Fujifilm Finepix X100 Long Exposure night photography – test and sample images

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Includes full crop images, behind the scene footage and full shooting information. See it here: http://goo.gl/pfaAR Outside Australia: http://goo.gl/DqvUZ To…


Victorkapz says:

not handheld for sure, but i’ve placed the camera on top of my head for sharp photos.

reck101101 says:

of course!! Theres no way to do long exposure in handheld.

thatnikonguy says:

not familiar with the full fancier range

YourTrulyFriend says:

Hi Matt! I’m looking for a cheap tripod for my D5100 (now with 18-55, 55-200) and this Velbon CX-888 looks nice and good, Do you think that this is OK for my camera with that lenses for outside work – that means some wind too.
I don’t know if something like Fancier WT3570 or Fancier WT3590 is better than Velbon. I found Fancier WF3642 with is a tripod with free legs but it’s not so cheap and it’s small and a little expensive here. Which is the best solution in your opinion? Thank you! 🙂

youi mela says:

hi , is it all shoot is taken with tripod?

heartbreaker3009 says:

The first picture at 52 seconds is beautiful. love it!!

Diamond Skulls says:

We’re you videoing with the fujifilm

wojnarowski12 says:

When you’re shooting at a wall it doesn’t matter what F stop you use. Because it’s a plain subject you CAN’T get any DOF in there. The shot could have been sharper at F8… because wide open it can get a little soft. But using a bigger F stop to increase DOF while shooting a wall is not very wise.

monkeh88 says:

تفو عليك وين اللغة العربية في البداية

ruhsuhl says:

Music is the right level then the speech is way too low

Ben Humphrey says:

Matt, would you be able to tell me how to change the shutter timing on the T setting. I’m aware that it’s possible but haven’t got a clue. If anyone else knows please feel free to pipe up. Cheers.

Harry L says:

Yes, it’s a good camera. Should be perfect, as its light, take amazing pictures, and quite sturdy.

BUT, you will need to bring tons of batteries. In normal temps, it saps life like a vacuum. At those temperatures, yea….. you get the idea. Bring like 8 of em batteries LOL.

Jasvinder Singh Sokhi says:

is this a good camera? Im climbing mt kilimanjaro! Thinking of getting this!

Meshwork123 says:

Excellent collection of backstreet shooting at night. You’ve made the ordinary look extraordinary here, and shown off well the long exposure capabilities of this fine compact camera.

Stephanie D says:

Thanks for the great examples! I keep trying to sway myself back to the cheaper and smaller X10, but I’m just in love with the image quality of this camera. Sigh!

zero man says:

this camera is better than my 50mm cannon lens for portraits and my lense cost £500

deren48 says:

matt, a question.have been using the x100 for a while now.got back from a trip recently and noticed alot of my early evening/ night landscape shots had solarisation issues especially with distant objects ie trees on the horizon or street lighting .all images shot in raw at either 200 or 400 iso exposure times up to 1/2 second around f8 or f11.using latest firmware also.any ideas

thatnikonguy says:

F8 offers much better depth of field than f2.8.

richiee009 says:

Like the pictures. It would be nice to see similar pictures with the X10

copylondon says:

just bought one of these, now to figure it out…

BoxxyFan says:

If you are thinking about buying this camera, do not buy it. There is a common ‘sticky blades’ problem that many x100 will eventually get due to the design of the lens in the x100. So far to date, Fujifilm has not even publicly acknowledged this problem. Shocking for a $1000+ premium camera. You can read about all the x100 owners complaining about it on the Fujifilm Talk forum on DPreview. Until Fujifilm acknowledges this issue, stay away from the x100!!

thatnikonguy says:

@TheAngryMo thanks mate.

thatnikonguy says:

thank you – that is nice of you.

thatnikonguy says:

I dont think Fuji has any test bodies available! Still sold out world wide! Luckily my photog friend owns this one, and I was staying with him in Melbourne – so I used it a lot over the 3 days – more videos coming soon.

thatnikonguy says:

Thanks - great question and I should have mentioned that. I will add this info to the caption.

I shot them in aperture priority mode, choosing an aperture that got enough DOF and gave me a shutter speed I wanted. I set exposure compensation to what I wanted – usually around minus 1 to 2 stops.

I will be putting up more image tests – including high iso and sharpness tests – very soon.

Michael Shea says:

Outstanding series of compositions and marvellous performance from the camera. Did you input the exposure time or did the camera work that out? They all seem perfectly exposed and not a hint of noise. I never expected the Fuji to be as good as that and just assumed (wrongly) that it was hyped-up.

Nuno Toromanovic says:

Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us. You are a fantastic photographer.

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