Some Low budget Wedding Photography Advice: No Budget

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so you are shooting your friends wedding. there is no budget and you just have to use your own kit. And there is not much pressure. Ok well here is a couple …


Alicia Kyla says:

Hey! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My cooworker Paula made some unbelivable photos with their video lessons.

Ali Sharifi says:

whare is the groom?????

lc4151 says:

Thanks so much! very helpful! Great video

s3v3ns0rr0w21 says:

Hello Dom…can make a tutorial video for Adobe Lightroom..?? thanks..really good video..

Smiley James says:

do you not find the flash to be intrusive at weddings

Dombowerphoto says:

i dont use photoshop at all, cant figure it out myself, but in this video i am just using adobe lightroom, lots of tutorials on that on my channel

furqanrauf says:

are you using photoshop? I am a newbie and dont know much about using the software do you have some tutorials on how to fix highlights and shadows on specific objects etc?

IstoryangPagibig says:

Hi Dom, more videos like this please, especially shooting with flashes indoor (reception/party). Thank you!

PhotoMe99 says:

thank you very much,

Fakhrul Hafiiz says:

Just to share the wedding in my country… =)

Fabien Amy says:

hey, can you do a video on single flashgun usage? such as how to use a flashgun on the camera (and possbly off camera) when shooting events and stuff? 🙂 thanks!

Goran Nikolic says:

Thank you for the vid! I do not want to be rude, so please see this as a valid question before reading on but to me watching this tube video on my screen it seems that many shots are out of focus. second shot scottisch boy, third shot people on the right, bride holding some staff, etc. Do you only show your clients the super sharp images or also the ones where you missed focus? Do they even care if something is a bit blurry? Since on print you probably wont notice it at all I suppose THANKS!!!

Vocarlb says:

thanks for the video mate! 😀 im doing my first wedding next year! any tips on nightclub photography? i work in a club and it can be challenging at times

Dombowerphoto says:

i imagin all my photos being on paper in the end. wedding albums dont get much bigger than 30cm and you can fill that up with 4mp if you want, so a little bit of cropping on a 12mp image is just fine

Dombowerphoto says:

majority of the time the flash is in manual, i give the photos to the customers in both digital and in an album

PhotoMe99 says:

great tips
really helpful
Can you make a video talking about how i can control my speedlight temperature in weddings or whatever?
i watched ur vids about them and i know everything, but you know sometime there is a tips for using the speedlights with less power
anyway if you can that would be nice
thanks 4 ur videos, really thx

PhotoMe99 says:

some questions,
did you use TTL or manual when you shoot weddings?
and how many photos you give the customers usually?
thx again Dom

Maxsdiscos says:

Interesting video Dom.

Will Tieman says:

Great vid Dom! I hear a lot about metering but no one ever says which mode of metering they are using. You did! 1st on YouTube! Is there every a time when you don’t use spot metering? Also, when you say to crop how ever you want, is that with the assumption the images will never leave the digital space? I’d love to hear your thoughts about image taking when you know it will end up on paper! Thanks again!

sneekylinux says:

great video and really good tips mate…nice

Phil Hayes says:

Genius. I’ve a few weddings this year but not the official picture box taker (thank god). Top tips. Ta.

Schnubble93 says:

What do you think of tilted photos?

LeConcerto says:

Are you sure the umbrella wasn’t off to the left at the end?

artawesome says:

8 minutes of goodness in this video.

stlawrencefisherman says:

Great video! Good advice! Thanks!

Matt Taggart says:

Glad to see fresh content. Lots of good tips, especially flash work. Careful with W/A distortion with group shots. 1:48 for example might not be viewed as very flattering.

playstationfreak2598 says:

keep up the good work dom, always informative and helpful

Chris Scuffins says:

Good video Dom. Biggest tip I can think off that you didn’t mention is to really check and double check what the B+G actually want. They may say do whatever, because it’s free, but on the day and afterwards, their standards maybe a lot higher than they ever mentioned.

merins mathew says:

good job..!! great tips..

ishtish87 says:

I’m sure you’ll see them up on facebook after, driving as well so can’t numb myself with any alcohol lol!

rticknor says:

With your dance floor action shots, were you using “rear curtain sync”? I find that with slow shutter speed + flash action shots, it provides the cool blurring, but also freezes the subject the flash hits in a much sharper way.

Lorenzo Valenzuela says:

Sounds good!

Dombowerphoto says:

fingers crossed, hope for the best prepare for the worst

Dombowerphoto says:

how about i do a drunk wedding photography tips?

Dombowerphoto says:

done and changed

winglighip says:

great video dom!

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