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Learn more at: http://bit.ly/15pDgw1 For landscape photographers, capturing the best image data possible means better higher final image quality, less editin…

a How-To e Book is available at http://americanprideandpassion.com This short video tutorial is a fun and informative look at how the photo of the T-Bird on …

Lighting is tricky, but if you have the tools and the time you can create some amazing shots! Check out was you can learn and give us your feedback at info@capfoto.com

The basic design idea for using an easily obtainable parasol / camping light. I removed the battery and switch from the unit then cut a 54mm hole, with a hole saw, carefully through the entire unit to make a central hole for the lens mount. The mounting was the 52mm adaptor for the cokin filters epoxy resin glued to the rear of the unit. Battery box was an old 4 x AA battery box from battery powered xmas lights. Wire into the unit observing polarity matches the original wiring. I mounted a hot shoe mount from an old broken flash gun to facilitate fitting on the camera hot shoe. Light from the unit is about 1200 lux at 12 inches, 33cms and gives exposures of 1/6 sec f11 at iso 400. Can be softened using a opaque plastic cover from a a4 file if needed.

Learn How to Photograph a Portraits using North Facing Window learnmyshot.com

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Portrait photography: Using One Light to Create a Classic Portrait.

www.dombowerphoto.blogspot.com Here is a video giving some ideas of the different tools and variables needed for the different types of low light photography. All images copyright of Dom Bower. Camera used is nikon d300 lens; tokina 11-16mm tripod; Manfroto 190 xproB

Night Photography Experimenting with f-stops, ISO and Exposure Time Watch to learn more about Low light photography.

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Better low light photos don’t necessarily require a better camera. Generally you can get better low light photos simply by using the right settings or implenting a some DIY tricks. Here’s how.

Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: goo.gl Here is the finished music video: youtu.be Learn how to get a nice and simple shots outside at night using only 1 light. This is a technique I’ve used on many music videos that I call the “Hollywood Starlet” look because it’s a similar one light technique used in old Hollywood films from the 40’s and 50’s This technique can be used for videos, films, and photos. It’s simple and quick but produces good results. ______ Follow me on: Twitter twitter.com Facebook www.facebook.com Google+ t.co __________________________________________ film school tips and tricks tutorials all on my channel

Kerry from cameradojo.com shows how use two lights for portrait shots and then adds in a reflector

Discover the elements required for perfect natural light & fill in flash portraiture. Get More FREE Training at my website: www.photography-tips-online.com * digital photography tips * digital portrait photography * photography tips * portrait photography * portrait photography…

Alex uses fill flash technique for a music show and finds it really useful. Equipment list: Canon EOS 5D MK III Cactus AF50 portable flash www.gadgetinfinity.com For more details, explanations and pictures: www.gadgetinfinity.com When Light Dances, Dance with us for updates: www.facebook.com Like & share: www.facebook.com

photographyequipment.yolasite.com (Budget Equipment) razzi.me www.facebook.com twitter.com In this video you will learn how to select settings for your flash and how to adjust the flash power. If you follow these guide lines you will have no problem shooting in manual flash and manual camera setting.

Happy November from me and www.samys.com This episode directly from the Mastery of Photography DVD is designed to show you how to shoot in clubs, in the night or any other place where there is very little light. Enjoy and Learn. Here is a link to a great tripod www.samys.com

photoextremist.com go here to get all the links and see the full written blog article on how to make abstract light painting long exposure photographs of orbs and spheres.