some tips on efiring them all at once, using CLS preferably. I’ll keep an eye on your channel.

Chris Andrew says:

Cheers Greg – nice tutorial.

rokoksejuk says:

been waiting for your vids on flash… btw, good to see you again greg 😀

Adam Carlson says:

Great to see you back… loved the video! Thanks for taking the time!

Dinahhs3 says:


snuurtje says:

You know when you make that picture B&W its only 1 click and drag option in lightroom on his shirt to make it lighter and darker individually. But Im sure you already know this.

Jon Lloyd says:

Thanks Greg! As I am now on the hunt for a new flash for my… ahem… Canon… I am needing to refresh my knowledge and this series looks to be perfect for that! I look forward to the next video.

Trevor Ager says:

Nice tutorial. Flash can really bring a shoot to life. I also used flash on a bridge on a late overcast evening and made it look sunny using flashes. I’m looking forward to your upcoming videos now.

I posted a couple of examples of mine in your flickr group.

Search for TAG = Cazbridge

GregoryCazillo says:

Depends! If it is a wedding then yes many times I will. Luckily for changing power on the strobes I can do it from the SB-800 on my camera.

GregoryCazillo says:

A park in southeastern PA.

David Croft says:

Great tutorial, thank you. Did you have an assistant for this shoot, to adjust your flash direction up and down, or did you have to run back and forth to adjust it yourself?

GregoryCazillo says:

ACR is built into LR.

alancik123 says:

Doesn’t it does the same thing? 😛

MegaMADvideo says:

Do you do all your editing in lightroom? Do you use adobe camera raw?

evolon8 says:

Wow, this is what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve been lugging portable strobes around; nice to see that the same (if not better) results can be achieved with speedlites. Gotta get out and practice with my speedlites now! Thanks again, LOVE all these new flash totorials! Any way you could share this location?

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