Wedding Photography Portraits

or copy the link Please sign up at the link above for your FREE ebook. This week I chose two photos of the the week, both from a …


Tyler Copeland says:

The magic of spot healing

downwiththedead says:

Its crazy how sharp your photo is at 3200ISO! I cannot wait until i’m ready for a D700 or better

ianchristie1972 says:

oops, D3S 

ianchristie1972 says:

The 3DS is amazing for low light, high ISO shooting. Take a look at the review on dpreview, they have some high ISO noise comparisons there.

jose martinez says:

its amazing what a few adjustments can do to a picture. keep it up jared i find your vids super helpful id be cool to work with you on a project in the future.

DJGReviews says:

Looks like iJustine haha

Cody Black says:

i noticed that the ISO on the cameras were set to 3200 and the pictures still looked noise free. Did you denoise the photos in light room or does your camera body handle the noise really well?

GeneralMazaki says:

I love first the image; the lighting is great, the bride is beautiful, and the composition is good. The only thing I don’t like is the crop, I think it would be better if it was a little tighter.


yes that’s a fat joke for photographers and its funny

arjay ramicon says:

A really good post.Thank you for posting.These photos are great,it really shows how good wedding photographers are.The ways shoot really are artistic.

Ryan Dawson says:

kewllll vids

pyckMeister says:

I totally agree :/ Not so great photos, imo of course 😉

samuWork says:


Hmoob Yaaj says:

hahaha…he blocks a full stop huh? hahaha that is hilarious

Jorge Salinas says:

Hi Jared. Do you do color correction on your monitor before you edit the raw files?
Please like the comment so he can see it

Cindy Salgado says:

Great channel!!!! =D

roughneckinit says:

How would you recommend starting out as a photography business.. How would you advertise etc. Thanks Fro!

Lincoshop says:

If yo are interested in photograph ,you can browse my channel ,wish you like it and sub it .welcome to share the recources with each other.Thank you very much.

ukguy says:

Damn he must be pretty big to block out more light than your big ass afro.

Havoc AM says:

adobe lightroom

bridgettemichelle92 says:

what software are you using?

Henning Schulz says:

Greg is a (F)ROCK when it comes to light blocking 😀 Love you Greg ;-)

alfieliu says:

would it be nice if you turn this to black & white? thanks for all the knowledge on the web!

alfieliu says:

would it be nice if you turn this to black & white? thanks all for the knowledge on the web!

AshleyMasonuczrq says:

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xstncd says:

WOOH LIGHTROOM, you rawk xD!

vishakarethiva says:

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Bertrand Haulotte says:

Incredible pictures Jared! Amazing!

sdrtysrtyfghdfuhrdtu says:

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padlockd says:

I see what you did there, and now I want an 85 1.4. =D

WynnonaXandra says:

knock me I am from Asian # #

qaswedasdfr says:

Find a playful chick make it tonight

mmjk84 says:

Hey Jared,

You know it’s funny that You said “off by a stop”, I tend to have the same problem when on my camera judging from the histogram and looking at the screen it’s exposed correctly, but once I load up to LR3 and Nikon Viewnx, it’s seems darker by a stop, can you explain this?

Darryl Frazer says:

Jared, I have a Nikon D300s and always shoot raw. I use Nikon Capture NX2 to edit my raw photo’s. I noticed that more photographer like yourself use Adobe Lightroom. Do you recommend me buying lightroom 3?

JaredPolin says:

Neither of the images had any flash, just window light coming from outside.

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