How to shoot a wedding – Part 2 – Gear & packing

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Lowepro S&F gear here: What do you shoot with? Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions for future videos below. In this serie…


Jim case says:

haha too funny tough guy… lol

akeara williams says:

Youre so long winded. Im all confused about why it took you 3/4s of the vid to do a show and tell. That should have been saved for another vid. Smh

ebonysoulstress says:

I’ve been asked last minute to cover a friends wedding, my first wedding was a fluke as I was too bored and they didn’t know how to use the camera they had. I didn’t think much about it for this second one either, just got my gear ready, rented what need to be rented and packed for easy access etc. But a few hours to go, I started to panic and then found your videos.. love it! Thanks for the laughs, I think that just really calmed me down – going with my gut, since my style is what they want.

jimlap777 says:

same here!

NossDer0 says:

omg i thought i died a bit at 10:40! hilarious!

captmikea320 says:

Hey Matt

Great video, thanks…..

What is your guess as to the weight of your belt system when loaded at that shoot?

nastyashman says:

The loud lip smacking was the only fault to an otherwise informative and interesting video. Looking forward to seeing the rest… (just PLEASE don’t hold the microphone so close to you mouth).

nastyashman says:

Glad I wasn’t the only one who was frustrated by the loud lip smacking…

Tom Ely says:

Jesus Christ this is boring…

Bernie Hunt says:

Do you use a light meter?

RhysMandala says:

a tradesman, a policeman or batman. gold.

Ra Bo says:

your red camera bag…what kind is it????

DigChaos says:

Great video, the acting in the s.w.a.t. vest had me rolling, good stuff.

Vz Duzit says:

You smack your lips like crazy…Insanely annoying. I had to take my headphones off to listen to the tutorial…Nice tutorial nevertheless.

geoATB says:

Dude that M it`s not good for your body!

bewithabob says:

The last wedding I shot, a few years ago was documentary style complimentary to another photographer who captured the posed shots. Mine was 35mm film, manual focus; which I managed with two Nikon FAs, motor drives on shoulder straps, 4 lenses, available light, with an additional shoulder bag, and no assistant. I was comfortable with my gear, but your set up would have been a delight, as it is so nicely planned. You didn’t mention what straps- Black rapid? You are the best, Matt!

bewithabob says:

Wow I appreciate your sharing this, and wish I had something like it years ago when I started; that has to be sizable investment in transport gear to be mobile though. What do you think the package of the Belt system and all the bags totaled up to?

FARLtD says:

Blackrapid mate!

theslowsoundtracker says:

Hi, just wanted to ask if it is easier to use a Blackrapid strap or a neck strap during the Wedding day itself, cause i’m planning to buy a new Camera Strap for Wedding shoots and it is a pain in the neck. =D

thatnikonguy says:


DontBroadcstYourself says:

soooo much glass! all the lenses ive ever wanted in that bag…. 24-70, 70-200, 50, 85.. god damn.

007kash007 says:

you have a monotone :/

Larry Jones says:

Great video! when going on location, do you add in the cost of the hotel room and gas?

Kim Pearce says:

Hi I Love watching your video !! I’m very interested in what are the different situations you use each lens and do you really need so many lens ??

thatnikonguy says:

great product

I SEE U says:

Very informative and easy to understand!!! Lens Exchange case is defiantly on my list to buy, i never thought this thing exist, but always was thinking it would be great if someone invent it:)

thatnikonguy says:


Michael Thomas says:

Another great vid. I like the Rambo add.

thatnikonguy says:


Hiam Garner says:

Great series. I liked how you told us after the shot what you really used.

Demian Sorin says:

what was your backup camera ?

thatnikonguy says:


coolsupermario says:

quite a lot of bags you have there, thanks for the series, nice and informative videos.

01sigh says:

wouldn’t you want the lens exchange case on your right side for easier swaps?

thatnikonguy says:

given your name – I am guessing pretty damn angry!

AngryApeRaper says:

YouTube now interrupts videos with ads while watching them. You have no idea how angry that makes me!!!

thatnikonguy says:


John Morton says:

Really like the series! I like how u went into ur bags and told us what u brought along the way and how u took ur time. I am currently looking into getting a couple of bags not sure what ones to get yet :/
but keep up the series!

tueybooo says:

There’s a difference in meaning between the words “idiot” and “dork”. I think you meant to use “dork”. Dork, as in unafraid to make a fool of himself for humor’s sake. Otherwise, that was out of line and regardless of your attempt at reversing the offensive nature of your first sentence, you were still being an idiot.

Manish Bhattarai says:

Hi, do you know “photo SFX art” (just search on Google for it …)? There you will find a useful free video explaining how to make amazing photographs. This made it possible for Matt to take photos that have a jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take a look at them. It might work for you too…

helyanwe6 says:

What kinda drug did you take mate?

BrandonKingVloggin says:

Really helpful series. I’ve just got my 5D mark III, 24-70 II and 70-200 f/4L IS (hoping to upgrade to f/2.8) as well as my 580EX II, but I’m really hoping to shoot some weddings in the near future and these were amazing tips.

thatnikonguy says:

great to hear.

shopaholic173 says:

why you called him IDIOT?????

thatnikonguy says:


gerrydaworm says:

I would never have guessed you’d be an idiot! LOL! You have the serious face but you still managed to be n ass! Very good video/series by the way. I’m starting to get intimidated by the wedding photography thing now. I’m new to it and all I have is a Nikon D7000, 35mm DX 1.8G, 55-300mm DX VR and 18-105mm DX VR kit lens. I also have a Yongnuo YN-560 II manual flash and 4 eneloop rechargeables. 2 16GB SDs and a 32GB SD. I also have a mid-sized Nikon bag. Do you think I can survive?

Azza DaMan says:

You Sir, are a bloody good man, love all your videos, learning heaps.
Keep ’em coming!

thatnikonguy says:

varies a LOT

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