Infrared Tutorial

This photography tutorial shows how to use an infrared lens to create dramatic photographs of vegetation, skies, and portraits. Watch more at http://www.lynd…

Keep up with what’s new by liking my FB Fan page here: Get my Photoshop Actions & Photoshop Videos at Photoshop tutorial. Short and sweet “how to” for utilizing the Invert Adjustment Layer as a means to achieve a color infra red effect. Tutorial also shows you how to make an action of this process so you can simply click a “play” button to achieve it on any color image. Addendum 11 This video was done a long time ago. It has already been noted, years ago,  that YES you can use the Hue or Color Blend Mode for one INVERT Adjustment Layer. Silly me!–I just wasn’t aware of that at the time! So, in answer to anyone’s questions regarding this, and a math anomaly…. 1 = 2. (if the one Invert Adj Layer is in Hue or Color Blend Mode)

A triple commentary between Docm77, Infrared, and myself. Part 2:

The main concept of this process is to convert your photo into the right colour format, if you forgot to change your ISO/ white balance on your camera whilst using your lens, or if you simply prefer using photoshop. Infrared photography is an amazing technique, you can get some really beautiful photos and the lens costs £30 max on amazon/ ebay for a normal DSLR. The bit where I talk about how i like to leave the blue tint to it, is done when you don’t de-saturate it completely, but use the saturation panel to saturate it around 90%. Enjoy!

White balance with infrared photos is always tricky, but this takes the mystery out of it. Video and photography by Bonnie Jean Kirkpatrick of Portland, Oregon, USA. Natural Aperture Photography

Episode 24 of my photography series discusses and demonstrates infrared photography; this is part 2 of 2, which is a quick Photoshop tutorial on how to post-process such images. You’ll also want to check out my blog – – as it’s supplemented with additional information and links to sites describing this topic in detail. Hope you enjoy, remember to “Like”, and subscribe so you can stay up to date with my future videos. Follow Me on Twitter: