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www.learningdslrvideo.com I enjoying sharing what I’m learning while working with DSLR cameras and judging from the growth I am getting on YouTube which is amazing, I would say that a lot of people are enjoying what I share. Sometimes people have learned a lot from my videos and want to give back by helping me in someway, which is fantastic! So when Michelangelo Girardi from England wanted to make a new bumper for my videos I said sure after I saw his show reel of 3D effects and animation work he does for clients. He does work on many local and national TV channels. So I hopped on Skype and spoke with him about what I was looking for. To be honest I didn’t give him that much input, I told him that he had total creative freedom. So here is what he came up with, I only asked him to do some minor tweaks to it. Watch the full version of the making of the LearningDSLRVideo Bumper: www.youtube.com He is originally from Italy but his English is excellent, I didn’t have and issues communicating with him. Right now he is working with a very famous rock band Negrita from Italy and celebrity chef called Simone Rugiati. You can find them on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or via email. Now that I have my monster computer running I want to use After Effects more, like this logo I did for a corporate video last year. But sometimes I just don’t have time, so I have hired people to do it for me in the past because I suck at After Effects. I have been running a ton of tests on my new computer

Share on Twitter for Twitter lovin’! clicktotweet.com Everyone seems to be shooting with HDSLRs lately, but is it right for you? _____________________________ BLOG: filmmakersguide.net GOOGLE PLUS: filmmakersguide.net TUMBLR: tumblr.filmmakersguide.net TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com ME: carl.filmmakersguide.net

www.fiveminutevideomarketing.com Ensuring your video sounds good is one of the biggest reasons why a video can make or break on Youtube. Inside this video I show you the external microphones we use to record our videos. We show you two different versions, a wired microphone which is the cheaper option and the wireless option (the one we recommend). You will soon discover why having an external microphone for your DSLR camera is crucial for any video you create. The external microphones we mention inside the video Audio-Technica Lavalier Microphone – 5mvm.co Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphone System – 5mvm.co Watch this video on Youtube: www.youtube.com Leave a comment about this video and which one would you choose? Remember to subscribe to our channel! www.youtube.com

In the 2nd Advanced Tutorial I go over my Color Correction process for our short film “The McCormick Brothers”. You can download the Color Preset here: www.mediafire.com To be clear, I did not create these presets. I found them over a year ago on a free site and would love to give credit to the creator…I just have no clue who it is. You can see “The McCormick Brothers” on my other channel: www.youtube.com/Dod3032 Edited in Adobe After Effects using Action Movie Essentials II.

A tutorial to help you get started with your DSLR camera. It will help you with tips on white balance, iris, focus, zoom, and shallow depth of field. To see a video shot with this camera, go to “Oxford Wedding 2012:” www.youtube.com To check out some of Judy’s other tutorials and videos, please go to: www.youtube.com Thanks for watching!

Watch more at www.lynda.com This digital video tutorial explains how to get your audio recorders set up to record at the right levles. This specific tutorial is from the DSLR Video Tips series presented by lynda.com authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. The complete DSLR Video Tips course is presented as a weekly lynda.com series and covers the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting and editing with DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, from choosing a frame size and frame rate to understanding moiré.

In this multi-part series, I will cover the step-by-step process of working with DSLR video in Premiere Pro CS5, from the Camera to the Timeline to the Web and beyond. If you’re a photographer looking to get into DSLR video, or maybe you’re already shooting video but just don’t know how to get started, I’ll cover all the basics, including tips for adding images, music, text, PSD files and more, all the way through exporting to popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This is Part 1, “From the Camera to the Timeline” Download CS5: bit.ly

A quick tutorial on how to take your Digital SLR image stills and turn them into a Time Lapse Video using Sony Vegas Pro. For more information on Time Lapse Photography and a great forum board, please visit: timescapes.org Also, Philip bloom has some great information on Cameras, Equipment and Tutorials on Time Lapse at: philipbloom.net

A Good support system is one of the more important things you can invest in. It can also be one of the more expensive ones. B&H gave me a hand in searching for affordable tripods for DSLR video work. All Links Here: dslrvideoshooter.com

Download the entire HDSLR 101 series plus a BONUS EPISODE on our store site: store.nextwavedv.com Find more training resources on our website: nextwavedv.com Join our Facebook community facebook.nextwavedv.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com In Episode 1 of HDSLR 101, we discuss how DSLRs first got video, sensor sizes and how they affect the look of video, and the pros and cons of shooting video on HDSLRs.

