How to Shoot a Wedding – Ceremony – Wedding Photography Tutorial Series

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krisleecsw says:

First Wedding ever is coming up in September, and I am trying to study up so I can get a grasp on how do do this!! Great tutorial, thank you!

Malcolm McGrath says:

Well hopefully im not too restricted, I have my first church wedding next month and want to make it the best it can be. the vid was a great help tho, will cheak out some more of yours

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Out of respect you have to follow their rules. I never broke their rules so I don’t know what they’d do. But these rules are communicated to us through the couple so they know we can’t get every shot. Some Churches are really cool. They say do whatever you like.

Malcolm McGrath says:

So what happens if u do walk around and use a flash? surly not kick u out and create a scene and potentially ruin the wedding for the couple, its all about the couple and they are the ones that want the best shots the most, bullshit rule isn’t it!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Not only are you stupid but you’re also blind. IE is a browser that was never used in the video. The picture were shown in Live Photo Gallery which is NOT a browser. You can’t stack pictures from 10 different shoots in Lightroom like that so that’s why Photo Gallery was used. I’m glad you stopped. You wouldn’t have learned anything anyway. 🙂 Do put on your glasses and check out FireFox icon.

SuperDownhillDude says:

Internetexplorer? Stopped watching

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, some Churches don’t allow you to walk once the ceremony starts or even use any kind of flash.

Kenny Miller says:

You said you’ve done some weddings where you have to pick a spot and stay there. Why is that? The Church’s rules?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Good luck! Arrive early and stay late so you get some extra shots. Rushing is not good so always take your time.

Mathew Davey says:

This was a huge help as someone who has an upcoming first wedding! Thank you

MsScrewyou says:

Some religions restrict you to where you can go & do. I did a wedding where you weren’t allowed on the altar, nor were you allowed to take pictures when the priest were talk, then there was a church with poor lightening and we weren’t allowed to use flash. Rme. So with all the restrictions its a little hard, so its important to have a second shooter at times.

SenseOfImagination says:

Great tutorial really helpful I like your detail shots and the way you mix it as a story.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

In a Church it’s going to be difficult. Some Churches have lots of natural light coming through the window and some Churches are bad for lighting so it all depends but in a reception area where they do both ceremony/reception you’ll be okay with a speed light.

Terri Flowers says:

Thank you, really helpful.

jason Allen says:

What were your equipment and settings for shooting in ambiant light? I recently purchased a sigma f2.8 28-70mm for my canon 5d mk2. Would this be sufficient?

jason Allen says:

An american photographer that doesn’t use an Apple computer! What a breath of fresh air!

Trenton Hansen says:

Thanks Helpful

PhotographersOnUTube says:

I had to pick a spot and not walk around. I mean I can move a step here and there but if I wanted to get a shot from the other side, I wasn’t allowed to walk around. If I were on the right side, I’d have to stay there in that area and if I were in the left side then I’d have to stay there. I couldn’t cross the middle and get to the other side.

TopCaliber0 says:

What did you mean you “weren’t allowed to move” at about 15:00?

Were there too many people around or did they say you can’t move? lol.

John Hitches says:

nice, well explained.. 

alistayo says:

I would like to say thank you for sharing your experience… Ive got the ideas thank you for your wedding tips and tutorials…. more power to you….

p umesh says:

Hi, I like the way you explained in detail. I have 1 ? for, what kind of setting do you use in wedding or any events( setting means ISO, f point and shutter speed). Thank you

Richard Spears says:

Nice video. I’ve been shooting weddings for about 4 years, and I was agreeing with just about every topic you brought up.

catlbk30 says:

Hi love your videos,
What can you do when a wedding is at a church that is old and not very appealing?
How can you still get some great shots? Would all the shots have to be close ups?
Not sure what to do?
Thanks for the videos they are very helpful.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Not yet but I will in the future. I’ve been very sick that’s why I wasn’t making any videos but you’ll see that in future. Make sure you subscribe so you get the notification. I’ll also do behind the scene wedding videos in future as well.

jonathan J marshall says:

did you ever create the how to shoot a wedding reception

Mujeeb Ahmed says:

don’t you feel difficulty shooting ceremonies in manual mode ??….i mean you need to be quick otherwise you will be losing some greats and important shots.

Avery Carter says:

So do you have your strobes on during the entire ceremony? Also on the wide angle shots how do you manage to not get them in the shot?

hugosanchezwriter says:

great session 🙂 thank you again

steve sisniegas says:

thanks for your wedding tutorials very interesting video.


Rheyan Lugtu says:

very informative…

Mike guitar says:

nice tips man ! apprecite them

abeazul says:

thanks for your videos, i have learned a lot!!

dblock18st says:

never mind I reread it and understood. I feel stupid now lol. Thanks for the help.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

In a church it’s impossible to shoot with this but at a reception hall you have to have a speed light. There is no way around it. For a big church you need pro equipment.

dblock18st says:

Any tips. I’ll be shooting my friends wedding, helping him out because he doesn’t really have money and I been learning a lot from your videos I have D3100 with 18-55, 50mm 1.8, 70-300 vr. No speedlight. Might be able to borrow one but if I can’t any help?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Not a Gary Fong fan here though I’ve used many of his products. If the ceiling is not too high then you’re better off shooting with GFong. My cousin and I use profoto strobes in big Churches because they add so much color to your picture. If strobes are not allowed then I just increase my ISO and let D3s and 70-200 VRII take care of the rest. But in reception when the ceilings are not too high, I use no diffuser and all SB700, 800 and 900 produce beautiful lighting.

BissNikk says:

Great video! I usually use a Gary Fong diffuser for most ceremony shoots, I work as a second shooter, but the main photographer does this also. She uses a Nikon 70-200 and I go with the 50 mm for the most part. I find it works rather well with the diffuser on the SB-700 and SB-900 that we use. What are your thoughts on that? Would that have worked in the large 50-foot ceiling church or no? I’m just new to it, but VERY interested in learning everything! Thanks in advance! Fb sub’d too!

vipmig69 says:

On 29th of september I’m doing my first wedding,I don’t think I’m ready yet but I was asked so I said yes.I ve got D7000 with SB 700 18-105 and 70-300 but I dont think I will used it.Thinking also using my old D60 with 50 mm.What would be the best setting to start with? I took few shots in that church week ago but they are not superb.

Hector Aviles says:

Nice Job in this Tutorial From Mexico estate of Guerrero

Arun Prasath says:

hey buddy, do you got video tutorials on editing ? currently working on my relatives Engagement pics. would really appreciate some tips from you !!

Eric Maar says:

That’s a great idea of bringing pictures of the bride and groom with the photographers in the background I will definitely do that. I had to crop him out of several pics. thank you

James Blake says:

Great video …

GorgingonGuts says:

Great tutorial! Very helpful! Awesome job!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

My contract specifies that no other person can photograph when I am taking pictures. If they don’t listen.. if they don’t communicate with their guests then it’s on them. I also tell the bridge/groom that I’ve lost a lot of shoot shots because of all the other cameras or who ever is in your way. Your goal is to cover your butt. Contract saves you. I’ve taken shots with other photographers in the frame and I show that to bridge/groom because only they can stop the madness.

Eric Maar says:

I was just shooting a wedding and one of the groom’s friends also was involved (taking shoots) but I was the main photographer and it felt like he was stepping on my toes the whole time. it was never discussed he was going to be there and it was really annoying – any advice?

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