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This Photoshop CC tutorial shows you how to create a dispersion effect using Photoshop. My Website: http://photoshop123.com Download The Brush I used! http:/…

Adobe Camera Raw is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between your camera and Photoshop. It’s greyscale options exceed those of Photoshop so making a Infrared style image in ACR is as easy as moving a couple of sliders. Watch as digital expert Gavin Hoey www.gavinhoey.co.uk takes you through all the RAW processing steps.

A way to create a lomo-esque image.

Hey, here’s a quick and simple way to create a snow effect in Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you haven’t checked out my other tutorials, click the link for all my Photoshop tutorials. goo.gl Social Links: Twitter: goo.gl Website: goo.gl Facebook: goo.gl Ignore These Extra Tags. adjustment adjustments adobe ahhahaha balance bymxv calories circle colour constructive content creating ctrl delet directly dodge dummy editor elements empty explained eyeball figer figured fox greyed holding image inbox lasso lasso’d layer lines ly manage option photo photoshop psdown secondly select selected selecting selection shift tool tut tutorials whenevr zoom

In this video I will show you some of the techniques I used to make vampire teeth in Photoshop, how to make evil eyes and how to use bloody stock images. Stock images used: www.psdbox.com Mixer brush tutorials: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Realistic blood tutorial: lady-dementia-stock.deviantart.com ____________________________________ Subscribe and get the latest tutorials Website: www.psdbox.com RSS feeds.feedburner.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Newsletter: www.psdbox.com DeviantART: psd-box.deviantart.com Flickr www.flickr.com Twitter: twitter.com

Keep up with what’s new by liking my FB Fan page here: www.facebook.com Get my Photoshop Actions & Photoshop Videos at www.mamashansdigital.com Photoshop tutorial. Short and sweet “how to” for utilizing the Invert Adjustment Layer as a means to achieve a color infra red effect. Tutorial also shows you how to make an action of this process so you can simply click a “play” button to achieve it on any color image. Addendum 11 This video was done a long time ago. It has already been noted, years ago,  that YES you can use the Hue or Color Blend Mode for one INVERT Adjustment Layer. Silly me!–I just wasn’t aware of that at the time! So, in answer to anyone’s questions regarding this, and a math anomaly…. 1 = 2. (if the one Invert Adj Layer is in Hue or Color Blend Mode)

font: www.dafont.com outcome: monsoonami.deviantart.com GIMP is an open source (free) image editing program with many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop. www.gimp.org This video was recorded and edited with the following free programs: CamStudio camstudio.org Audacity audacity.sourceforge.net VirtualDub www.virtualdub.org

*IMPORTANT – CLICK SHOW MORE TO GET THE G’MIC PLUGIN. This video has annotations, so make sure you have them switched on. This tutorial shows how to create a fire effect using the G’MIC plugin for GIMP. You can get G’MIC for free here: gmic.sourceforge.net If you want the horse and fire image you can download the images here in a zip: dl.dropbox.com – also includes the finished XCF image. When you download G’MIC you need to know what version of Windows you are using and whether it is 32bit or 64bit. If 32bit, there is an installer you can download. If 64bit you need to download the 64bit zip, and put the files contained in the zip into your plug-ins folder in GIMP. If you don’t install the correct version for your operating system, then it won’t work.

Want to gain more Subscribers? Check this Out www.goo.gl In this tutorial you will learn how to create dreamy effect in Photoshop. Please take a second to click the ‘Like’ button! It helps the video get noticed a ton! don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date on all the latest Photoshop Tutorials! Other Links – My channel – www.youtube.com Facebook – www.facebook.com Twitter – twitter.com The Music in this video is Royalty Free

Full article at – www.slrlounge.com Submit your images on our forums at – slrlounge.com Join us on facebook at – www.facebook.com Just because we use the term HDR, doesn’t mean we have to go about creating an over-the-top candied HDR look that is so common throughout HDR photography on the web. In fact, I like to boost my dynamic range in images, but I also like to keep my HDR images looking very natural. Essentially, we are just tone mapping our image to boost the overall dynamic range. In this tutorial, we are going to work through a landscape image that was shot during an assignment out in Hawaii. We are going to process it to have a high dynamic range, but we are going to keep the overall look and effect very natural. We will be using the Lightroom 4 Preset System to process the image, but as usual we will also go over the sliders to help benefit everyone.

Outcome: img718.imageshack.us Resources : Smoke : img811.imageshack.us BF3 BG : img685.imageshack.us Renders : bakarenders.com

Get GIMP 2.8 www.gimp.org Color Codes blue sphere: 7cb2ff green sphere: 3fe07b pink sphere: da7cab yellow-orange: ffc45a red sphere: df3e49 background: c0b3d8 shadows: 4e3d6a recorded and edited in: CamStudio camstudio.org VirtualDub www.virtualdub.org Audacity audacity.sourceforge.net

Today I show you how to create perfect HDR effect using Photoshop CS6 in two different ways. In this tutorial I present you two interesting different HDR Effect that you can use in your photos 🙂 Please leave a comment. Subscribe for more photo shop Tutorials! 🙂 Photoshop CS6 HDR Effect…

www.Free-Photoshop-Video-Tutorials.com Learn how to make it seem like you photo was take with infrared film. Infrared film has a very particular black and white look. To achieve this look, we cover the use of the channel mixer command and the screen and linear burn blend modes.

This is a tutorial to show you how to do an HDR effect from only one photo. The result is nice! Mode 1: 1) Go on Image — Regolations — Shadows/Lights and set this values: Shadows 50/40/40, Lights 50/40/120 and add a +20 on halftone contrast. (REMEMBER: this values could be change for every different photos); 2) Duplicate the base layer, desaturate from Image — Regolations and OVERLAY this layer. 3) Duplicate another time the base layer and take it up in the highest position. Apply a blur effect(35/40 % could be fine) and take it on SOFT LIGHT. 4) Set up the opacity of the layers to find the best result. Mode 2: Sorry but every image has differents values so I can’t help you now: ;D Hope you enjoy! 😀 Music by incompetech.com —————————————————————————————————————- Un piccolo tutorial per mostrare un semplice effetto HDR partendo da una sola foto! Spero vi piaccia! Musica di incompetech.com —————————————————————————————————————- Follow me Subscribe this channel. twitter.com www.danielepetrarolo.com

[ Want to choose what the next tutorial is gonna be about? Visit adamsundphoto.com and leave your comment] This video tutorial shows how the dispersion or fragment effect is achieved in some few and simple steps. For more tutorials, visit adamsundphoto.com Let me point out that is a video for the advanced user of photoshop. If you’re interested in finding the brushes, check out deviantart.com where many can be downloaded for free: browse.deviantart.com

Learn how to create a simple HDR effect, with added surreal colors. This is not actually an hdr photo, but a cool effect nonetheless. photo used: www.sxc.hu

In this tutorial, we explain and demonstrate how to create the HDR effect in Photoshop, without needing the 3 pictures with different exposures. Join ImagenSkins and Start learning Photoshop, Gimp, Web Design, and more for free! www.imagenskins.com