Night Visions

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Gabriel Biderman explores the images that can be created at night when you expose for seconds, minutes, and even hours with film and digital cameras. Gabriel…


Gael L. says:

that dude in the first row (red jacket) is driving me crazy with his point and shoot cam ! 🙂

BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

@OctyVrs Thanks for watching. To address this challenge, we’ve started adding subtitles to all new videos going forward.

OctyVrs says:

Always lots of audience questions on BHPhotoVideoProAudio videos but the viewer can’t hear them….Would be better if you placed a mic on the crowd to help

Anthony Nnaji says:

Thanks for posting. It’s really helpful.

Dave Sproul says:

Very nice presentation — thank you

BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

They’re the initials of the first names of our founder/owner, Herman Schreiber, and his wife.

ngbrian1111 says:

what is B&H stand for anyway?

oceandrew says:

Great talk. Thank you.

jeremythesharkdiver says:

Thanks for posting this! Lots of useful tips. Watched the presentation trying to perfect the lightning shots and got much more out of it than I had planned. Thanks again!

Michael Sullivan says:

Excellent tutorial.

SteveBHPhoto says:

Thanks for the kind words.

-Steve Schwartz
B&H Photo Video Pro Audio

Heinz Ter Voert says:

Great webminar. Lots too learn

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