Strobist cyclist photoshoot

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Learn it all at a workshop: After shooting Lana indoors, we headed outside to shoot Kevin, a competitive cyclist. Includes …


Kenneth9725 says:

pls correct your audio everytime u post a video, so annoying..

OttomanZC says:

All what my right ear gets is music

Dave C says:

can you share with us your camera settings. I have a coworker who is a IRONMAN and I wanna try and duplicate this with him….

Charlie Barkin says:

not really a lance armstrong kind of photography but still worth it:D

CanecaProductions says:

Awesome shooting Matt. You just gave me some stuff to try out! 😛

thatnikonguy says:

@georgelijo02 thanks! not something I hear every day!

Li jo says:

Thanks for the share Matt………..You are the coolest photographer in the world

Uscbryan949 says:

Great stuff as usual. Although bike riders are my pet peeve, always in the way and blocking traffic where I live, I like that he is off in the bushes and not impeding traffic. Thanks for the video and remind your buddy it is “right of weight”. Lol

thatnikonguy says:

it is vital – thanks for the message.

thatnikonguy says:

cheers buddy

Manel Guerra says:

Seeing this video I understand how important is to connect with people that you work with/ for. You do them to have a nice experience. Love your work Matt 🙂

Frederick Jones says:

thanks a mil.

Frederick Jones says:

Thanks for the info. I saw the 565 model and i just might go for those. I will post pic in the near future.

mini696 says:

Fantastic work Matt. I learnt a lot.

Matt Sosnowski says:

Man this is the 3rd time I am watching. MATT again you hit it out of the ballpark!!!! sorry if I use USA terms!!!!

So glad I found this THATNIKONGUY!!!!!!

moviecrazy808 says:

Great video once again Matt….Thanks for sharing….

thatnikonguy says:

yes the TT do support it to an extent – but for this kind of shoot 1/200 and 1/250 second was fine

Maxsdiscos says:

I have the 460 (Mark 2)

Maxsdiscos says:

I have Yongnuos. It does depend on the models. I have the basic manual model with just up and down keys to set the power. The head front (flash tube aka zoom) does not move, but there is a bounce card and wide angle diffuser. I like them.

If you don’t need TTL and all the fancy professional features, they’re fine. After all, it’s just a flash and does what it says.

stanboy123 says:

Hi Matt,

Do the flashes and pocket wizard system you are using support high speed sync?


Andrew Carpenter says:

Youre a BOSS!

Dante Weston says:

looks like your subject wants to be famous.

thatnikonguy says:

sure – loose the backlight, or loose the front fill –

thatnikonguy says:

sure – it is harsh – I wanted that effect. The difference is that I could angle the light for better sculpting – as distinct to on camera.

Maxsdiscos says:

I think you should have diffused the face light, it seems harsh like an effect an ‘on camera’ flash would produce.

CRANKYONE100 says:

Matt, could you get a similar result with only 2 flashes? – i would be very interested to see the results….

thatnikonguy says:

mostly, I used a couple of lenses

Foresight Imagery says:

Was that a 24-70mm you were using in this video???

McPhat Studios says:

Awesome, I love those kind of shots. Thanks for the BTS…

thatnikonguy says:

yeah mate I b ought a couple to test out. search my channel and you will see several videos on the 460 and 560.

Frederick Jones says:

Hey Matt, correct me if I’m wrong i thought i heard you mention the youngnuo flash. If so how are they? Im thinking about purchasing 2 for myself. I currently own the 580ex ii but i need a few more flashes for my strobe work. The price is remarkably lower that the canon. what’s your take on it.

thatnikonguy says:

@colydeane apologies, last time I use that old wireless system

wilteduk007 says:

great work matt

TeamFactor2 says:

superb shots matt i have ordered triggers, for my sb units sometimes i find they misfire with the cls on my d7000, have to give this a go,

colydeane says:

Seems only left channel audio working.

David Gillespie says:

almost looks a little HDR, thanks for the videos

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