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Learn it all at a workshop: http://thatnikonguy.com/workshops Part 3 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master strobist photography tech…

http://froknowsphoto.com/?p=5967 Have you ever taken flash photos and it takes for ever until you can take another picture? What is going on is your flash is…

Learn it all at a workshop: http://thatnikonguy.com/workshops After shooting Lana indoors, we headed outside to shoot Kevin, a competitive cyclist. Includes …

How to photography your family in front of a national monument – with a point and shoot camera. www.brentmailphotography.com Excuse the camera shake – my 8 year old daughter was holding the video camera – thanks Brooke. More free photography tips and tricks on my website. brentmailphotography.com Please leave comments below – I answer most of them personally (unless they are negative, or spam – then I ignore them;) Enjoy. Brent

This is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to take your very first comparison photo of the Lightsphere Collapsible with on-camera flash. In this demonstration, I use the flash in a room with a very tall ceiling, painted black. This is how to dramatically improve your flash photography. For product info: www.garyfong.com

cazillo.com New video today on flash photography! These photos were taken during a flash photography class a few months back. I used one off camera flash as my main light on their faces and controlled my ambient exposure to get a good mix of flash and available light. Not sure how flash works? Check out this video on flash photography exposure cazillo.com Keep Shooting!

improvephotography.com Understand how to use off-camera flash photography and fire your speedlight flash off-camera. It really is easy to learn how to use flash photography.

This tutorial is using a Canon speedlite and 70 x 70cm speedlite softbox to light the subject and is just to show the soft light you can get from this type of set up indoors. This is the link for the softbox on our site, we only ship to the UK or Europe. www.smick.co.uk Available Worlwide cgi.ebay.co.uk Checkout our other items for use with an off camera flash www.smick.co.uk We are on twitter @smickcouk We also have a Facebook Page www.facebook.com and a Blog www.smick.co.uk

froknowsphoto.com We are back with another Super Secret Project Video, this time a simple tip for getting better flash pictures. How many of you use the flash on your camera and realize that your images looks plain. flat and boring? Well in this video I give you a few tips to give your images some more dimension when using the flash. We simply get out of the auto setting where the camera always sets the flash to 1/60th of a second and instead shoot it in manual. To see how I set the camera to get a better flash exposure check out the video and sample images at froknowsphoto.com

Learn more at www.ppsop.com . Please send your questions to bryanfpeterson3@mac.com

Buy Mark’s Studio Lighting DVD: www.studiolightingessentials.com In this week’s episode Mark answers the question, “Why are you using a flash when shooting outside in bright sunlight?”

Don’t miss Mark’s FREE live workshops on Mark Wallace: LIVE www.snapfactory.com/live Mark Wallace shows you how the many ways a ring flash can be used in a studio.

Follow Mark on Twitter: @jmarkwallace In this episode Mark explains how to balance studio strobes with ambient light when shooting outside. Behind the scenes video: www.youtube.com

In this episode Mark Wallace shows us how to use the stroboscopic feature on a speedlight. Mark will demonstrate how to create unique images that capture motion. Watch as Mark walks you through the steps to get captivating shots.

In this episode Mark talks about sync speed and how to use a studio strobe to freeze action.

www.steeletraining.com Photographer Phil Steele gives tips on flash portrait photography and introduces his online video course which teaches off-camera strobist speedlite flash photography.

A more in depth look at bouncing flash and using fill flash to get more appealing images. This is an abridged version of the Flash chapter from my Mastery of Photography Essentials DVD. Hello all who chose to read this far, can you believe this is the 12th installment already. Thanks for watching all these tips and tricks so far, there is so much more to come. =o) You guys Rule!!! If you wish to buy this series on DVD and help me live happily ever after follow this link www.photomagicsocal.com To where I sell my DVDs. Thanks to all who have purchased and all who are about to. Peace