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This is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to take your very first comparison photo of the Lightsphere Collapsible with on-camera flash. In this demonstration, I use the flash in a room with a very tall ceiling, painted black. This is how to dramatically improve your flash photography. For product info: www.garyfong.com

How to photography your family in front of a national monument – with a point and shoot camera. www.brentmailphotography.com Excuse the camera shake – my 8 year old daughter was holding the video camera – thanks Brooke. More free photography tips and tricks on my website. brentmailphotography.com Please leave comments below – I answer most of them personally (unless they are negative, or spam – then I ignore them;) Enjoy. Brent

Photo Cubics Inc., FlashBox A10 is made for businesses who are determined to take total control of their jewelry and product photography quality and cost. Anyone without any prior photography experience can quickly and easily make commercial high end professional pure white background photography for product and jewelry. It’s also a snap to produce high end studio quality editorial images. If you’re in business to sell and to succeed then FlashBox is an absolute no brainer. FlashBoxes by Photo Cubics Inc., are the worlds only built-in flash powered portable photography studio systems; they fit on your desktop. FlashBox radically cuts the cost for professional product and jewelry photography without cutting on image quality. FlashBox makes you money. If you appreciate the difference between purchase price and cost of ownership you will immediately recognize the incomparable competitive advantage Photo Cubics FlashBox is for growing the success of your business. Patents Pending – Trademark – Copyright 2010-2013 by Photo Cubics Inc. Your questions and comments are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you. For more information please contact: Steven@PhotoCubics.com www.photocubics.com (323)428-2479 in Los Angeles, Ca.

For a detailed text tutorial and stock used go to: www.psdbox.com Music: Merlaska by Galdson (www.jamendo.com BeautyChill World by Vilovery Landscape (www.jamendo.com

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com Model Photo Shoot at Santa Monica Beach. 5 Looks. 1 Day. Go Behind The Scenes in HD. Photographer: Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com Model: Paloma Lozano www.PalomaLozano.com Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist: Amelia Todd www.InteractiveLooks.com Behind The Scenes Videographer: Brett Miller Video Editor: Joshua Himes Photography Assistant: Alfredo Chocano Background Music: “What Is My Purpose? [Revenge!]” by KatazTrophee ccmixter.org Thank you for watching and your continued support ! Arthur St. John Photography www.ArthurStJohn.com www.ModelMayhem.com www.YouTube.com info@arthurstjohn.com arthurstjohn@yahoo.com

Guide to be in the right place at the right time for landscape photography, tripods, night shots, and more. Hosts: Catherine Hall and Leo Laporte Guest: Michael Frye. Links michaelfrye.com The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite iOS app The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite Book Michael Frye Workshops Michael Frye Google+ Photography Unfiltered with Catherine Hall Don’t miss a chance to watch or listen to your favorite photographers — download and subscribe to TWiT Photo podcast on iTunes for free. Follow Catherine on Twitter. You can also check out her blog here. Submit your guest photographer at twitphoto.feedbackroad.com Download or subscribe to this show at twit.tv/photo. Thanks to Cachefly for providing the bandwidth for this podcast. Running time: 01:06:38

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com High Fashion Beauty Makeup Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes in HD. Producer & Make-up Artist: Alice Atakhanian www.BeyondBeautyParlor.com www.AliceMakeupLand.com www.AMLacademy.com Photographer & Creative Director: Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com www.ModelMayhem.com Video Producer and Editor: David Ortega Production Assistants: Stephanie Smith Jenny Ngo Special Thanks to our Models and Luscious Cosmetics. Arthur St. John Photography & Casting www.ArthurStJohn.com Beyond Beauty Parlor www.BeyondBeautyParlor.com Alice Makeup Land www.AliceMakeupLand.com AML Academy www.AMLacademy.com

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com Fashion Photo Shoot in a Palace with Russian Supermodel Daria Protsenko and International Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. Behind The Scenes in HD. Photographer Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com www.YouTube.com www.ModelMayhem.com Model Daria Protsenko Video Curtis J. Moore DK Davall Video Editor Cheok Wai Lei Make-up Artist Desiree Foote’ www.DesireeFoote.com www.ModelMayhem.com Hair Stylist Richard Grant www.RichardGrantHair.com Wardrobe Stylist Jordan Anthony Swain Styles by Swain www.StylesBySwain.com www.ModelMayhem.com Photography Assistants Joseph Martinez Tanner James Courtney Tomey Arthur St. John Photography & Casting www.ArthurStJohn.com