This Week in Focus – Episode 2 – Easing DSLR Video … taking a look at the D-Focus system for your DSLR video shooting. Useful Links Supplied by dfocussystem.com My 2nd Channel www.youtube.com Website www.geekanoids.co.uk Twitter www.twitter.com Google+ gplus.to Facebook www.facebook.com

Facebook: facebook.com Our new YouTube channel: youtube.com Fenchel & Janisch DSLR Tutorial Series: How to get a cinematic look and what you’re doing wrong! In this “how to” video we’re going to show you that you must plan your film look before you start shooting. Picture styles (especially the flat image) and the color correction will be discussed in this DSLR tutorial. Voice Over: Moritz Janisch Copyright 2011 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR Twitter: twitter.com More DSLR videos on our channel: www.youtube.com Official website: www.fenchel-janisch.com

Using some easy-to-get supplies, Ryan shows you how you can make your own DIY shoulder rig for under $20! And yes, we know this has been made plenty of times… But our build is about doing it as cheap, simple and effective as possible. We also chose to warp the pipe instead of cutting it so that it will fit perfectly to the body. Like, Favorite and SHARE today’s episode! www.youtube.com FilmRiot Revision3.com Twitter twitter.com Ryan on Twitter twitter.com Facebook www.facebook.com Ryan on Facebook www.facebook.com

UPDATE – Install the Latest version of the software. The second link takes you to the latest. –IMPORTANT NOTE– When using the Command Prompt to access the BootCF.exe file you need to hit enter after each command. So, cd desktop (ENTER), cd canon (ENTER). I forgot to say this in the tutorial and didn’t want anyone getting confused 🙂 —– Magic Lantern is a firmware hack for the Canon T2i that adds new settings and essentially mods your camera. This tutorial will walk you through how to install it on your T2i. Step 1: web.canon.jp Step 2: magiclantern.wikia.com Step 3: magiclantern.wikia.com Filmed on the Canon T2i/Canon 550D Canon 50mm f 1.8 & Canon 18-55mm IS Audio: Zoom H4n Edited in Sony Vegas using Magic Bullet Mojo Screen Captures using CamStudio Special Thanks to Jeff Hanley and breadsunbeam (thanks for the “$2000 beast” quote….it was a great way of looking at it so I had to use it). Shots by Marika Neumann, Pete Dryden, and Luke Neumann –LINKS– User Guide: magiclantern.wikia.com Firmware Development Page where you can find the latest and greatest builds, simply overwrite the three files on your memory card with the new ones to update: groups.google.com Check out our website or like and follow on Facebook and Twitter: www.neumannfilms.net www.facebook.com twitter.com

This time on the show Jason joins us to talk DSLR video hacks and homebrew Google TV. Shannon brings us her favorite portable apps, and Jackie and Darren tackle your questions concerning secure FTP, Ubuntu Server, and document stealing with USB Dumper.

A tutorial by Fenchel & Janisch Facebook: www.fb.com YouTube: www.youtube.com This introduction to DSLR video is divided into six parts. Learn how to set up your camera, shoot in daylight and at night. This tutorial shows you how to get the cinematic film look that so many people are talking about. In the fall of 2008 Vincent Laforet was the first one to use the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which was the first digital SLR capable of recording full HD video. The short film he shot mostly at night, called “Reverie”, become popular over night. Something that Canon never intended got more and more in focus of amateur filmmakers all over the world: Shooting films and commercials with a stills camera. It only took a few month and the first accessories were released. Since then a lot has happened and a lot of TV shows like “House MD” or “CSI Miami” used DSLRs on set. Philip Bloom, another pioneer in digital filmmaking, used cameras on the Lucas Film production “Red Tails”. The small body and the great image quality has fascinated international acclaimed cinematographers like Rodney Charters (“24”). In independent cinema those cameras became indispensable. Questions: www.fenchel-janisch.com ETHIC STATEMENT: Fenchel & Janisch GbR is not affiliated with any of the companies shown or named in this video. © 2012 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR

www.adorama.com Adorama Photography TV Presents DSLR | Video Skills with Rich Harrington. In this episode, Rich will reveal how to get slow motion effects with over cranking in a DSLR camera. Join Rich out in the field as he shoots some basketball players with his DSLR camera using different frame rate options. Then, follow along back in the studio where you will see how the different shots are created by using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. AdoramaTV features talented hosts including Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Joe McNally, Joe DiMaggio, Tamara Lackey, Bryan Peterson, and Rich Harrington Related Products Featured items from this episode adr.ma AdoramaTV related episodes adr.ma To learn more from the Adorama Learning Center adr.ma Nikon D800 Digital SLR www.adorama.com Nikon MB-D12, Multi Battery Power Pack / Grip for D800 Digital Camera www.adorama.com Nikon AN-DC6 Camera Strap for D800 DSLR www.adorama.com Tiffen Vista Fusion Lightweight Video, Digital DSLR/SLR Camera Tripod www.adorama.com Vanguard Kinray 53 Backpack with Tripod Holding System www.adorama.com Dolica 3-in-1 DSLR Starter Kit www.adorama.com Sennheiser Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Lavalier Mic www.adorama.com If you have questions, share them with us at: adotv@adorama.com

Blunty Reviews the new Sony NEX-VG20, an interchangeable lens video camera system, the follow up to the NEX-VG10 and newest family member of the well received NEX camera line. This one is custom designed for video shooting, to give people who’re frustrated with the limitations and work-arounds of shooting video on DLSR. So lets see how well it does…