Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera Review & Hands on Demo

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Nikon D5200 Camera Review & Hands on Demo with Sample Images SUBSCRIBE HERE: For more on the Nikon D5200 Camera on What Digital Camera: …


silverminder says:

Just find the cheap 1..get use to basic thing : aperture, shutter speed, rules of 3rd and etc then after that u have no problem to decide which model u want

Dorjee Tsetan says:

Hi I bought one piece. When I choose life mode, or other scene mode.. It make a little jerk and take bit of time before taking the next shoot. Is something wrong with my camera or it is like that. Hope you could answer query. Thank you!

toma gabriel says:

Can anyone help? What is the equivalent for the Nikon D5200 in mirrorless cameras? I do not know what to do, buy Nikon D5200 or to find a camera with almost the same capabilities in mirrorless area.

manpreet singh says:

please suggest me a camera … m a beginner and want to persue photography.. m from india.. my budget ranges between 20,000 to 40,000 indian rupees…please need your help ASAP 🙂

Bip Jn says:

till now i’m learning how to use it, its my 1st DSLR camera, its an awesome device only wen u really know how to use it. i was really impressed with its low light image quality . i did some pic at night,

Michael Topham says:

How are you finding the camera? What’s your favourite feature so far?

PopCulturzTV says:

Guess the reason i mentioned it is because the video looked great!

PopCulturzTV says:

these images didnt look all that good on my 23 inch Dell Monitor and i had the settings from it and the video on 1080……they just kind of looked like reproductions…..oh well just an observation.

Ravag Stringa says:

Damn Good Camera! I enjoyed your review. This camera also works great for time lapse with this device:

Randomize2008 says:

have it, & love it 🙂

Bip Jn says:

got mind today

Bip Jn says:

hi wat is the maximum capacity of memory card it can support. thx.

Rationalific says:

Did you get any gambling in?

Jose Alberto de Sousa Diz says:

Great, over 5 minutes reviews are welcome 🙂

محمد الزيدي says:

it`s have 60i full hd recording why you didn`t say that???

beyonze2010 says:

Can you give me one sir ? 

Alex D says:

Great review guys

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