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With this video you will the relaxed way we approach our wedding Photography, part 1 – Bridal Preparations. Wedding photographers at Moxhull Hall Photography…

Learn it all at a workshop: http://thatnikonguy.com/workshops Part 3 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master strobist photography tech…

Lowepro S&F gear here: http://goo.gl/lbsUh What do you shoot with? Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions for future videos below. In this serie…

Timelapse eBook: www.learntimelapse.com I’m so exited to share a new detailed time-lapse resource for both new and intermediate DSLR shooters. Thoughts on what makes a good tripod for time-lapse photography and some tips to make any tripod more stable for shake-free time-lapse compilations. For time-lapse think big. Think heavy. Think solid. Be creative. Whatever you need to do to lock down your camera to get the angle and composition you envision, without any movement whatsoever throughout the shot is all that really matters. Big heavy metal monsters. Part of the Time-lapse photography how-to guide: www.learntimelapse.com What tricks have you found to work? What is your favorite tripod or features? Music: “CGI Snake” by Chris Zabriskie. Creative Commons.

Episode 29 of my photography series is about macro photography (part 1 of 2). Please subscribe and feel free to submit video requests! Also check out my other sites on the Web: Blogs: binarygraphite.blogspot.com or binarygraphite.tumblr.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

blog.jaredpolin.com Here in part 2 I go into detail on using Shutter Priority for shooting sports outdoors. What is it, what are the benefits of using it and how it works. Make sure you watch the very end for a sneak peek of shooting better hockey pictures. Shot with the NIKON D3S

www.phaseone.com Phase One has launched a series of one-of-a-kind online events entitled “Phase One Live; Your Inspiration Stream”. Hosted by Phase One and some of the world’s leading photographers, each event showcase a specific photography project – tracking each step in that project’s workflow from conception through completion. The premiere event features award winning British landscape photographer, Joe Cornish. See how Joe works with his images in post production and hear his thoughts on how to select images for print. This is the third video in a series of three videos. Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3 (playing): www.youtube.com Joe Cornish: www.joecornishgallery.co.uk Try Phase One www.phaseone.com

HDR Processing Techniques with Rob Hanson – Part 4 of 5, Includes Nik Color Efex Pro, Color Fixing.Originally posted on my blog site at robhanson.wordpress.com

HDR Processing Techniques with Rob Hanson – Part 3 of 5, Includes Defringing, Denoise, LAHR Sharpening. Originally posted on my blog site at robhanson.wordpress.com

Rob Barron of My Photo Tutor (www.myphototutor.com) explains the various types of equipment you can use to take macro photos (In 2 parts)

Please comment and rate videos – this will help other people find them by ranking them higher…it takes a second 🙂 — The basics of drawing using the paths tool. This is part one of an on-going series of tutorials on creating Vector Art. This one is particularly basic, but you gotta learn to walk before you run, eh? My aim over the series is to teach you the skills needed to create the sort of vector art you can see all over deviantart.com, on various web designs and in the awe-inspiring video linked to here: www.youtube.com (Some deviantart: search.deviantart.com Shortcut keys: b = paths tool shift+click handles = symetrical handle manipulation ctrl+click on end anchor = join paths ctrl+click (on the line)= create new anchor mid-line shift+ctrl+click on anchor = delete anchor Please have some patience with this series…it will need a lot of tutorials, but it’ll be worth it in the end! I should also point out that I am not an accomplished vector artist (yet). I have been figuring this stuff out for a week or so…as I learn more I will pass it on to you guys. I AM NOT AN EXPERT! I hope you enjoy the series, and please comment or mail me with any queries it may generate.

Visit www.FreeDigitalPhotographyTutorials.com for more free photography tips, tutorials and lessons. In this video we feature DigitalRev TV 50 Quick Photography Tips and Tricks for photographers. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Learn the first 25 dslr tips and techniques in this video. The next 25 tips can be found in part 2 here www.youtube.com Please comment and subscribe 🙂

Rob Barron of My Photo Tutor explains the various types of equipment you can use to take macro photos (In 2 parts)

Full article and equipment listing at – www.slrlounge.com Join us on Facebook at – www.facebook.com

Part three of a landscape photography lesson set in Bratislava in the Slovak Republic. Using the Canon EOS 5D camera and other equipment, two students explore digital photography under the guidance of a professional photographer.

Scott Metzger, VFX Artist from Method Studios outlines his tutorials on ptex in Mari 1.3.

HDR Processing Techniques with Rob Hanson – Part 2 of 5, includes Layering Tonemaps in Photoshop CS5, Image Cleanup. Originally posted on my blog site at robhanson.wordpress.com