Painting With Light : T- Bird

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a How-To e Book is available at This short video tutorial is a fun and informative look at how the photo of the T-Bird on …


fazapops says:

This is beautiful. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

deez4u22 says:

This is so Awesome!! How have i not seen this before?

Eric Curry says:

Yes. but it would cost thousands dollars in private classes, OR you could buy the book for a couple bucks and do it your self. It is easy and fun if you do it in a smaller scale. Not like me where I typically over do things.

Michael Reedy II says:

could you teach me to light paint like that… that’s real art

Eric Curry says:

I have no idea what that is, sorry I can not help direct you to the right place, you might well need ot get self taught. Take Care eric

thisgoldhouse says:

I’ve been a black-lite sculpturist for years, and it took me (with some help from photographers that are Way better at all that camera stuff than I’ll probably ever be) quite a bit of trial and error to even get a picture that would actually “glow” I really like the stop-motion light-painting videos, but all I keep finding is bits and pieces in French or German. Is there some place I can get some real learning on “black lite stop-motion light painting video” ?? I might be making this up as I go?

kiranchamling20 says:

one of the best light paint photography I’ve ever seen. Brilliant

neyzenilkay says:

Awesome work!

farouklens says:

very creative shot! very cool I love it! 

Dodi Heru says:

Mr. Eric, i never get boring with your videos. Kudos for your techniques and passion.

hiwayM9 says:

Much obliged.

Eric Curry says:

Hi. thanks, I use sand bags and weights attached to the tripod, it does the trick of keeping the camera stable and the camera does not move a bit. Regards Eric

hiwayM9 says:

I am awestruck by the surreal quality of the photograph- as a long time silk screen printer, my eye, at first glance, insisted this was a print- a very high resolution print in fact, but as you point out- moving in close, which on a print would minimize clarity, there is detail that becomes realistic the closer you get.
I am curious how you get such a stable foundation for the shots… how does that camera lock in to one spot and never move the slightest bit?

Andrew L. Xiong says:

Really nice work! I love the directional light/shadows and realism of the final product…

foant says:

Hello there, have you considered “photo SFX art” (just google it)? On their website you will find a nice free video explaining the right way to make amazing photos. This helped Matt to make photographs that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect any time you look at them. I hope it will work for you too.

bsytube says:

Light painting photography is very cool indeed .I open new fan page for light painting photography , if anybody is interested please check it out 🙂
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lsi624 says:

Honestly, It looks like someone came home drunk and crashed landed in the front yard.

Eric Curry says:

Thanks for the observation. It is a bit of labor but a labor of love. Doing the photoshop part is really fun as I can split it up over a couple , three days and do parts of it here and there between house chores and regular work deadlines. REgards: Eric

Inmate975 says:

I’ve started working on this technique and can appreciate just how much hard work goes into one photograph like this, not only the shoot itself but in the organising of it. I don’t think people really realise this when they see the final shot.

Eric Curry says:

I have an ebook and a real book at my seb site. check it out, but the short answer is that I use both stropbe and flashlights… Strobe for kids and dogs and smoke, flashlights for grown ups – and they have to hold reallly still .

Demonstorm101968 says:

This is probably my favorite photo of yours using light-painting. Absolutely incredible. Question: how do you shoot the people? Strobe or do you actually paint them with a flashlight like the rest of the scene? It must be hard to get them to stand absolutely still 🙂 What amazes me about all your light-paintings is how they look so surreal, almost like a painting done with airbrushes rather than a photograph. Incredible.

Eric Curry says:

I paint people quickly. it is tricky to do it with continious light but totally dooable, You can also use strobes to freeze the people but then youare using yet more stuff asand it is a pain.

Duncan Lewis says:

Just wondering a few things. Im just getting into photography. nothing to fancy yet. but when you take the exposure of the people, do you have the shutter open the same amount of time as all the others and only paint him in or do you do it faster with more lit up. Also, i like the way it looks. That HDR look. but is there any way to make it look like a picture.. and not a painting?

Николай Деревенский says:


Eric Curry says:

No.. NO mysteriors secret messages like I always heard about in advertising… the word sex for example was never hidden in a glass of ice etc. Just sun flowers sadly 🙁

Eric Curry says:

When you buy the ebook you down load it to your mail box downloads or to your desk top. some people miss the down load link and I always send to them another link to down load the ebook.

Regards: Eric

Eric Curry says:

I just stachked them in layers in Photoshop. NOthing fancy or unusual. The ebook explains it all.

Eric Curry says:

Not my house… I borrowed it from a family intown, now we are friends. It is amazing what you can do if you ask nicely are are respectfull.

halofreak4t5 says:

I don’t know if that is your house but I love the architecture of it!

TheBigBoyVEVO says:

can you tell me please what way did you use to put all the layers together on photoshop? Great Job! Cheers

dave west says:

i want to buy your e-books, do i get the book to my email right after i complete the payment, or how? i just want to make sure that i get the book right after i complete the payment.

diggipop says:


ThePowerJunkie says:

Aaah I thought that might be the answer.
Thanks for taking the time to respond Eric and I look forward to more videos.

Eric Curry says:

I am not able to only light the stuff I want to specifically… Light splashes everywhere some times. What I do to correct for the naturally sloppy light splashing everywhere is to erase the parts of each exposure I do not like when i stack the images back together in photoshop. it is all in my little ebook availabe from my site. hopee that helps . Regards: Eric

ThePowerJunkie says:

Hey Eric, outstanding video you have there.
Just a quick question. How did you manage to only light specific sections without lighting up the background accidentally.

Photography by Daniel says:

Wonderful artistic approach! I’m so impressed with the level of depth that you are able to achieve in this final image! Thank you for the inspiration and taking the time to share. Beautiful…

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