How to Photograph Motion at Night

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Ever seen night photos with those streaks of lights and wondered how to do it? We’ll show you!


KidPepe1 says:

I cant shoot these kind of pictures. Where I live ill most likely get robbed if im on the street with my dslr. :/

Marek M says:

Hi there, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a good free video explaining the best way to create better photographs. This made it possible for Matt to make photographs which have a jaw-dropping-effect after you look at them. It might help you also…

amzdesign2011 says:

its abit of a late reply as ive not been in the country…nevertheless thank for your reply. i’ll give your advice a go when next doing long exposures. thanks

JapanFather says:

effects looks like tron

AlJeffersonA1 says:

Many thanks from North Yorkshire (UK) good instructional vid.

Prabin Thapa says:

Hi, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a smart free video featuring the way to make awesome pictures. It made it easier for Daniel to take photographs that have a jaw-dropping-effect any time you take a look at them. It might work for you as well…

Adam brazier says:

Great video, thanks

Achwaq Khalid says:

Enough of “PhotoGraphy tips”watching for today, i got other things to do for the moment, so i just want to take a moment to thank you for this, any chance to post a video for “Low-Light photography for mobiles? thx in advance.

BlacksPhoto says:

Depends what effect you want. Outdoor light sources vary widely, and you’ll likely end up with many different types in your photo. Best bet is to shoot in raw if your camera is capable of such, and then choose the best setting later. Or experiment on site with test shots at different white balances to see what you like.

respectfulremixer says:

Useful. Thanks.

amzdesign2011 says:

hi, what white balance setting do you use? or is it auto?

MCPhoto FL says:

oh lol 😛

kivan2400 says:

Hehe no mate, I was talking about the aperture 🙂 how much does that cost 🙂

MCPhoto FL says:

Free. They are all settings that you can change on the camera.

Curtis Irvine says:

The ND filter would help, or you could use a shorter exposure but this means the entire picture wont be as bright. There are no other options i know of. Sorry.

kivan2400 says:

How much does that cost ?

sarg141 says:

Very nice video. Thank you for the information.

karthikzkrazy says:

is there a way that i can cut some of the glare out from street lights ? they are too bright for my taste.
would using a CPL or ND filter help ?

Frankie W says:

Don Valley Parkway……

BlacksPhoto says:

@jewlouds f/14, 15 sec @ ISO 400

Mitchell Moss says:

what aperture did you have the picture at 1:28?

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