Camera Stabilizers

The guys over at iKan sent me over their Flyweight DSLR Shoulder Rig to test out and give a review. You can read my full review here:…

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Here we have the “SteadyDSLR” video camera stabilizer. The name is misleading because the rig works with camcorders and DSLRs.

What we like about this stabilizer is that it is a two in one combo rig. The SteadyDSLR is both a “steadicam” and shoulder mount. It works by locking the frame into either position.

We tried a 50mm lens but it was pretty shaky but the footage is nice and smooth with wide angle lenses (10mm-28mm).

The build is solid with a steel frame, aluminum cheese plate and shoulder mount.
The price is right at about $300.

Solid Build
Works with DSLRs
Combo Rig
Compact/foldable design
Great Price

The BAD:
Not as sensitive as the Steadicam Merlin
No option for adding a rail system