Understand Flash Photography in 10 Minutes or Less

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improvephotography.com Understand how to use off-camera flash photography and fire your speedlight flash off-camera. It really is easy to learn how to use flash photography.


TheMrSoulripper says:

don’t listen to him, he is only advertising his crap to rip off you!

Kees Zonder Vrees says:

You dont help a lot. Blah blah simple blah blah easy…

Kees Zonder Vrees says:

All you say is, buy cheap stuff and your better of. No way!!!

noquinho says:

great guys!Thanks for this vid

BigGulp62 says:

I thought flash triggers only work in M mode?

eastriverpipefan says:

fantstic vid thx

Guillermo Rolando says:

hi!! i have GE X5!! IT will work with this flahs YN560? thanks

Timothy Owen says:

Awesome vid guys!! Perfect for us noobs 🙂

CovesPhotography says:

I agree to a certain extent that this is good for photographers starting out, however, I don’t see the complications you seem to see with the ittl/ettl flash photography. With Nikon, all you need is a mid level camera, a Nikon flash and you can change settings without walking over and pulling down the stand to access the flash. Also, doing it that way, you need to make sure that it’s at the same hight and angle afterward. Buy a used SB800 flash, you don’t need a trigger and it’s reliable.

gamehunter420 says:

Great vid guys! Doing your course right now, just picked up the same triggers and basic studio set today!

american heart says:

Thank you, this video was very helpful! I’m just saving up money to buy an off-camera flash and didn’t know Pros like you are would recommend a set for under $150!! 🙂

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