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Photo Cubics Inc., FlashBox A10 is made for businesses who are determined to take total control of their jewelry and product photography quality and cost. Anyone without any prior photography experience can quickly and easily make commercial high end professional pure white background photography for product and jewelry. It’s also a snap to produce high end studio quality editorial images. If you’re in business to sell and to succeed then FlashBox is an absolute no brainer. FlashBoxes by Photo Cubics Inc., are the worlds only built-in flash powered portable photography studio systems; they fit on your desktop. FlashBox radically cuts the cost for professional product and jewelry photography without cutting on image quality. FlashBox makes you money. If you appreciate the difference between purchase price and cost of ownership you will immediately recognize the incomparable competitive advantage Photo Cubics FlashBox is for growing the success of your business. Patents Pending – Trademark – Copyright 2010-2013 by Photo Cubics Inc. Your questions and comments are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you. For more information please contact: (323)428-2479 in Los Angeles, Ca.

Instruction on how to easily set up a “Table Top Product Studio” and photograph Products against a White Background.

Photosimile 5000 – 3D product photography studio is the most innovative and efficient photography automation and 3D product imaging tool available in today’s market. Create photorealistic 3D product animations in house fast and efficiently – regardless of experience.

How to so product photography easily

This course is available for purchase now! Don Giannatti returns for a special workshop on tabletop product photography. Don starts with an introduction to tabletop lighting – tools, scrims, DIY gear – and how to organize your shoot around a tabletop to bring everyone up to speed. Then Don will teach you the basic concepts of Tabletop Product Photography. Finally Don will ramp up to more advanced topics adding extras such as kicker lights, snoots, and grids that can bring your work up a notch.

How to setup the Canon XSi/450D for Product Photography

The video shows how we did a product photoshoot for one of our clients. All shoot details, lighting setup and specification is on the blog article:

The video shows how to work with DIY clear plexiglas shooting table. Full article is on my pixiq blog :

Behind the scenes on a small product shot. This style of shoot is quite standard for eshops which need product photos with a white background. This particular shot is a little tricky with a white product. Go to for more information

Focus stacking (bracketing) technique explained in an easy to follow how-to tutorial. More about the shot is on the blog http:/ My first live product photography shoot! Keep shooting!

Product photography portfolio from Digital Exposure. We are a specialist photography company specialising in all types of product photography. Please see the video for examples of our work. From packshot photographs to more creative still life imagery. http Join Scott from Unique Photo as he shows some easy steps to photographing a glass of beer.

Using our smallest tabletop lighting kit Gavin Hoey shows how a simple setup can be effective for small product or jewellery photography giving repeatable results.

This is the most enjoyable photo-shot I had for last few month: not only the most technically challenging but the end result is the most eye-catching and outstanding. More detailed spec and description is on the blog:

Use inexpensive materials to create your own photographic studio equipment for product photography

In this video I show you how to achieve a clean basic white background, great for food photography and product photography using off camera flash and a cheap, DIY light table that can be made for less than £10.00. For full instructions for the light table please check out the post on my blog here: — Chris Scuffins Photography

This is a DIY Lightbox for anyone that wants to photograph a product. No professional equipment necessary! My Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @CandidAnn Goggle +: