Learn it all at a workshop: Part 3 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master strobist photography tech…

Learn it all at a workshop: After shooting Lana indoors, we headed outside to shoot Kevin, a competitive cyclist. Includes … Have you ever taken flash photos and it takes for ever until you can take another picture? What is going on is your flash is…

This is a BTS video from my first shoot with Kylee. We had a great session, got lots of killer photos. All in all it was a perfect shoot. I shot the whole video with the new GoPro Hero 2

this video shows you a quick shoot I did with my girlfriend kim… sorry I mean film crew Kim, during a bright clear sky sunset the other day. Scotland is having some volcanic dust in the air due to iceland having a volcano erupting and it is giving us nice saturated sunsets. So here i go through the settings exposure, flash and white balance and then also NDgrad filter application with a sunset and portrait photo. Hope this helps dom If you enjoy myvideos please post them on your Facebook page and let others know about this channel, please SUBSCRIBE and share on Facebook and Twitter. Also check out the links below. If you really like my work please feel free to check out or buy a copy of the my PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK: Getting There With Photography: By Dom Bower FACEBOOK Critique/advice GROUP FACEBOOK PAGE TWITTER page WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY CLOTHING Point and destroy clothing http please donate to a charitable cause visit and the blog

Lighting is tricky, but if you have the tools and the time you can create some amazing shots! Check out was you can learn and give us your feedback at

Another Behind the Scenes Strobist Video dealing with a fashion concept and dogs. We go behind the scenes with professional concept photographer and cinematographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography. We’ll go over 3 setups for 3 shots including lighting and camera settings. see more of my work at

I describe a couple of ways that I take a photo of a cake using off-camera strobes and some simple light modifiers. I forgot to mention that I use RadioPopper JrX system to trigger the strobes. The photos: The Music: “fantasia” by Mary and Juan

Go Behind the Scenes with Photographer/Cinematographer Ben Sant as he demonstrates a 2-light setup for special portrait of his band’s annual holiday card. Topics Addressed: -Controlling Specular Highlights on Glasses -Shooting for Compositing and Extraction in Photoshop -Lighting with 2 lights -Firearm Safety -Tethering into Lightroon See more at

Go behind the scenes with conceptual photographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography as he takes you shooting a retro pinup model and hotrod using nothing but speedlights (flashes) in an sunlit environment. Learn to use to use the sun to your advantage and light a vehicle with speedlights in a true Strobist approach

Your Questions Answered. A first of several webisodes geared toward answering beginner strobist and off camera lighting questions. In this first episode, we dicuss what kind of lights / flashes to buy and where to get them as well as how to mount them on a light stand

Go behind the scenes with Commerial Photographer and Cinematographer Ben Sant of BTS Photography as he demonstates some practical lighting technics to capture a cinematic theme. Want to know more about this concept? See more at: Follow me on the Facebook See more of Amy Savannah: Also on 500px and Flickr!

Featuring David “The Strobist” Hobby in our season finale, taking on the cheap camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera (a kid’s camera) and 3 Family Jewels Fuq 690 flashes. Then we give David 5 challenges, 5 locations, 5 subjects, and he has to shoot them all with just this cheap setup and his resourcefulness. David’s Blog: David Hobby on Twitter David’s Flickr page: Part of the “Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge” series. Pro photographers from around the world take on the challenge to use one cheap camera to do a pro photo shoot. But just what will happen? We take David to photograph: a snake master with an orgy of snakes (including cobras); bamboo bouncing noodle makers; sealing stone making; a bright yellow Lamborghini and a Shaolin Monk martial arts expert. Special thanks to: She Wong Lam Snakes Shop Mr. Mak Sifu Kwan Kee Bamboo Noobles Sealing Stone DIY Studio Kady Fung – Local artist, founder of Sealing Stone DIY Studio Vibrant Car Wrap Shaolin Kung Fu International Culture Association Lau Sifu “Shaolin Kung fu master” — student from the Shaolin kung fu 34th generation 少林三十四代弟子”

Go behind the scenes on a collaborative photoshoot with photographer Kelsey Beacco of Kel-Z Photography and professional photographer and cinematographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography. This shoot’s concept is based around high fashion with a Macabre twist. We head to an abandoned set of homes and industrial buildings to shoot 3 models with natural light and flashes in a dedicated strobist approach to off camera lighting. Visualize the techniques and listen to the commentary on how to light with speedlights. See more of Kel-Z at http

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Alex uses fill flash technique for a music show and finds it really useful. Equipment list: Canon EOS 5D MK III Cactus AF50 portable flash For more details, explanations and pictures: When Light Dances, Dance with us for updates: Like & share: presents the M180 studio flash lighting kit in action with different setup to give you some interesting portraits hosted by Gavin Hoey