Strobist Photography: Part 3 – Overpowering bright backlighting

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Learn it all at a workshop: Part 3 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master strobist photography tech…


AlgerianOneDude says:

Thank you very much for the series…It helps me alot as I’m moving from HDR photography to studio/off-camera flash !

Jason Trbovich says:

I loved the hip dance music during the set ups and photo shoots. :-)

cwpappas says:

I came across the tripod rule once in a museum in Seoul but never in public here in Canada. I have, however, been told that I couldn’t bring my camera bag into a Costco (even though I had done it before, never even attempted to take a photo on the premises, and everyone and his brother carries around photo-capable cellphones these days). What the world needs is a good gyro stabilized helium camera platform.

Zach Ashcraft says:

We (the US) certainly have more freedom than most. It becomes less so each week but its really not worth complaining about when you look at the state of much of the world

kuunami says:

Yeah, the same thing happened to me while shooting at the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C. a couple of years ago. That was my first encounter with the tripod rule. lol

kuunami says:

That tripod rules also exists in the United States in certain historical landmarks and museums.

Zwiesel66 says:

It seems that there isn’t a part 4 ;-o

mamiyapress says:

Is that model Mrs. Thatnikonguy?
Max Igan & Santos Bonachi can tell you all about freedom; you don’t have any in Australia or anywhere else, its a myth.

thatnikonguy says:


Randell John says:

That Nikon flash is pants. I’ve heard you complain about it in some of your other video’s.

Lance J. Reha says:

so they bother you about tripods where you are too? I guess it is universal!

MandurahConsumer says:

Have you tried a Lumiquest pocket bouncer? It’s a reflector, attaches to the flash and a much better diffuser than’s in my speedlight. They are small enough to fit in the bag, and much easier to use than a brolly.

irv140 says:

where’s that turning-day-into-night video link?

ko jack says:

thanks matt

zogstarr says:

where’s part 4??

thatnikonguy says:

softbox best to control spill

mgarcia0607 says:

In the shooting conditions you were in on this video, would there have been a big difference in photo results if you used a softbox? And what is your opinion on umbrellas Vs. softboxes for outdoor shooting?

Anosh Sequeira says:

Austrilia isn’t the only place. Over here as well photography isn’t allowed in many places which are tourist attractions (so crazy not to have photogrpahy allowed) due to “security” concerns.

combatwombat71 says:

Nice video, great results. This ‘permit’ thing here in Australia really gets on my goat though. So many places are off limits to cameras now including Bondi beach, circular quay, opera house, Ayer’s rock, all specifying (expensive) permits required. There was an ‘Arts Freedom Australia’ lobbying against this sort of jumped-up nonsense but I’m not sure what happened to them or their website?

Aoi Black says:

Get a Elinchrom Ranger RX 1100 pack plus softbox and an assistant 🙂

severgun says:

0_o can’t find part 4

Nickolas Redfud says:

Well wind actually loves umbrellas just as much as it loves kites! We just hate it when wind plays with our umbrellas while we’re trying get work done…lol…thanks Matt!

INS1977 says:

wind hates umbrellas … :/ how fix to ground tripod?

miorafeuni says:

USA, Australia are countries that pretend to export democracy and freedom when, in fact, they do not enjoy it themselves.
Anyway, beside the political critique, nice series of video. Compliments

RellyOhBoy says:

Same thing here in NYC. You can shoot photos/videos all you want around the city. But as soon as the tripod feet hit the floor here come the “boys in blue”

RellyOhBoy says:

The voice over is funny…reminds me of a Chinese actor in a Kung Fu movie..

MaxSafeheaD says:

Allow me my foreign friend.
*Very nice video. What’s the flash trigger that you are using?
(he said pocket wizard)
*Also what are the alternative options for us, to buy at lower proces?
(I suggest reflectors)

MaxSafeheaD says:

No tripod without a permit?
Australia always seems so free and liberal I forgot how bigoted the administration was!!!

Lubaneca says:

He should use the SB910 which supposedly doesn’t overheat, but I was told by a pro that if you connect both to a turbo battery pack it wouldn’t…

Lubaneca says:

also in bright sunny days I would go up to f14 even f18

Lubaneca says:

my friend aperture setting f5.6 is going to over expose your background too much, try f8, or f11 next time to see what happens. And by the way did you use a flash body for you model, cause 1/350th sec is beyond flash synchronisation speed.

Lester Hartness says:

Speak English, you’ll get more attention.

Ashen Wickramasingha says:

Very nice video…What’s da flash trigger ar u using? & also wt ar da other options we can by 4 lower prices?

1995Benzo says:

In our local downtown area, one of the insurance companies owns quite a bit of the land. I was told on a couple of occasions that I could not take photos with a tripod…even though it was 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning when nothing is open! Apparently there is an insurance risk to them if someone trips over my tripod! It’s disappointing to me, but I understand. The world is way to sue happy!

CanecaProductions says:

What was your shutter speed with the umbrella and Aperture?

izzi Corrigan says:

enjoyed the tutorial on creating dark back ground – low key. I’ve tried with no luck. I used 50mm lens @ 5.6 @ 1/350 sec what setting did you use.

thatnikonguy says:

@RLFoto2 half right, Nikon sb 26

RLFoto2 says:

Ah-HAH! You switched from the (overheated) SB900 to one of your “old reliables!” What are your old reliables? I’ll bet it’s some third party, non TTL flash! Am I right?

jeromeio says:

Awesome again Matt… Now becoming my favorite channel… WTH about that permit thing and setting up a tripod…… lol…

Kristyanna Virgona says:

good info matt

Yuri Go says:

You can shoot in manual with CLS.

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