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www.dslrfilmnoob.com I’ve been testing the Gopro Hero 3 for the last week or so. Even though i’m not an extreme sports type of person I think a camera like this is a great value for POV. Time lapse features are excellent, video quality is great for a camera this size, and it supports 2.7k at 30fps. The downside is the android app which still needs a lot of work and the on board audio quality. This review ran a little longer thin I was expecting so I’ll be posting the low light tests as well as, audio tests with the usb adapter, and a guide on using the hero 3 black edition as a steady cam in a future video. Here’s the tutorial on the time lapse I mentioned: www.dslrfilmnoob.com And here is the the Wasabi Batteries I’ve been using: www.dslrfilmnoob.com Equipment used in this video: Canon 6d Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Gopro Hero 3 black edition

www.dslrfilmnoob.com There are many new audio devices being released for DSLR film makers. One of the latest is the Juicedlink DS214. The DS214 is considered the part of Juicedlink’s Value line. At about a quarter of the price of Juicedlink’s flagship model, the DT454, you can pick the DS214 up for about $144 on amazon or B&H. www.bhphotovideo.com As far as audio quality goes, juicedlink products are top notch. The only real complaint I have is the design. The 1/4 20 hole is in a rather awkward location, and the included audio cable is very short. I used my makerbot to build an adapter that makes the mounting a lot easier. You can find out more about that here: wp.me Over all, I think the Juicedlink DS214 is a handy tool. Equipment used in this video: Canon 7d & t2i Zoom h1 Canon 35mm f1.4 Sigma 30mm f1.4 Sennheiser G2 wireless mic CPM film tools rig

In this video I do a short review on the Nikon D90. I have owned this camera since 2008. It is awesome and in my opinion still beats out a lot of the newer cameras in this price range. Please rate, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

Adorama Photography TV presents the Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR camera. This week Mark provides a hands-on review of the camera that is made for photography enthusiasts and beginners alike. Canon’s EOS HD video capture, three-inch Vari-Angle Clear View LCS screen, Scene Intelligent Auto mode and new feature guide instruction make for a feature-packed point-and-shoot DSLR. For related articles and videos, and to buy the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, go here: www.adorama.com Visit www.adorama.com for more photography videos! Send your questions to: AskMark@Adorama.com

Adorama Photography TV presents the Nikon D4. This week Mark shares his first impressions of the Nikon’s next generation flagship DSLR camera. Watch as Mark walks you through a selection of photos showcasing the D4’s impressive capabilities. Mark also touches upon the newest features of the D4, including the FX-format CMOS image sensor and the 51 focus point AF system. Nikon D4 DSLR Camera: www.adorama.com Visit www.adorama.com for more photography videos! Send your questions to: AskMark@Adorama.com

Article link: www.slrlounge.com The Canon 24-70mm mkI is almost a necessary evil for professional Canon full-frame shooters because of all of its shortcomings. We have been testing and shooting with the new 24-70mm mkII for a while to see if it’s worth the high price, and we can finally say that it has been improved enough over the mkI. It is expensive, but it is worth the upgrade. You can check out the lens on Amazon: www.amazon.com and B&H Photo: www.bhphotovideo.com

Full review at: www.cameralabs.com : A ten minute video tour comparing the three most popular upgrade options for the Canon 18-55mm DSLR kit lens, by Gordon Laing, Editor of Cameralabs.com. To find out more about these lenses and how their quality compares, see our full review by clicking the link at the start of this text.

www.learningdslrvideo.com OK, if you have been following me for a while you know I recently purchased a Canon 5D Mark III, a Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. Now that I know what I have, I can finally get a camera bag to fit my stuff. But first let me show you what I have been using for the past couple of years for my T2i gear. It’s a 15 year old Jansport Airlift. I have used the hell out of it, and it still looks as good as when I bought it. When I did a shoot with DeeJay and showed him my bag, he laughed and said, “That’s funny, you have to blog about that”. I want to start out by buying the smallest camera bag I need, because from what I hear you end up collecting them all sorts of sizes, kind of like my family’s cooler collection. The biggest requirement is that it would fit on a small regional jet over head bin; I never want to hear the flight attendant telling me that I had to check my bag because it would not fit in the overhead bin. I think camera bags are a very personal choice, I think that is true because my B&H rep told me that camera bags are the number 1 returned item. I think it is something that has to fit you and your style well, like a good pair of shoes. There are sooooo many bags to pick from, so I put out a call to my Google+, Twitter and Facebook followers on what I should try. I was amazed by all the people that answered my request. Help me make more of these types of videos by purchasing gear from the links posted on my

