free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

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Christian Tudor Academy of Photography will explain in detail how you could photograph a wedding – what equipment is necessary to take good wedding photos. T…


Cheo97 says:

Thanks for your time!!

magda krawczyk says:

Thank you. Shine and let others shine.

SnapperHappy says:

Christian, great video and very informative. I do studio portraits, but I’m fully aware that shooting a wedding is totally different. I’ve got a wedding coming up in June, so I’m doing my homework in plenty of time. Your video will be a great help. Many thanks!

maribel BACULFO says:

it is so great i would like to learn it quickly as i can.thanks..

Christian Tudor says:

Ajachot. I will show you how to get clients in a future video . You can check the website as i have uploaded few articles on the subject

Christian Tudor says:


Rabia Khan says:

great video

ajschot says:

Thanks for your video! I am an amature photographer but i would like to make it my profession and i like your video’s.
Now…..have to find and get jobs

sdutango says:

wow 8:57 he was tried to burn the building down??? LOL nice video btw

Christian Tudor says:

Fallyhag i don’t want to go over 800 . Camera goes up to 6400 but that is not useful in my opinion

fallyhag says:

Question: This video is posted in 2013 yet you are saying you don’t go above ISO 800? How old is your camera? This is a very restricting ISO for a modern day camera that can easily handle high ISO. yep, you get some noise. That’s called photography. But thanks for sharing your video. Nice to see such an open tutorial and watch a different approach to the special day 🙂

AcademyPhotography says:

thank you everyone for your kind comments. I will be making more videos like this in the future

Katey Marie says:

Thank you Christian! I’m shooting my forth wedding (first one all by myself with an assistant ) in 3 weeks and this video has helped me greatly! I’ll definitely be watching it again. Thank’s for the awesome tips and advice! Definitely helped and I feel more confident shooting now! Oh, plus the list will help lots! Thanks! Please keep up these helpful videos! I love them! God Bless!

joseph franco says:

This is a great video with a person who is fluid and succinct in his presentation delivery. Thank you very much and I look forward to more tutorials and videos.

Prouddaddymike1978 says:

this is the best tutoriel i have heard you get right to the point, am a new photographer and love it, that you…

Tope Ojo says:

This has to be one of the best wedding tutorials I’ve ever watched! The way you explained the process of shooting a wedding, what equipment you use, how you use them…amazing.
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your talent and knowledge.

God bless.

Christian Tudor says:

Thank you Tory. I intended to be as concise as possible

Tory K says:

Wow. That was alot in 10 min.  Well done. Thanks.

AcademyPhotography says:

thank you Hugo. stay close as I am preparing others as well.

Hugo Da Palma says:

I never saw such an open tutorial, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

AcademyPhotography says:

thank you for your kind feedback. please stay close as I have a lot of videos coming up

Julie McMann says:

Wow, that was great. Looking forward to watching more videos from you. I’ll be watching this many times because I’m shooting a wedding next week and I’m very nervous having to use flash. So thanks so much for the tips .

AcademyPhotography says:

thank you for your kind feedback. much appreciated

David Levin says:

It’s a great abbreviated and super fast set of tips for shooting a wedding.

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