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How to photography your family in front of a national monument – with a point and shoot camera. www.brentmailphotography.com Excuse the camera shake – my 8 year old daughter was holding the video camera – thanks Brooke. More free photography tips and tricks on my website. brentmailphotography.com Please leave comments below – I answer most of them personally (unless they are negative, or spam – then I ignore them;) Enjoy. Brent

I describe a couple of ways that I take a photo of a cake using off-camera strobes and some simple light modifiers. I forgot to mention that I use RadioPopper JrX system to trigger the strobes. The photos: www.flickr.com www.flickr.com The Music: “fantasia” by Mary and Juan www.jamendo.com

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com Model Photo Shoot at Santa Monica Beach. 5 Looks. 1 Day. Go Behind The Scenes in HD. Photographer: Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com Model: Paloma Lozano www.PalomaLozano.com Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist: Amelia Todd www.InteractiveLooks.com Behind The Scenes Videographer: Brett Miller Video Editor: Joshua Himes Photography Assistant: Alfredo Chocano Background Music: “What Is My Purpose? [Revenge!]” by KatazTrophee ccmixter.org Thank you for watching and your continued support ! Arthur St. John Photography www.ArthurStJohn.com www.ModelMayhem.com www.YouTube.com info@arthurstjohn.com arthurstjohn@yahoo.com

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com High Fashion Beauty Makeup Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes in HD. Producer & Make-up Artist: Alice Atakhanian www.BeyondBeautyParlor.com www.AliceMakeupLand.com www.AMLacademy.com Photographer & Creative Director: Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com www.ModelMayhem.com Video Producer and Editor: David Ortega Production Assistants: Stephanie Smith Jenny Ngo Special Thanks to our Models and Luscious Cosmetics. Arthur St. John Photography & Casting www.ArthurStJohn.com Beyond Beauty Parlor www.BeyondBeautyParlor.com Alice Makeup Land www.AliceMakeupLand.com AML Academy www.AMLacademy.com

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com Fashion Photo Shoot in a Palace with Russian Supermodel Daria Protsenko and International Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. Behind The Scenes in HD. Photographer Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com www.YouTube.com www.ModelMayhem.com Model Daria Protsenko Video Curtis J. Moore DK Davall Video Editor Cheok Wai Lei Make-up Artist Desiree Foote’ www.DesireeFoote.com www.ModelMayhem.com Hair Stylist Richard Grant www.RichardGrantHair.com Wardrobe Stylist Jordan Anthony Swain Styles by Swain www.StylesBySwain.com www.ModelMayhem.com Photography Assistants Joseph Martinez Tanner James Courtney Tomey Arthur St. John Photography & Casting www.ArthurStJohn.com

Olivia Culpo and Nana Meriwether shoot with Fashion Photographer Fadil Berisha in New York City. Category: Miss Universe 2012 – Olivia Culpo

All aspects covered – planning, gear, choosing location, working with subject, editing and processing. A long and detailed video that I hope will demystify the process and really help people get their head around how it works – or at least how it often works for me. In reality you will work out your own process with practice. Join our new Flickr forum: www.flickr.com www.facebook.com www.mattgranger.com https

Facebook: facebook.com More DSLR Tutorials only here: youtube.com In this “how to” video we show you our three styles how to shoot an interview / conversation. It doesn’t matter if you have a tripod or not – there is always a nice solution to film an interview. Voice Over: Moritz Janisch Copyright 2012 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR Twitter: twitter.com More DSLR videos on our channel: www.youtube.com Official website: www.fenchel-janisch.com

www.adamlerner.net Here’s a really fun behind-the-scenes time-lapse video my assistant Richie made on a recent photo shoot we did in New York City for Bass Shoes. This was a super-long day at a really sweet studio and in this video you guys get to see everything from set-up to break-down. There are so many moving parts to a shoot and so many people, but this was a great crew and we knocked it out. You can see how we setup the lights and modifiers, how we set up our workstation, how we would shoot then review with the art director and marketing folks, how the stylist set up the shots, me going up and down a ladder many, many, many times and a whole lot more. Throughout the video, I give a play by play account of how the day is going and what’s going on so that you can get a sense of what was happening. So sit back and enjoy this killer behind-the-scenes time-lapse video – I know I really enjoyed watching it myself! Please Subscribe and leave your questions and comments below.

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com High Fashion Photo Shoot with Male Model, Joe Woodson. This was Joe’s 1st professional photo shoot. He performed like a supermodel. Photography by Arthur St. John. www.arthurstjohn.com Photographer ARTHUR ST. JOHN www.arthurstjohn.com Model JOE WOODSON Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist BILLIE NATASHA Video Editor DAVID ANTHONIE http

Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com Fashion Photo Shoot on the Beach with Model Tawnie Lynn and Celebrity Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. 4 Looks. 1 Full Day. Go Behind the Scenes in Full HD. Photographer Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com www.ModelMayhem.com www.YouTube.com Model Tawnie Lynn www.TawnieLynn.com www.FaceBook.com www.FaceBook.com Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist Mikey Stone of Cutting Edge Beauty www.CuttingEdgeBeauty.biz Behind The Scenes Videographer Brett Cassano Behind The Scenes Video Editor Sam Davidson www.ARTHURSTJOHN.com

In this series ThatNikonGuy Matt Granger will show you all you need to know to get started in wedding photography. From planning, to gear, to shooting and editing tips, Matt will walk you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls. Whether you are going in full time, or have been asked to shoot at a friends wedding – take the time to research and plan – it will avoid a lot of headaches down the track! See the Lowepro S&F gear here: goo.gl Join our facebook and flickr groups to stay up to date with what’s going on: Join our facebook group HERE: www.facebook.com Flickr group HERE: www.flickr.com www.mattgranger.com

There are several ways to shoot photography at night, and the easiest solution is to use a flash on a camera in order to illuminate the foreground. Discover the benefits of having fast film when shooting at night with help from a photographer in this free video on night photography tips. Expert: Kight Haberer Contact: actionshootersphotography.com Bio: Kight Haberer has a degree in photography from the University of North Texas. He is the owner of Action Shooters Photography, which is based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Filmmaker: Kevin Haberer

Taking photographs at night without flash requires low shutter speeds. Your digital cameras night mode might shoot good low-light photos, but manual modes might work best. A tripod and remote release help you avoid blurry photos.

Facebook.com PS Actions available at FashionActions.com http Music: Lisa Mitchell- Clean White Love “Enchanted Forest” shoot for Reverie Magazine (Canada) Photographer: Emily Soto Model: Sarina Nash with FORD Models Makeup: Jen Kolhagen Hair Stylist: Lauren Ritchison Digital Image Editing & Video: Emily Soto Filmed by Jonathan Painter