Zion Long Exposure Night Photography

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rwin94 says:

Check out @phototoptips on twitter for all kind of photography tips!

Curt TDH says:

Sounds similar to HDR.

Dawid Friebe says:

VVery usefull option in PS 😉 Im often use blending modes in premiere pro while I create a videos so I know how powerful this is 😉

Cappy Paxton says:

You bitchbunnies crack me up. Instead of just learning from a free tutorial you have to tear it up. Nice work …
I was wearing head phones and the volume was not an issue

Йоан Митов says:

Another tip: use the largest possible aperture to make the stars appear bigger.

JoeGP85 says:

so couldn’t the last 3, 4 minute shots, be replaced with just one 12 minute one ? although i suppose with 3 you have more choice

Alessio Putzu says:

why don’t have just one long exposure between 10 minutes f/9 500 iso whit a moon light? that’s how i get my LE works..

vigi99 says:

You mean I can change blend modes on multiple layers now? Must buy $200 upgrade!

federico savini says:

yeah painfully slow, it could have been done in 2 minutes or less

Meados60 says:

great tut…easy to follow – but is it just me, or does the stars just look like lightend raindrops?! …it was a cool idea and according to that idea the result is quite good, but i think without explaining the shot it kinda looks like distorsion you don’t wanna see in there. just my opinion ;o) …as i said: easy to follow, great function, looking forward to see more =)

bobdebelix says:

I generally love all tutorial videos, especially those related with computers and I find this one very useful, but Man do you have any idea how annoying to people is to have such loud intro in your videos! I almost fell of my chair when this video started because I have my PC connected to HI-FI amplifier and it was set to considerablly loud. After the intro I could bearly hear your voice, it was so quiet, at least -20dB comparing to intro music.

Geordie Milne says:

painfully ssssslooww…

Yahir Cerón says:

wow man!!! esto lo vi anteriormente pero tú lo complementaste. good job.

Yaning Javier says:

Would be better if without that dramatic tone.

frank brady says:

thank you iaagg

Andrew Sokolovic says:

So simple it blew my mind…

iaagg says:

Just set the individual layers to lighten as apposed to doing it all at once with the select all option he used.

frank brady says:

I have cs5 ,could you please tell me how to work the blend modes in this? Great tutorial.

urzokmx says:


MileCreations says:

“At the same time” so dramatic

Travis Turner says:

Great mini-tutorial, thanks! I’ll be in Zion in June!

Hert Niks says:

Damn thats wicked.. wish I had a separate flash 😀

ggoode66 says:

Can you change all the blend modes in CS5 also. .or is this new for CS6

4hpook says:

The contrast between the volume of your voice and the volume of the music is quite extreme.  Why is that?

ruckelz74 . says:

That’s fantastic! I never figured out how to stack photos. Thanks!

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