How to Photograph Star Trails at Night

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Rodrigo Andrade says:

Hey buddy,yes you’re right the max is 30 seconds,but your camera have a “bulb” mode which alow you to take the picture at any time you want.
But you do want to use a remote shutter control to have the steady and not out of focus image. 🙂

Elimnio says:

usual a remote control for the shutter is the answer! 😉

Ghaith abou kalam says:

Hey , thanks a lot for the useful videos and tips you are giving us , i am using a Nikon 3100 i recently got it as i’m still a beginner , i didnt get the bulb mode you were discussing , how can i set my camera’s timer to capture those trails and is it possible to capture the star trail with my camera ?

Kwong thian fong says:

Why cant I go to your facebook’s profile ?

javiejavz says:

bulb setting

Faizul I. says:

For people asking for how to change exposure to 30″ + you have to you bulb. If you scroll the exposure it end at bulb. It helps you choose your manual exposure until you let go of the release button. Hope it helped. (:

Lord Sword says:

45 min exposure ?! u cant do it with the Canon 650D right ?! as far as i know u can do only 30 seconds ?!

miguel go says:

hey i am 12 and a an amateur photographer and can you plz plz plz do a video on the nikon d60 showing what settings to properly do night photography

SPERANZA65 says:

Hi there, ok first thing – 55D? do you mean 550D? if you change your dial to M manual, scroll in the menu left until the shutter is at 30 secs, then turn the wheel more until it says ‘BULB’ you can then have the shutter open as long as you want, i would reccomend you buy a canon RC-06 remote, they cost about 10 pounds in the UK, set your camera to ‘remote control’ in the menu, then, say you want a 30 minute exposure, point the remote at the camera and press. Press again when u want to end it.

kumarranjit1972 says:

Hi – Thanks for sharing. One Question – I have a Canon 55D camera with 15-135 MM lense. How do I keep the shutter speed for 30 minutes or more? The max I have been able to set on my camera is 30 seconds. Is there something I’m missing? I may be aiming too high here cause I’m too raw in the field of photography. Just purchased the camera about 3 months back. A little guidence will be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

sniperslayer says:

So what kind of lense is he using? where are you focusing?

will a 50mm 1.8 suffice or do you want telephoto? I have the 50mm, the kit lense and a 70-300mm

mALEFACTOr22 says:

How many “right” in a row? 🙂

btw cool video, thx 😉

RockerMtl1 says:

Nice video , good info as usual , and your questions asked were important .. thanks again

PhotographersOnUTube says:

I’ll try not to next time. 🙂

Dustin Revel says:

Good video but you say “right”  ten thousand times

rezjrprod says:

no problem..anytime

ralle474 says:


rezjrprod says:

possibly but it wont reducse as much noise as in camera…Ive tried both and ive found that in camera seems to work much better…it creates a black frame and finds the noise and reduces it…

ralle474 says:

Is it possible to reduce noise in post processing?

quack18 says:

star trails are much harder to capture than normal star photos, u have to make sure that u got ur photo, ur settings correct before u take a shot, cse once u decide to shoot, ur going to stay 10-15 or even 1 hour or more, so if u didnt correctly plan and anticipate for somethimg, ull end up with a lot of time wasted for nothing

shavdhandlz says:

Hey, I have a 60d. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial of how to use the back focusing?

bishaw77 says:

Hi J, still waiting in ur email. been a while mate. will look forward 2 it.

daringman78 says:

What’s the best camera you would buy within 1500 dollars?.

rezjrprod says:

Hello, I would use manual focus and focus just shy of infinity.make sure you get your composition first .jib has a video on how to focus to infinity. As far as humidity is concerned it only really creates a problem when clouds are involved…or fog of sorts. Good luck im sure youll do fine just keep trying different things..but just make sure you get your composition first and focus to infinity.