All aspects covered – planning, gear, choosing location, working with subject, editing and processing. A long and detailed video that I hope will demystify the process and really help people get their head around how it works – or at least how it often works for me. In reality you will work out your own process with practice. Join our new Flickr forum: www.flickr.com www.facebook.com www.mattgranger.com https

Fleur talks to her wedding photographer John Alexander about how to find the best photographer for you. – John’s Website: www.jeaphotography.co.uk Follow John on Twitter: twitter.com WHERE ELSE TO FIND US: Be sure to check out our WEDDING BLOG: bridedeforce.blogspot.com There’s new content going up every single day! Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Instagram: bridedeforce You can also follow Fleur for BEAUTY bits and pieces: Youtube: www.youtube.com Blog: fleurdeforce.blogspot.com Twitter www.twitter.com Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.

www.adamlerner.net Here’s a really fun behind-the-scenes time-lapse video my assistant Richie made on a recent photo shoot we did in New York City for Bass Shoes. This was a super-long day at a really sweet studio and in this video you guys get to see everything from set-up to break-down. There are so many moving parts to a shoot and so many people, but this was a great crew and we knocked it out. You can see how we setup the lights and modifiers, how we set up our workstation, how we would shoot then review with the art director and marketing folks, how the stylist set up the shots, me going up and down a ladder many, many, many times and a whole lot more. Throughout the video, I give a play by play account of how the day is going and what’s going on so that you can get a sense of what was happening. So sit back and enjoy this killer behind-the-scenes time-lapse video – I know I really enjoyed watching it myself! Please Subscribe and leave your questions and comments below.

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com High Fashion Photo Shoot with Male Model, Joe Woodson. This was Joe’s 1st professional photo shoot. He performed like a supermodel. Photography by Arthur St. John. www.arthurstjohn.com Photographer ARTHUR ST. JOHN www.arthurstjohn.com Model JOE WOODSON Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist BILLIE NATASHA Video Editor DAVID ANTHONIE http

This is a fun show! Simeon Tse came on to show how he captured this great image (shown above) and Darren, Gabriel, and Bryan discuss all kinds of useful tips and techniques to capture great images at night.

Turning your photos into the actual panorama is easier than you think. Just take the photos one after another and let Zoner Photo Studio handle the rest!

Ritwika demonstrates macro photography 101. If you like this video, please consider donating one dollar at rennow.org to help underprivileged talented artisans over the world.

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com Fashion Photo Shoot on the Beach with Model Tawnie Lynn and Celebrity Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. 4 Looks. 1 Full Day. Go Behind the Scenes in Full HD. Photographer Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com www.ModelMayhem.com www.YouTube.com Model Tawnie Lynn www.TawnieLynn.com www.FaceBook.com www.FaceBook.com Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist Mikey Stone of Cutting Edge Beauty www.CuttingEdgeBeauty.biz Behind The Scenes Videographer Brett Cassano Behind The Scenes Video Editor Sam Davidson www.ARTHURSTJOHN.com

dombowerphoto.blogspot.com in this tutorial i show you how to blend or merge two photos using the layer mask tool and the gradiant brush. Gimp is the free photo editing software like photoshop and has all the same functions. models are Kim Rooney and Elaine Haire, from the dom bower modeling agency all photos copyright of dom bower www.dombower.com If you enjoy myvideos please post them on your Facebook page and let others know about this channel, please SUBSCRIBE and share on Facebook and Twitter. Also check out the links below. If you really like my work please feel free to check out or buy a copy of the my PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK: Getting There With Photography: By Dom Bower www.blurb.com FACEBOOK Critique/advice GROUP www.facebook.com FACEBOOK PAGE www.facebook.com TWITTER page twitter.com WEBSITE www.dombower.com PHOTOGRAPHY CLOTHING Point and destroy clothing http please donate to a charitable cause visit www.justgiving.com and the blog www.dombowerphoto.blogspot.co.uk

Photographer and teacher Ernie Cowan gives 9 great landscape photo tips. You can sign up for a workshop with Ernie at www.calumetphoto.com