Sony’s new compact camera the RX100 is aimed directly at the premium shooter market, The “pro-sumers” the professional Photogs looking for a pocket-sized backup, the enthusiast, The traveler looking to pack light but doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of their travel photography gear – and it’s directly competing against the likes of the popular PowerShot S100 from Canon, the superb Olympus’s XZ-1 & the chunky but sweet, Panasonic’s Lumix LX5. The Sony RX100 is the world’s most powerful pocket sized camera, incredible specs in a small package. The Sony RX100 features a large sensor size, for a compact “point & shoot” style camera, A 1 inch Exmor CMOS sensor, the same size as the sensor in the Nikon 1 series cameras, the J1, J2, and V1. Watch a shot for shot video shootout between the RX100 & the Nikon V1 here; 1-INCH PUNCH – SONY RX100 vs NIKON V1 – Video Shoot-out – www.youtube.com You can find a gallery of test shots & photographs used int this RX100 review on my Google+ Picasa gallery; plus.google.com

My Complete HD 720p Unboxing and Review of Sony’s Latest DSLR Camera, the Alpha a330! Priced at $599, will its 10.2 Mega Pixels, built in Steady Shot, 9 Point Auto Focus and Live View, can this Digital SLR keep up with the rest? Watch to find out, and be sure to Subscribe! Follow me on Twitter for live updates and news at: www.twitter.com Link to all of the Test Content!: chillafrilla.com

It’s here, oh yeah – it’s the Nikon D5100 review! This update to the D5100 looks pretty much the same, so what has changed? And what makes this a good rival to the Canon EOS 600D as an entry-level DSLR? Pricing Reference Nikon D5100: www.digitalrev.com Got a question? Why not hook up with us: DigitalRev on Facebook: www.facebook.com DigitalRev on Twitter: www.twitter.com

The iPhone 5 has arrived and we have the iPhone 5 camera app review you’ve been waiting for. In this episode, Kevin and John compare the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone 5 camera to other prosumer cameras (Nikon DSLR, Hasselblad H4D) including how to get the best resolution, how to get the best focus features, and how to get the best overall image quality for your respective camera. Kevin tries to answer the question: should you get the expensive camera or just use an iPhone and keep the extra thousands of dollars? For a more in-depth discussion of all the tech and what are findings were, check out the write up at www.crisislab.com. Featuring Kevin Good, John Pellett Created with the tireless help of: Barry Gribble, Jenna St. John, Paul Good, Chad Nagle, David Campbell, Lauren Burke, Christine Wasilewski For a more in-depth discussion of all the tech and what are findings were, check out the write up at www.crisislab.com. Featuring Kevin Good, John Pellett Created with the tireless help of: Barry Gribble, Jenna St. John, Paul Good, Chad Nagle, David Campbell, Lauren Burke, Christine Wasilewski Music: The Static www.the-static.com (recorded at Sonic Sweets) ossi & (c)AndyBoy! soundcloud.com Thanks to: Colin Heichman’s technology, Madelon Jody Callen and her amazing wardrobe, David Sharpe and his fantastic studio. Filmed at: washington-dc-photo-studio-rental.com Models: Ryan Sandefur, Carmen Thomas Also featuring: Gerald Blair & his skateboard, Joshua Ripple, Masako

This is my full review of the Sony Alpha SLT-A55 VL Digital SLR Camera. You can also see my unboxing & some HD video footage from the A55 by searching ‘Sony A55’ on my main channel page, or by clicking the links below; Unboxing: www.youtube.com HD Video Footage: www.youtube.com Useful Links Manufacturer website: www.sony.co.uk Sponsor: www.mymemory.com YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Website: www.geekanoids.co.uk Twitter: www.twitter.com