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http://froknowsphoto.com/?p=5967 Have you ever taken flash photos and it takes for ever until you can take another picture? What is going on is your flash is…


Nicholas Hasenwinkel says:

As you were talking about batteries I was wondering if you could do a quick breakdown of the different kinds/types and through away vs. rechargeable.

Chris Cadenbach says:

I love all of your videos and you have taught me alot. But GOD DAMN!!!!! Some quick tip!!! That whole 4 minuite video could have been shot in under 30 seconds. Could you have repeated yourself any more??? I got it!!!! “Bump the ISO”!! GOT IT!!! Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!!!!! lol, Still love ya though buddy. Keep ’em coming.

e92ct says:

Great tip! Thank you!

Yannick saint-priest says:

yes examples ! put some photo test at the end or something. Btw great videos, keep em coming.

PrimozKK says:

I believe aperture controls ambient light as well… (?)

msartor2 says:

How many times does he say DUMP and BUMP? Jared, you need to lay of the caffeine right before the shoot !!! Ha Ha. Also , I BUMP my aperture to let in more light ! Example;set lens to 2.8 in low light shooting and keep the I.S.O. in a reasonable range BECAUSE ALL cameras show noise at higher settings. YES , ALL cameras. As for the flash units-Dial them down to 3/4,1/2 or even 1/4 power and you will have PLENTY of juice left plus superfast recycle times! J.M.O.Mako

Jake Poole says:

Lol 3:36

eireannsg says:

People are afraid of shooting at higher ISO because especially for weddings they dont want the graininess of the picture.

scoobygpc says:

Good info, I would like to write a little more but I got to wait for the little flash dot in my eye to go away. (Old man humor LOL)

Jota Soares says:

BUMP THAT I – S – O !!! 😀
Thanks FRO!
Cya! ;)

WhoUsesWhatCamera says:

Paulo, if you open your aperture by one stop, the entire exposure is increased by one stop — including the ambient light. (if ambient light is present of course)

Akmal Rosli says:

“Bump your ISO”. You should make a tshirt out of that slogan.

garym5 says:


plbenoit says:

Alright keep it up!

Heidi LaverlyLove says:

And you think you’re better? Hah. xD

JaredPolin says:

there will be examples as we dive deeper into flash videos this was just a quick tip to get people to try it for themselves and see it work for them.

garym5 says:

You’re still learning.. You’re not very good

plbenoit says:

Your tips are great, but I think they would be far better with examples throughout the video.

Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

03:35 – Do I sense a new t-shirt slogan soon, Jared? “Whoops! I just popped my flash!” 🙂

Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

I’m an intermediate hobbyist with no experience in strobes or flash, but I own a D7000 and although this camera has a DX sensor (crop) the high ISO noise performance is staggering. So I reckon it’s not as bad as you make it out to be, cause alot of the newest crop-sensor cameras out there now have great ISO performance.

sjonesphotography says:

@ActivitztA1 – at  2:14 he said ‘the flash is going to be more affective at a longer distance’

thats where I was coming from. thanks. stephanie

kirkanoscr says:

One thing i think is wrong there is what you say about the flash reach.

double iso and half flash power gives the same reach as before.

if you double the iso at the same flash power the reach gets higher by a factor of sqareroot of 2

deadkennedys909 says:

Anyone looking for a nikon d60?

Leon Mok says:

I’ve sent you an email already. Please help me check about my shirt’s whereabouts. Thanks!

mobil11 says:

aperture also controls both

winkate061811 says:

Awesome! Thanks for the tip!

ActiviztA1 says:

err.. i think you got it all mixed up. your flash won’t reach farther with higher ISO. what it does tho is that your sensor gets to ‘render’ more of the background due to the higher ISO. so instead of a hard lit subject on a black background, you get a more balanced shot with a more exposed background (than just completely black) due to the higher ISO.

sjonesphotography says:

i had no idea the flash would reach farther with a higher iso and less flash power.
very cool.

Paul Samolyk says:

But these high iso’s on most people’s crop-sensor cameras will look terrible! On Jared’s full frame camera it’s acceptable. Make no mistake. You can listen to Jared, he’s a smart guy, but do your own research too!

Paulo Abreu says:

yes it’s true, but when you’re using a flash as the main source of light, aperture primarily controls the amount of light reaching the sensor;)

sarah78025 says:

Nice tip.

leo140485 says:

I think he says “Bump”…

marcusboos78 says:

For all of you having noise Problems at higher ISO. Make shure to have a good exposure. If your image is to dark in the first place aou get a bad signal/noise ratio resulting in more visible noise! So better add an other stop to the ISO Setting to get more light an less noise! (Don’t drop shutterspeed to get more light!!!)

marcusboos78 says:

There are two major things i learned by watching the videos you and Adam postet:
1. Use RAW (I use it ever since you did the interview with “Ken”)
2. Don’t be afraid of high-ISO

So what about a “Pump your ISO” Shirt 😉

Von Nebulla says:

Hi Jared, pls make a video about hot pixels on dslr. PLS PLS PLS

Eric Stahl says:

for $800 you could easily buy all better cameras. A canon t3i or 600D is around $800. Same with lets say a Nikon D5100.

themadbatter says:


Jared, I’m not so new to photography but new to buying DSLR’s.
I have about $800, should I buy a

-Canon 450D
-Nikon D3100
-or Nikon D5000


*All Body Only Refurb*

WhoUsesWhatCamera says:

aperture also controls ambient light

Kevin Ryan says:

Respond to this video… Another solid reason to shoot a high ISO is to help pick up ambient light at a dark venue so you can pick up some detail in the BG, I usually shoot 1-2 stops under.

Kevin Ryan says:

Aperture controls both flash and ambient light levels as well not just flash.

sictransitmurph says:

Shoot at a lower ISO? For real thogh, I’ve used a d3100 on a few occasions and I thought iso 1600 wasn’t too bad? You can always use noise reduction in lightroom.

Michał Żak says:

@JaredPolin 800 not much noise ? my D60 does not agree with you 🙂

PhotoShopChannel says:

Can you do a video of you trying star/astronomy photography? I think its really cool. Im taking a trip to the Fjords mountain ranges over Christmas i want to see how a professional photographer would go about doing this.

Scott Nelson says:

great quick tip!!

PhotoShopChannel says:

did he say they were bad?

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