DSLR vs. Camcorder (semipro) review. Canon 5D mkIII vs XF100

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Semipro DSLR vs. Semipro Camcorder review. Canon EOS 5D mkIII vs XF100 Camcorder. Both have their uses but the DSLR gives video quality of truly professional…


OutdoorTronix says:

not forgetting plug n play XLR mic inputs

OutdoorTronix says:

XF100/105, one great addition is the IR mode (don’t forget extra lighting) and 50Mb/s 4:2:2 then save for a full frame dslr for great low light ability later,I would have Both if I had the money.

SLWassets says:

Broadcast standard means broadcast quality audio, which every DSLR lacks entirely. Go with the XF100, a broadcast quality mic (or 2) and enjoy the 50mbs bit rate and a 4:2:2 color space. DSLR’s are found in many professional tool kits, but are only used for specialized tasks. Just go to vimeo and type in DSLR. You’ll see a few nice music videos (almost never any nat audio) and clips of people’s pets. Type in XF100 or XF300 and you’ll see people’s WORK. That is the difference.

Nick Murray says:

Yes I always make that mistake, brain cross wired : )

biclar says:

it’s dSlr, not dLsr!!!

Nick Murray says:

If you can get a wider aperture (2.8 or better) you will get more professional results. DOF, low light, contrast all improved. Even the 50mm 1.8 is a good start and that is only $100

adroso360 says:

I currently use a Cannon 600D to make my YouTube videos, I mostly use it for technology review’s, What lense would you recommend for my type of videos (I currently use the standard one in the twin lense kit)

Nick Murray says:

Others might disagree but there is a steep learning curve with DSLR and to get the best out of it you need the right lens as well. If there is a lot of night shots then the DSLR with wide aperture lens will work better but otherwise the XF will but much easier to work with.

prankster101 says:

Quick question: I am looking to shoot a documentary on a band and if possible, want it to be of broadcast standard. Should I opt for the XF100/105, or go for the cheaper (and “better”) DSLR option?

yasha673 says:

so the xf100 can shoot professional music videos?

TylerART says:

You might want to adjust the exposure properly for on the XF100 next time you review a camcorder vs DSLR. The XF100 is way sharper than the 5DMIII when used correctly.

Валижон Абдувахобов says:

дагы жакшы монтаж кылгын молодец

Dufftv1 says:

What is that massive monitor in the background!

Dufftv1 says:

Thanks so much for this great video. I know I will need to head into DSLR video filming at some stage so thanks for the insight.

bouchandre says:

If you want a good camera that does 4k, check out the new Blackmagic pocket camera. it shoots 4k RAW video with 13 stops of dynamic range, and it’s only 1 thousand dollars.



Nino Stevic says:

nice video ! You heard about the new Black Magic Cinema Camera ? 2900 Dollars ! i think thisone is the best one in that price range . 5dMKIII is even a bit more expencive.. What do yoyu think?

olegactingstudio says:


Facebook782 says:

Canon 650D? Do you mean 60D?

Nick Murray says:

I am no expert on video really but I have found so long as both are set to record same resolution and same frame rate, editing using footage from both is seamless.

Clint Milby says:

Nice review – can you tell me if you’ve established a workflow (production through post) so that when you mate footage from these two cameras it looks seamless, (as possible)? Also, are you able to flatten out the XF100 footage so you have more latitude in post to grade?

Nick Murray says:

You might want to consider a DSLR, battery is not an issue as you can always add a battery grip if you need to. Keep in mind there is no autofocus so anything moving is tricky. The 6D and 5DIII are the best of the DSLRs for video however with a limited budget you might want to get the 650D and some nice lens. This would get great results

Ally Browne says:

What would you recommend for somebody looking to film wildlife and other natural history sort films. It would have to be something that I can take all over the world and have broadcast quality footage. I’m unconcerned by sound as I have excellent external sound Mics. I also only really have a budget of around £3000. . I was also wondering if the battery life is an issue with using DSLRs as opposed to the camcorder with that big regaribal battery

Nick Murray says:

Yep I do that a lot : )

Henrik Klevstuen says:

What is a pre-amp?

goahnoah says:

DLSR??? Digital Lens Single Reflex??? It’s DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex!

Nabirrex says:

thank s a lot for your videos and explanations Nick

mybikevideos says:

Nope the settings you set in photo mode don’t carry over to the video mode. If I manually set the ISO or shutter speed or aperture in any of the photos modes then when I switch to video it just selects its own values automatically and I have no option to change them. Its selected F3.5 and ISO 3200 though so that’s all I would be selecting anyway really isn’t it, so I guess it is just the lens that is the problem

Nick Murray says:

Press the ‘Q’ button on the back, it should bring up the Q menu and you can then move around with the arrow buttons to the ISO. I think the 550 can go up to 6400 in standard mode and 128000 if you have expand set in one of the menus.

As for the aperture, set the camera to ‘A’ mode and you can adjust the aperture to 3.5 (note this you have to have the zoom set to 18mm) then switch to movie mode.

Let me know how you get on.

mybikevideos says:

thanks for the quick reply. I couldn’t actually find any way to set the ISO when in video mode on the 550D… pressed every single button I could find but nope. Yeah the kit lense shows 3.5 – 5.6 on it but again no way to actually adjust the F stop when in video mode as far as I can see (might just be me)

Nick Murray says:

Well it could be one of two things or both. What did you have your ISO set to? It needs to be 3200 or higher and yes a kit lens normally makes poor low light lens due to the aperture. Do you know what it was set to? Often the maximum on a kit lens is f3.5 when f2.8 or better is normally need for low light.

mybikevideos says:

I’m really surprised by that night shot comparison. I took my Canon 550D (DSLR) out at night a few days ago and couldn’t see a thing! It was just using the kit lens that comes with it (52mm if I remember rightly) so would that be the reason why?

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