[Week] Videos

Adobe Camera Raw is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between your camera and Photoshop. It’s greyscale options exceed those of Photoshop so making a Infrared style image in ACR is as easy as moving a couple of sliders. Watch as digital expert Gavin Hoey www.gavinhoey.co.uk takes you through all the RAW processing steps.

This Week in Focus – Episode 2 – Easing DSLR Video … taking a look at the D-Focus system for your DSLR video shooting. Useful Links Supplied by dfocussystem.com My 2nd Channel www.youtube.com Website www.geekanoids.co.uk Twitter www.twitter.com Google+ gplus.to Facebook www.facebook.com

Katy Winn, Getty Images photographer, works Fashion Week, Now what we dig is that we haven’t spoken with many women photographers, til now. Refreshing. You’ll get a pro’s eye view on the gear needed to cover this event. In Part 2, Katy shares more of the goods she carries on the job, and has some great words of advice. Check out photoinduced.com for more photo news, reviews and info.

Infrared Photography is a unique and original to capture amazing black and white images. In this “how to” video, photography expert Gavin Hoey www.gavtrain.com goes into the woods to take infrared images using a digital camera fitted with a R72 infrared filter. Be sure to check out part two when Gavin takes you through the Photoshop side of infrared photography.

Sunny weather is great, unless you want to take portrait photos. Bright light often means harsh shadows on your subject. In this video digital expert Gavin Hoey www.gavtrain.com will look at using on and off camera flash to control the light and get some great results.

Having taken infrared digital images you’ll need to process them to extract the best from them. In part two of this infrared tutorial, Photoshop expert Gavin Hoey www.gavtrain.com takes you through the essential steps to create a mono masterpiece.