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This photography tutorial shows how to use an infrared lens to create dramatic photographs of vegetation, skies, and portraits. Watch more at http://www.lynd…

Includes sample video and test photos using the filters. Get some: goo.gl (Amazon: goo.gl ) Today ThatNikonGuy (Matt Granger) introduces the P series slide in filters, shows how to set it up, and introduces a range of filters. I show the effect of the filters in the videos, and include sample images on a white background to show the look they can create. Join our new Flickr forum: www.flickr.com www.facebook.com www.thatnikonguy.com

Tony Sweet demonstrates how he balances the dynamic range of a landscape composition using a graduated ND filter. For more photography tutorials, visit www.MasterPhotoWorkshops.com.

Full guide at: www.dslrtips.com – How to use polarizing filters to reduce haze and deepen blue skies, by Gordon Laing, Editor of www.dslrtips.com