Shoot: First Look – Wedding Photography with Joe Buissink

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This workshop is available now! Joe Buissink is coming to creativeLIVE! Joe will show yo…


Nays Agnes Capdepon says:

Great, clever, true, deep…
I’m a wedding photographer in France – I think we haven’t got the same clients 🙂 –
and I’ve learnt a lot from your advices, it is what I tried to do (to see my clients several times, not to say them “do that or this” but How are you ? but I really recognized you’ve helped me. Thank you so much and lots of nice weddings in France and Europe Italy is nice, but Croatie too, and all those countries that haven’t change)

teddyk11111 says:

Awesome ….thanks

Thanet Karlsson says:

Thanks you !!

Javaun Bruins says:

man sir wheres your dvd? your a god of photography forget pro… very educating video worth all 36:55 of it

Ozan aktaş says:

This is a nice wedding photography video.

colinharban says:

this video is 36.55 long, i learnt more about posing a subject in the first 8 minutes than i have ever learnt in watching hours and hours of videos!!
big thanks Joe, you make so much sense!


Asking them questions then taking the photo, what a stellar idea.
This guy has mean skills.

Mark Jensen says:

This has been really helpful for me as I begin to get my wedding photography/cinematography business off the ground. Watching this I learned so much that you never learn when acting as someone’s second shooter or interning for them as an assistant.

Charles Coverly says:

@24:25, “…him and me.”

rabbi504564MWWW says:

Hey, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a great free video demonstrating the right way to create brilliant photos. It made it easier for Joe to take pictures which leave you with a jaw-dropping-effect whenever you look at them. It may help you out as well…

robert young says:

You said to groom when walking passed him, quote “clasp your hands behind your back”, then told us he did it on his own, damn those mics lol. Models and good actors. Shouldnt not of lied as makes me question everything you say, shame, but glad I spotted it !!

2020visionphotos says:

P for Professional mode- an ongoing debate between him and Yervant

S3xChris says:

genius !

Mixel85 says:

He is awesome!!!!

NKEILSudios says:

holy shit this guy is a genius… psychology 101 🙂

NKEILSudios says:

sometimes Aperture priority will fail you, especially if you are putting it on f/4, which sometimes always likes to screw with my d600 :P, just because it has no shutter minimum. Another thing is the camera will become confused with the distance+light+shutter+aperture algorithm

fallyhag says:

Did I hear it right? Is Joe shooting in speed priority mode?

Tuba Huang says:

Joe, totally agree with you, people skill is required during the photo shoot. and laugh from the heart is much more than pretending.

Aundrea Kehoe says:

I shadowed a wedding and I was making the couple laugh, the primary photographer however though it was a bit weird…. this gives me reassurance even though I am a new-B I still have the right idea 🙂 Thank you Joe!

Konstantin Green says:

Это пример настоящего проф фотографа, ему все равно на что снимать,ведь снимает он,а не фотоаппарат!!!

dailyforman says:

he is good

kkhhaalliid1 says:

 🙂 Hello in your channel

Dee Adeyinka says:

Dude is intense

mercuriallimit says:

I thought Joe was a nikon guy, loved his work tho

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