Lesson11.1 – Night Photography (Photography Tutorials)

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This is a tutorial about night photography. I will show you how to take a long exposures during the night. Find out what camera settings are better is which …


Daniel Azevedo says:

Nice hotels! you are lucky
thanks for the information. I am a night photographer amateur :)

Pukhraj Singh says:

your videos hv really helped me alot…..pls keep up the good work.

Pukhraj Singh says:

you are very good teacher…..thx

Zia Rahman says:


Andrius aK says:

Her voice is a little bit annoying 🙂

jonathan langford says:

better depth of field…

saintsdude1 says:

I really enjoy your videos, they have helped me take much better photographs, thanks.

Ranjith Ramadasan says:

Hi Oksana you looking Really BEAUTIFUL……..& your teaching is great…thanks DEAR…

easyexposure says:

It all depends on the situation and how dark it is. You can start with auto focus and if you see camera has difficulties to focus, you can change it to manual.

kim poy says:

hi Oksana, i really learn a lot from you, i just wanna ask, what is the best focus should i use in night shooting MANUAL FOCUS OR AUTO FOCUS, pls help… =)

harsh pothanis says:

One question. Why did you use apertures f/11 or f/6 when you could have got higher shutter speeds with a wider aperture..say f/2.0 or f/3.5.??

salah ashara says:

Hi ,It is useful tutorial ,thank for your effort


hello, i hv sony DSCHX200V is it gud camera for such creative stuffs ??.. i bought it recently and after buying i came to know that its not DSLR…so what are disadvantages of this product ???

kronopolis7 says:

i would suggest that the settings in the camera are set to plain basic pics. i set my canon t4i to large superfine RAW images. you should also check for what is called “noise” in the pic. adjust your f/stop to accommodate this. if i’m wrong then please let me know. thank you. 

TheGruggi says:

Good instruction. Thanks. Beautiful too.

pooh1234567890 says:

Cool tutorial. You’re a great teacher!

fortizjro says:

This is some good information. Looking forward to watching more of your channel!

akru100 says:

wow superb tutorial i cant wait for the night to come im gonna try it out

Ariele Alicia says:

Hey! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My buddy Anna made some very incredible photos with their photography tutorials.

railpressureflip says:

No, use your ass.

BOC69er says:

KGBH, in fantastic medium wave

AF0093 says:

Also can this be done with a camera remote instead of a cable release cord?

AF0093 says:

Oksana, I have a question not related to this video, but rather to Lightroom 4. When I’m viewing my images in Lr and I zoom in to view the image larger/closer to see the detail, my images aren’t sharp rather very low resolution. Is this due to my Nikon D90 being only 12.6 megapixels? I was told by someone that it has to do with low resolution…

worldconnectevents says:

thank you .. im following your videos and learning .. its very clear and really apppreciate your help

VinceLA91 says:

Do you need a camera to take a picture?

cockballs420 says:

it was hell to listen to your voice!! fml

Stephanie Arranz says:

uhm… its shutter speed i think not SHATTER

ikl grais says:

Hey, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a great free video showing the best way to take incredible photographs. This made it easier for Matt to take photos that leave you with a wow-effect while you look at them. It might help you out also.

man top says:

love your video very detail….and easy to understand

BoomTingzMissy says:

this woman sounds high

PhuNguyen88 says:

Wear more satin !

Beatricuta says:

Hi Oksana, your videos are great…i’ve learnt so much from you. Could you please do a video tutorial on long exposure photography and sunsets? It’s something i’ve really wanted to learn for a long time. Thank you so much!

astroboy0969 says:

Hi Oksana,

Thank you for your very informative video. What I would like to see in your video, such as this, is that you discuss as well your Exposure Compensation.I’m interested because we have the same camera – D7K.

mack364am says:

Great video and very informative. Good job!

eddieA2088 says:

what nikon camera are you using?

jkjpone says:

Great tutorial. How did you deal with metering in your night shots? Did you attempt to get to 0 or did you work within a certain range. And also did you experiment with various WB to get the exposures that you were happy with.

severgun says:

nice russian accent)))

Hin Li says:

i really like your accent hahahaha, ur voice has a taste of honey, very sweet~~ now i have a plot to take photos on Halloween hahahha

anaskam says:

thanx alot for the good lesson,,i feel u had cold that night :(?
anyways gr8 lesson and gr8 teacher :))

chrmnxpnoy says:

do you use any filters on your lens by any chance?

Subverttech4 says:

3 things:
your very beautiful, very informative, and good examples. 🙂

0ll2 says:

dat music lulz

Jen Chin says:

what are your suggested settings for night portrait?? thanks

easyexposure says:

Yes, I will make one very soon

AF0093 says:

Could you make a video explaining how to use an external flash in manual mode please?

elvino pongsapan says:

I like your tutorials, it’s teach me lot of basic tips, thanks fro simple and clear explanations.

all the best to You.

Lincoshop says:

Night Photography Tutorial!
see:w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=zZRFlKdsHDg&feature=plcp

lsilvaj says:

I watch a lot of tutorials on youtube and you’re by far the best instructor.. thank you very much for sharing your knowledge… 🙂

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