Gedith says:

Great video. I’ve just started to get into this after watching your video.Your pictures are amazing!
I’m having trouble though. Im using the T3i, If I use Auto Focus it never focuses on to the sky, but if I use Manual Focus, the shots are just out of focus.Is there a way of over coming this? how do you focus on a dark sky?

I Live in the UK and theres a lot of light pollution in my city & this time of year Humidity is quite high.Could this be the problem?need to move to the country side!haha

Joseph Fisher says:

Great instructional vid. thank you guys!!

rezjrprod says:

make sure you have high ISO noise reduction and long exposure noise reduction on…with long exposure noice reduction you will see that it will take as long as the shot you took to reduce the noise and hot pixels..where you trying to do star trails? F11 will not get good star trails..ISO 200 is high too..I stick with ISO 100 when doing star trails at all times like I said on the video.

smoe v says:

@PhotographersOnUTube@ I do night shooting with my canon t3i, i set my settings on aperture F11, shutter speed at BULB and ISO 200 .After 30 minutes i relaese the shoot and the resault is full of noise in the resolution of my picture.What’s the problem and how can i fix it???

Dinahhs3 says:

Hi can u pls tell us what printer you use for printing photoes

Sara Saeed says:

Hello, Thanks so much for this great effort and information but can you help me because i dont know which video to see first i bought a new camera canon D600 and am completely a beginner, i watched the way i should hold the camera with. and the aperture video and i dont know the appropriate sequence to learn precisely
Thanks in advance 🙂

rezjrprod says:

no filter at all…just dark area

Calum Gordon says:

So do you need a filter for it? A dark one….. Obviously….. ?

MelL D la Cruz says:

Hey i want to buy a good lens for make sharp portraits, i have in mine canon 1.4 50mm, some recommendations?

rezjrprod says:

Whats easy to some might not be easy to others…I always take into consideration others that want to learn..and I never consider ANY aspect of photography easy..we all start somewhere..Its a matter of preference as far as astro photography is concerned..another thing that needs to be considered when doing star trails as Im sure you know is composition…finding the north star is not so easy on the first try..finding it and finding an interesting composition is the not so easy part for some.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Star trails are much more complicated than setting the camera down and do long exposure in my opinion. In fact I could photograph just the stars with no problem but with star trails I’d have to do some planning. Viewfinder is normally used during the day. At night there isn’t enough light for it to really mess up the exposure. Robert and I did talk about noise reduction option we just forgot to mention it.

TheCuriousSkeptic says:

I’ve always found astronomy really interesting, but I consider the trails an unwanted side effect of long exposures. Just setting your camera down and doing a long exposure is what anybody can do. Too easy.
More challenging (and far more interesting IMO) are star photos with NO trails or blurs.
A couple of tips not mentioned are to try long exposure noise reduction on the EOS cameras, and also to cover the viewfinder. There’s probably a little rubber thing on your strap, that’s what its for.

wishboneuk999 says:

Hi Guys, Love the video 😉 I have tried a few times and found a cable release with a built in timeer works great. the one I have times for 99 minuits 99 secounds up to 99 frames if you prefer to take multiframes instead of a single exposure and combine them after.
Love your work Robert, anything to do with Photography is great.
Chris ….UK

rezjrprod says:

Its possible..I carry 3 batteries..just make sures its fully chanrged..and it also depends on the amount of time you shoot…because with Noise reduction in camera it takes the same amount of time to reduce the noice as it did to take the shot it can drain the battery. I recommed a battery grip but a fully charged battery could get you thru..always have a backup though in any case.

Lee Darmanin says:

Is the camera battery capable of staying alive throughout the whole shoot? Or do you use some sort of charging equipment?

jjdphotography says:

Great video, right? Nice tips, right? I’ve got to give this a try, right?

MrGotemcoach says:

@carey1465 Stop bitching.

rezjrprod says:

tamron 17-50 at f5

ucandothis1 says:

What kind of lens did he use?

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